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When you start or look to expand your hunting business with a new Website your design and functionality should focus on converting your Web traffic into long-term customers.

Working with a Web programmer and designer can be a great experience. However, when it comes to actually working to develop a Website that is focused on converting sales, simple things tend to get lost in the excitement of getting the site launched. During the process of launching the site we all have the tendency to include too many features while the features that really matter (the converting features) lose priority on the Web page.

Let’s look at a few tips you can use when developing your new business Website…

1| Answer Customer Questions (Before They Ask)

Take a few moments to consider the questions your potential customers have asked you and then answer them in priority order on your site – possibly in a FAQ or even on the Home page.

2| Use Testimonials

Social proof is huge today in a world where customers don’t always trust new businesses. Show that you’re trustworthy by showing testimonials.

3| Get Your Visitors to Call You

If you are good at connecting with customers over a phone call…don’t ignore that fact. Make getting visitors to call you personally over the phone the conversion goal of your site.

4| Show Partnerships

Like Social Proof with Testimonials, your potential customers may perhaps benefit from seeing familiar badges of approval. They like seeing company logos they recognize on your site if those companies are ones you’re associated with.

5| Stir Up Emotion

Emotion is huge for conversion. People make decisions based on feeling good, sad, scared, etc. Look for the emotions your visitors want to feel and make your product and service part of the emotional experience.

If you’re an outfitter you could do something like cutout the face of a happy hunter with a trophy harvested on your property and include the words ‘Insert You Here’ (a cheesy example, but you get the point).

Emotion drives conversion.

6| Remove Options

Don’t give your visitors too many options. Give them conversion options only. If you want your customer to subscribe to your newsletter, give them the option to subscribe, show the benefits and then give them the option to subscribe again. Nothing more.

7| Remove Clutter

Don’t get caught up in the feature game on your Web. Simple Websites that lack clutter often have the most impact.

8| Let Down Your Guard – Show Your Passion

Emotion drives conversion.

Let your customers see your passion in all of the elements of your site. Your passion will drive their passion. Don’t be afraid to let yourself smile in photographs or in your voice when writing content. Visitors connect with passion and trust companies who share their passions in life.

9| Show the Value

Are you offering a truly great price?

Show and tell your customers that you are offering something of value. Give examples and comparison.

10| Create Urgency

Emotion drives conversion.

Use urgency and timely events to trigger conversion. Don’t tread over the line of deceit, but use urgency to show your customers the path of conversion that will better their lives.

For more on this topic, please read How to Use Current Events to Trigger Buying Emotion

11| Visually Impact

What do you see with the following sites?

Yahoo Home Page

Google Home Page

This is an old example, but the point is that Google focused on the simple fact that they want their visitors to search the Web. Yahoo instead tried to be everything for their visitors even when they had the simple search feature like Google.

Yahoo Search

Their goals were different. Google got visitors to search and then engaged them by offering relevant information to click (their revenue is clicks). Yahoo took a different route?

What do you want your visitors to do?

12| Stay Away From Put Offs

One of the things I dislike on sites are put offs or features on sites that turn me off instantly to the site. One example would be music or noise or sounds that begin automatically when I visit a Web page. 99% of the time this happens I leave the site.

For more on this topic, please read Video on Your Website: The Compromise

Does your site have anything that will cause visitors to leave instantly?

13| Prices

Show your prices if selling a product or service on your site is what you want to convert. Your customers are wondering. Answer their questions right away.

14| Impactful Items First

Think about what your customers want to know most…answer their questions right away on your site.

15| Appealing Format and Design

Visual appeal is important for any Website.

For text on your site, use formats that allow visitors to scan quickly. Allow their eye to capture the important information only and then they’ll come back to dive more in depth into your arguments.

Also, if your site can effectively capture the feeling and emotion that your product or service creates you will not only convert more customers, you’ll convert more quality customers if you deliver on your promises.

16| Relevant and Impactful Photography

Like appealing format and design, photography drives emotion and conversion. Use photos that appeal to emotions. Don’t overdo photography and always use relevant photos.

Deliver on the promises your Website makes.

17| Strong Headlines

Think critically of the headlines and topics you use for your Website. Think about the headlines on pages that will capture attention.

For more on this topic, please see The Cosmo Headline Technique

18| Relevant, Simple Call-to-Action Verbiage

Do you want your customers to Buy Now? Subscribe?

Use relevant calls to action. It seems simple, but some sites miss this fact. If I want to buy a product, don’t offer me a button that says “Submit”.

Don’t confuse.

19| Expedite Conversion

Limit the barriers to conversion. Use your common sense and don’t trap your visitors, but don’t waste their time with procedures that aren’t absolutely necessary to conversion.

20| Offer Exclusives

Exclusivity is a valuable thing. Offer exclusive offers to your clients. Show visitors that if they become customers they will be part of an exclusive group.

21| Be Truthful

Don’t hide facts from your visitors if they’re important for adding lifetime value to the business-customer relationship. Customers will find out about any skeletons in your closet. Be honest about your business and they’ll be no surprises later on.

22| Be Open

Show your customers that you are open to their input. Allow them to be part of an open organization where they can impact the success of your business by converting to subscribers, customers, or followers.

23| Increase Engagement

How can you strengthen your engagement with your visitors?

Engage your customers by asking for their opinions, help, and input. Offer to help them with their problems before they ask your competitor for a solution. Engage your visitors and look for any way to further the connection.

24| Think Long-Term

Always think long-term with conversion. Don’t be deceitful with copy or photos. Be honest and open with your communication and always deliver on promises. Make sure your Website is truthful and visitors will develop a trust that converts them to long-time customers.

25| Give Praise!

If your visitor converts to a buyer, subscriber, or follower, give them praise and make them feel like they have made the best decision of their life. Show them with strong and truthful emotion that their commitment won’t go unnoticed. Give them something of value if you can. This could be something as simple as giving your new Twitter followers access to a free gift (even a simple gift like a keychain or access to a ‘special’ photo gallery).

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  1. This is a great post Dayne! I strongly agree with many of the points you’ve laid out for your readers. I really enjoyed the example you showed with Google. Sometimes simplistic ideas are best. No need for all the bells and whistles if it deters your customers from the main goal.

  2. Thanks Sarah. A lot of conversion is about design elements and I know you’re an expert there.

    I like simple sites that focus on the core goals the site owner has in mind for converting casual visitors to long-time readers and followers (and hopefully customers).

    Any you can add from your experience?

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