10 People All Hunters Should Follow on Twitter

Twitter is taking off. Are you on board?

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Twitter truly is bursting off the launch pad and heading for the big time. It’s a simple, yet an extremely useful and valuable tool.

There is a lot of value in making connections and Twitter is a facilitator of connections.

I hope the site is around for a long time and continues to improve as the days go by.

Improvement and change will be the key to Twitter’s continued success.

For now, Twitter gets it.

The chart speaks for itself.

This post was in response to the challenge from Darren Rowse on TwiTip.com.

I’ve written about Twitter before. I’m fully on board the Twitter train. It’s such a great way to connect with other people.

That being said, here are the Ten People All Hunters Should Follow on Twitter.

These are in no particular order.

  1. Cory Glauner: @gothunts -Twitter Bio: Outdoorsy Family Man. I run a Hunting/Fishing Brokerage and a Web Development Business. Equally comfortable with keyboard and fishing pole.
  2. Kevin Paulson: @HuntingLife – Twitter Bio: A lifelong hunter and wildlife conservationist.
  3. Jody Narantic: @thehunterswife – Twitter Bio: Finding humor in my life with a hunter. 
  4. Chad Coleman: @buffalokill – Twitter Bio: Interests include web design, reformed theology, hunting, 2A rights, www.constitutionparty.com
  5. Jason Imboden: @TheDeerTree – Twitter Bio: Hunting Blog and Info site
  6. Tom Sorenson: @tsorenson – Twitter Bio: Dad and husband. Hunting/fishing nut – and professional editor of outdoor videos.
  7. Mike Feltman: @MikeFeltman – Twitter Bio: geek, entrepreneur, excellent speller
  8. James Squires: @jamessquires – Twitter Bio: Tech Lead at www.space150.com
  9. gbsand: @treestand – Twitter Bio: Tweets from a tree stand during the Wisconsin gun deer hunt. 20′ up, and nowhere to go.
  10. Michael Turk: @MichaelTurk – Twitter Bio: He’s just this guy, y’know?

Bonus: Dayne Shuda: @DayneShuda – I’d love for you to follow me!

So there they are.

If you think I’m missing some important Twitterers that all hunters should follow, please leave your comments and we’ll get them on the list.

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7 thoughts on “10 People All Hunters Should Follow on Twitter”

  1. This is great tid bit of information, I was already following a few. But since I read this story I have added a few more. Great web design also and have ideas in mind for the next HunTTrader.com site.


  2. I’m glad you found some new people to follow, HunTTrader.

    Thanks for the compliment on the design. I can’t take credit for that except to say I picked it out. 🙂

    It looks like you have a great site going with Hunttrader. I like the First 10% concept.

  3. Thanks for adding me,this is rickybuck on twitter im not that serious but I keep the ball rolling,and I know how to have FUN. Tweet ON my friends.Twitter Bio,Goose camp operator up in Peace Country Alberta Canada,Lives in Caly,The surfing goose guide,that loves sheds ducks and bucks.Check Drycreek out at http://www.huntinglife.com check rickybuck out at http://www.Wisconsinoutdoorsnetwork.com and the web-site http://www.drycreekgoosecamp.com http://www.thehuntingauthority.com Mahalo Dayne.

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