Think like a Buck in Rut and Find your Blogging Voice

For bloggers in the niche of the outdoors, hunting and fishing it can be difficult to find a voice that is unique and interesting.

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There are lots of great outdoor bloggers out there so it has to be impossible to find a unique and interesting voice that others find appealing and valuable doesn’t it?

The goal of all outdoor bloggers is to find a voice that draws in subscribers.

Well, the answer to finding your blogging voice may have been right in front of you the entire time.

For deer hunters it should be obvious what you have to do to find your blogging voice: think like a buck in rut.

Finding your voice and gaining new subscribers can be a lot like the daily life and life of a buck during the rut.

During the rut, a buck spends hours upon hours, often without sleep, trying to find a mate. Even after a buck finds a potential mate he has to have patience to wait for the mate to be ready for him. Then when they’re done with each other his journey starts all over again.

Emerging bloggers spend hours upon hours, often without sleep, trying to find potential readers and subscribers. Even after the blogger successful converts one reader into a subscriber they work to find more readers, convert them into subscribers and then continue to work to keep the subscribers they already have.

To find your blogging voice and to grow a set of subscribers for your hunting blog, I suggest you start thinking like a buck in the rut.

Here are my top 10 tips for finding your voice and growing your subscriber list

1.  Bucks in rut react, they don’t think

Throughout your day you’ll likely have moments of inspiration for potential blog posts. Write down the idea and the first chance you get start reacting to the idea. Just keep writing and see what comes out. Don’t stop to correct mistakes; just keep writing. Some of the best posts come out of just reacting to ideas for posts.

2.  Bucks in rut have one focus

Your blog should have one main focus. Your passion is hunting and the outdoors. Determine what focus you want to have on hunting and the outdoors and maintain this focus every time you sit down at your computer to write a post. Write your focus down and post it on your computer if you have to. My focus for this blog is to use my experiences in the direct marketing field, hunting business field, and general experiences on the Internet to help those in the hunting business. I try to keep this as my only focus when writing.

3.  Bucks in rut never stop trying

Sure bucks in rut get in fights. Certain does turn them down. But bucks never stop trying to succeed at their main goal. They keep running, searching, and trying whatever it takes to succeed. You need this same mentality. Don’t let past failures keep you from trying. Use your past to fuel your passion to succeed.

4.  Bucks in rut throw away caution

The best time of the year to hunt for trophy bucks is during the rut. This is because bucks throw caution away for their main focus. Throw away your cautions when writing your blog posts. Bucks risk losing their lives to succeed. Your potential risks are not as severe.  If you don’t release yourself from caution you may never be able to give everything it takes to be successful on the Web.

5.  Bucks in rut use all of their senses

Take advantage of your ability to observe what’s occurring on the Web. Bucks need to be aware of everything going on around them in order to find a potential mate. Like these bucks, you need to be aware of others’ needs to be able to potentially answer their needs through your hunting business. You need to be able to observe current events are taking place on the Web that may provide successful trends for your own hunting business.

6.  Bucks in rut work hard and enjoy their success

When you do have success, enjoy it! (Get your mind out of the gutter. For example, if you create a blog post for your hunting business that gets good traffic, enjoy the success. You’re hard work is paying off.)

7.  Bucks in rut aren’t afraid to challenge seemingly larger competitors

I’ve seen relatively small bucks take on larger bucks in the rut in order to gain the attention of a female deer. This takes guts, but the smaller bucks stand out as not being afraid to challenge the status quo. Don’t be afraid to refute the seemingly dominant voices in the hunting world. If you truly have a different worldview, write about it and use it as inspiration to create valuable content.

8.  Bucks in rut visit new territory

It’s said that bucks will travel miles beyond their home range during the rut. To reach success, you need to get beyond your home range. Venture outside of your normal Website visiting routine and find new and adventure-filled content. I like to use Alltop to expand my home range. Creativity is fueled by that which we find new and interesting.

9.  Bucks in the rut do have some patience

During the rut I’ve seen bucks settle down with a doe for a little while until she becomes ready to mate. This, as most guys know, takes some patience. Bloggers need to have patience when writing blog posts. You’re doing the right things with your hunting blog. Have patience and your hard work will pay off.

10.  Bucks in the rut that experience success build confidence

When a buck in rut succeeds in his goal his is building confidence for the future. Confidence for bloggers comes in many forms. Success can be having someone comment on a post. It can mean a personal record for page views. When your hard work pays off with success it builds your confidence and this leads to better content creation. Focus your hard work now and when the success comes you’ll be able to take advantage of your building confidence.

Once your understand that creating a hunting blog is not just about pushing your message on potential customers for your business, but about creating real connections and relationships, you’ll find your blogging voice comes easy.

Best of luck with your hunting blog.

Think like a buck in rut to find your blogging voice…at least you don’t have to worry about being shot.

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