Why Hunters Use the Web

The Web (for hunters) is basically an extension of the kitchen table at the hunting lodge.

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Each hunting camp/lodge/crew is unique in its own way, but each crew is the same in one respect.

Each hunting crew possesses a few basic characters.

There are three basic types of hunters.

There are of course more specific types of hunters in camp and each has their owner personality, but you will find these characters in each camp.

Each of these personality types also has their own use for the Web.

Here are the basic personalities in hunting camp and why each uses the Web.

1.  The Boisterous Leader of the Crew

Each camp has one or two boisterous leaders. This person, let’s call him John, is the one who is involved in every aspect of camp. John is the camp cook. John drinks the most beer. John tells the best stories. In high school, John was probably the class clown.

John is also a successful hunter. He has to be so he can tell his hunting stories to everyone in earshot at the local tavern.

John uses the Web as a platform for his communication.

John needs to share his stories and opinions on the Web just as he does in hunting camp. John will lead conversations in forums. He’ll comment in blogs and offer his opinion on topics with confidence. John is not afraid to use the latest technologies and features on the Web.

In order to attract John to your site you’ll need something that attracts his attention and helps him to improve his stories.

John needs to be interesting to others.

Help him be interesting and you’ll find John as your customer.

If you impress him he’ll be the best word of mouth champion you’ll ever have.

2.  The Serious Observer

Meet Justin.

Justin is the guy sitting at the table reading the latest “How To” article in Field & Stream while everybody else is telling tall tales and tipping back a few cold PBRs.

While everybody else is having a grand old time, Justin is busy plotting his hunt for the next morning. No time for celebration until after a trophy is taken…and then it’s time to prepare for next season.

It’s not that Justin is a boring person. He’s just a stoic hunter who takes his passion seriously. He enjoys hanging out with the boys in camp, but his #1 priority is to be successful.

For him it’s about personal pride and satisfaction.

Justin uses the Web strictly for informational purposes. Justin needs valuable information. Justin is looking to stimulating content that will help him be successful.

Justin is not easily impressed with unremarkable content.

To gain Justin as a visitor to your site you’ll need creative, innovative, and exceptional content, features and services.

However, if you help Justin become successful he will be a loyal customer and will probably give you great suggestions on how to improve your product or service.

3.  The Easy Going “I’m just here for the camaraderie” Guy

“You guys ready to get another game of partner Euchre going?”

Ahh…good ‘ol Lenny.

Everybody knows a Lenny.

Lenny is a great guy to have in camp. He’s not really too big into hunting. He just loves hanging with the boys, drinking beer, kicking dirt as the sun sets, and sharing a few good stories.

In order to gain Lenny as a frequent visitor to your site or forum you’ll need to foster a culture that allows for fun, laid back, not-to-serious conversation and connection.

Lenny uses the Web like he uses hunting camp; to hang out with friends and have a good time.

When it comes to serious conversation on a topic Lenny probably won’t be seen, but if you get his friends telling stories from 10 years ago you’ll have him lured in for a long time.

Provide Lenny with a comfortable atmosphere and good company and you’ll have a long time customer.

Kind of like the old guy in the local bait shop who sits inside drinking coffee every morning. He might not buy big ticket items, but over the years you’ll have a consistent stream of coffee income.

All three of these characters are important both in hunting camp and on the Web.

Figure out their needs and how to add value to their lives and they’ll provide quality traffic to your site.

If you sell a service or a product, they’ll be loyal customers.

Which hunter are you?

Are you a different type of hunter?

Why do you use the Web?

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