The Myth of Overnight Success and Why You’re Going to Fail – Part I

It seems like every business, rock star, and movie star is an overnight success.

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This, however, is simply not true.

Often times, the success people have in business is due to much time spent working and building a foundation. This early process of success is when most people give up and fail. During the early process there are many people who will tell you to stop trying and go back to a secure and mediocre job.

Those who work through the foundation building process are the ones who come out success and become ‘overnight’ successes.

The foundation work is quite often overlooked or reflected on as being insignificant.

Those who don’t go through it simply can’t comprehend the amount of sacrifice and work that goes into building an ‘overnight’ success.

It’s important to remember that building a strong foundation for you business on the Web will result in your seemingly overnight success story.

New people you meet on the Web will wonder how you came to prominence so quickly.

More distant friends and family will know a little bit about your early struggles, but won’t see the entire picture.

Your immediate family will likely be the only people who truly know the work that goes into building a solid foundation for a successful business.

So if you’re ready to begin building your foundation on the Web here are some reasons why…

Overnight success is a myth and why you’ll fail


Country Music Artists

I like using the comparison of country music artists and business owners. I like country music so it seems like a natural comparison for me to make.

If I asked your right now it the Zac Brown Band (Chicken Fried [Video]) were an overnight success how many of you would say ‘yes’?

The band did seem to come out of nowhere overnight, but they’ve been around awhile. Their song “Chicken Fried” has been around for quite a few years and even appeared on a 2003 album. (Their new album coincidentally is called ‘The Foundation‘).

Even if a country artist comes out right away with a smash hit number one single their first time on the radio, it’s not true that the person was an overnight success.

While the country star is new to the public and their target audience, there was a lot of foundation work that went into creating the moment when things begin to snowball.

Country artists spend their entire lives preparing for their first record.

This is their Research stage.

They’re researching and absorbing as much as they can about their passion.

They spend their childhood singing and often playing guitar. They’ll play guitar until their fingers bleed. They’ll have their parents then bandage up their fingers so they can continue playing.

Country music is their passion. They want to do nothing else. Being secure in a job in an office somewhere is not an option for the truly successful artists.

These artists go through countless rejection from leaders in the industry, family members, close friends, and possibly even from the people for whom they perform.

It has to be near devastation each time they come up against rejection.

But this is all motivation to work harder and continue building a foundation for success.

And when the time is right, these artists seemingly come out of nowhere to reach the heights of country music stardom. And if the foundation is built correctly, the success can be sustained for a long period.

The same is true for business owners.

Business Owners

The Research stage for business owners parallels that of country artists.

For you entire life you’ve probably had an interest in how businesses operate and succeed. You’ve probably spent time asking questions about manufacturing, marketing, accounting, strategic planning, etc.

Successful business owners seem to constantly come up with ideas growing up. They may even have started a few businesses as kids growing up; lemonade stands, candy stores at school, etc.

All of this research allows future business owners to learn about value and what potential customers see as valuable.

All of the small businesses, all of the questions, all of the observing of successful businesses in the local community lead up to the day when business owners launch their first real business.

When beginning your Web presence building, the Research stage is critical for building a solid foundation for you and your business.

Read blogs, read articles, discover hunting Websites and non-hunting Websites. Determine what you like and what you don’t like on the Web.

Learn which features provide true value to visitors and which ones are simply wasting energy.

The Research stage, while never over, is crucial for building a solid foundation for you Web presence (it was worth repeating).

Initial Connections

Country Music Artists

It seems our entire lives are just a series of connections. Some are stronger than others. Some last and some are over in moments.

For country artists, when they decide that the only thing they want to do is sing, write songs, and perform, they decide to make some important connections.

The difficulty with these connections (while you’re building your business) is that you have to determine the ones that are valuable and the ones that are wasteful.

It’s difficult to know at times.

At first, most initial connections seem valuable.

Artists can meet people that promise them the world and fail to deliver even a fraction of what was promised.

There are a lot of takers in the world. It’s important to find the connections that will add value to all parties in the relationship.

This process of failure and success with initial connections is good, however.

Like the Research stage, the initial connection stage provides a chance for the country artist to learn about the industry (both creative and business).

Artists create a filter for themselves. They learn the types of people who are valuable to connect with while also realizing the people with which connections are wasted.

Again, this stage brings more letdown and some artists give up and go back to a normal life at this point.

But the ones who are motivated and inspired continue on and prepare themselves for their future success.

These people are the ones who end up having ‘chance’ connections with people who can take their careers to the next level and on the path to success.

Business Owners

Connections are equally as important for business owners.

On the Web (a medium of connections), there is great opportunity for valuable connections. There are also connections that are not as worthwhile.

Through trial and error, you’ll begin got realize the connections that lead to win-win situations for everyone involved in the relationship.

This is an important stage for new businesses on the Web.

Again, there are a lot of takers on the Web just as there are in the music industry.

Lots of people will ask you for assistance and help. You’ll probably feel the urge to ask for help yourself. It’s important to learn when (and how) it’s appropriate to ask for help. This will be beneficial for you to understand which connections are worthwhile and which ones are wasteful.

I suggest as a guide, look to connect with characters on the Web.

Learn to work through this stage and allow it to motivate you where others drop off and quit.

Take advantage of the experience of making connections and utilize your knowledge to build your success foundation.

Stay tuned for Part II

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