The Top Hunting Blogs: Part 1

The following is a list of the top hunting blogs (as I see them). This is the first part in a series I’ll continue writing as I come across more great hunting blogs.

Crusing With the  Top Down

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I truly believe a hunting blog will benefit any hunting business. It’s probably the most important thing you can do right now to improve your hunting business (if you don’t have a blog yet).

I’ve written a few tips on how to blog before:

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I wanted to highlight some of my favorite blogs and give reasons why they stand out to me.

I hope you can gain some insight into what makes a truly great hunting blog.

These are not in any particular order.

Hunting Life

Hunting Life Logo


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Hunting Life Brief

Hunting Life is the community for pursuing your passions of hunting, conservation and a well lived life. As most genuine people feel, Kevin Paulson wants to give back to the hunting industry that has given him the chance to hunt all over the world and experience great hunts. His blog at Hunting Life is about bringing news, insight, and in-depth commentary about hunting and conservation.

Hunting Life is a great resource for information on the hunting industry and for information on conservation.

Why I like Hunting Life

Originally, I was drawn into the Hunting Life Blog because Kevin provides daily news articles on anything that has to do with conservation and how it affects the ‘Hunting Life’ of hunters (which I am).

Recently, Kevin one-upped the rest of the hunting world by introducing his great series of Hunting Life Video Interviews with hunting experts.

I’ve always enjoyed reading expert insight, but video and audio interviews really give hunters a greater insight into what is going on in the hunting world.

Kevin is a great interviewer and the videos are professional quality.

You can find all of the Hunting Life Podcasts on the Hunting Life YouTube Channel. Blog Logo


Subscribe: RSS Feed Brief was started by the same team that brought the hunters,, the #1 hunting site on the Web. These guys know what they’re doing. Everything on is focused on adding value and benefit to bow hunters.

Why I like

It’s hard to talk about this site without talking about how much I love the video, photos, forum, etc., but since this post is only about the blogs, I’ll focus on how valuable the Blog is. has a great team of bloggers that write consistent and quality posts. Each author writes about their past hunting experiences including their strategies, experiences (good and bad), insight, and more.

It’s truly invaluable insight to read what these hunting experts have to say about how to become a successful bow hunter. Hunters of all skill levels can learn from the team of experienced authors at They share tips on shed hunting, early season hunting, tradeshow work, etc.

This team truly understands that the Web is about sharing and making connections.

And I appreciate their work and wish only the best for their relatively new site.

The Hunter’s Wife

The Hunter's Wife


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The Hunter’s Wife Brief

Jody of The Hunter’s Wife writes about her daily life as the wife of her hunter. She writes about hunting, fishing, the outdoors, and all of the humor she sees in her experience. She is also the co-founder of The Frugal Housewife. Her blog is all about enjoying life as a person connected to the hunting lifestyle and enjoying it every step of the way.

Why I like The Hunter’s Wife

I was hooked (oh boy what a pun) to The Hunter’s Wife when I read my first ‘Goofy Googler‘. Jody takes the interesting and strange Google leads to her site and puts her unique wit behind them.

For example, “Hot babes fishing photos – Ok, this person was on my site for .13 seconds. Maybe I need to just take all my pictures off my site.”

This is only one example of the many adventures of The Hunter’s Wife. Jody shares the detail of what it’s like putting up with a hunter and trying to enjoy it throughout life’s entirety.

She puts a real unique and valuable spin on the hunting industry. Even from a guy’s perspective I love the humor she has for the passion her hunter has.

Base Camp Legends

Base Camp Legends Logo

Blog: Base Camp Legends Blog

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Base Camp Legends Brief

Base Camp Legends was created by Tom Sorenson with the vision of creating a community where hunting tales and experiences can be shared with the unique aspect of bringing hunters, from all over the world, together in a down-home feel.

This is what the Web is about, connecting with others.

Why I like Base Camp Legends

Tom introduced me to his Off Trail video series one day and I was extremely impressed with the quality and usefulness of his production. Tom is a wonderful host for the series. The video quality is excellent. At times (like the up close moose) it feels like you’re right there with the family, hunting big game.

I also enjoy the passionate blog posts Tom and Gary share such as posts about their hunting experiences. Their effort and passion for writing blog posts is truly what separates great bloggers from those who slip through the cracks.

To understand what hunting blogs are all about please read ‘In Memory of Dawnita‘ by Gary Sorenson.

Outdoors International (Got Hunts)

Outdoors International Outfitter Directory

Blog: Outdoor International’s Blog

Twitter: @gothunts (#1 Hunter on Twitter by followers)

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Outdoors International Brief

Outdoors International was created by Cory Glauner. The mission of the site is to create a tool for hunters and outfitters to share hunts. If you are a hunter or angler looking for the outfitting adventure of a lifetime, Outdoors International has hunting and fishing expeditions at the best prices available. If you’re an outfitter, Outdoors International will put you in front of a huge audience of hunters and anglers looking to make their own memories of a lifetime.

Cory is an avid hunter and angler. He created the Website for Outdoors International; he’s a former guide so he’s experienced in both the Web and the outdoors.

Oh, and he’s also the #1 hunter on Twitter (see above).

Why I like Outdoors International

The Blog on Outdoors International provides unique perspective on the happenings in the hunting industry.

For example, Dispelling The Myths Of South Dakota Pheasant Hunting, was a great resource for me because I’ve never been to South Dakota to hunt pheasants, but it’s on my list of things to do…soon (my Dad and uncles went regularly).

Cory’s blog provides his unique opinion and insight that comes from years of experience in the hunting and Web industries.

His blog is vital for any hunter and hunting business owner looking to expand their business on the Web.


I have to include one of my emerging favorite bloggers, Elizabeth Peterson.

Deer Passion

Deer Passion Logo


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Deer Passion Brief

Elizabeth writes about hunting, fishing, the outdoors, and everything related on her blog, Deer Passion. She puts her unique spin on what’s going on in the hunting industry. Her audience consists of men and women, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. She shows real passion for connecting with others on the Web and works hard to craft posts that others value. If you’re interested in gaining a unique female perspective on the world hunting, visit Elizabeth’s blog.

Full Bio

Why I like Deer Passion

I like Elizabeth’s blog because she isn’t afraid to be different and put her own spin on the hunting industry.

I should probably start out by confessing that it was my own mother who suggested I start paying attention to female hunters more (women hunt too, Dayne!) is kind of how she put it…rather bluntly.

I found Deer Passion through the Outdoor Bloggers Summit and started enjoying posts about venison recipes, Elizabeth’s personal hunting experiences, hunting and shooting tips (easy enough for anyone to understand), and more.

Elizabeth’s voice is pleasant to read, endearing, and inspiring.

My personal favorites are her Quotes of the Week and her insight on the latest news in the hunting industry. As successful people say, “People don’t pay for the news; they pay for your insight into the news.”

Elizabeth’s original goal was to focus on ‘women in the outdoors, specifically on hunting’. I hope she doesn’t mind that she has me as a fan and reader (a guy from Wisconsin who enjoys those venison recipes as much as anyone).

PS – Stayed tuned for more posts in this series. I enjoyed writing about these great bloggers and have a few more to write about. And I hope to continue to connect with more great hunting bloggers on the Web.

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