Taking the Kevin Costner Approach to Your Hunting Business

“Often in the movie industry, if you hit on something that works they want you to make that movie over and over and over again. I’ve been very content to try to go on to the next thing-maybe not the wisest business move, but it’s just the way I chose to conduct my life,” Kevin Costner in an Interview with Country Weekly.

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Kevin Costner has one of the most unique careers in Hollywood.

He has never made a sequel despite a great potential for successful sequels. I’ve read about rumors of a Bodyguard 2, but I don’t think it will ever appear.

As Costner states in this interview, he’s not afraid to move onto the next exciting thing.

Sure, Costner’s career has slowed down slightly since he was at the top of the movie industry in the early nineties. But he’s still an inspiring person to watch on the big screen.

Recently Costner has released an album being marketed as a country album. Untold Truths by Kevin Costner & Modern West is an interesting listen. There are some great songs. It has an Eagles-type sound, but yet it’s unique.

In interviews Costner has said his wife encouraged him to go out on tour with his band mates of 20+ years to just have fun and enjoy life.

Costner did just that. It seems he’s enjoying life as a touring country artist.

And as Costner describes it, that’s how he’s always lived his life; never afraid to move on to the next phase. Never afraid to take chances despite what common advice might be.

He doesn’t follow trends.

He follows his heart.

In many ways Costner’s career is an inspiration for owners of hunting businesses.

Take Chances

Costner has taken what some film critics would call “unwise movie roles”. He says he is not regretful about any of the movies he’s made.

Sure some have been financial disappointments for the studio. Sure some of the movies aren’t as enjoyable as others, but what’s important is the way Costner approaches choosing and making movies.

He isn’t afraid to take chances.

If he were a person who always played it safe, we probably wouldn’t have Dances With Wolves or Field of Dreams.

In life you have to be willing to put yourself out there and not be afraid of failure in order to give yourself the chance of making something great.

In business, you’re going to have to take some chances in order to give yourself the opportunity to be successful.

Try new technology. Get a Twitter account and make connections.

Try adding a new feature to your site.

Try commenting on blogs.

The Web is full of opportunity and I can’t name everything here.

Take chances with your hunting business.

Don’t let negativity define your career

If Costner would have let negative reviews and negative publicity define his career he would have retired after Waterworld.

But Costner is smart. He realized that Waterworld was successful in the fact that it was an enjoyable movie for many of his fans. Despite what most people say, it was in fact very profitable even by Hollywood standards.

And most importantly, Waterwold was another step in Costner’s that allowed him to step out of his comfort zone and see just how far he could take his career.

It took almost an entire year to shoot that movie. It tested the physical and mental strength of Costner (and probably everyone working on the film).

Costner didn’t let the negativity surrounding Waterworld to stop his career.

He has had many more successful films since like Tin Cup, Open Range, and The Guardian.

On the Web there are billions of people. You will come across negativity. You will likely find people that plain don’t like your worldview.

Don’t let them stop you from reaching your future success.

Enjoy what you do

The most important lesson we can learn from Costner’s career is that you have to enjoy what you’re doing.

You have to do things that excite and stimulate you.

Don’t get caught up in doing something for any other reason than pleasure and enjoyment.

I enjoy writing blog posts. I enjoy using Twitter. I enjoy making connections on the Web.

I also enjoy running a hunting business despite all of the negative things that come along with it.

Costner enjoys making movies and making music. He enjoys making a connection with people and he’s chosen movies and music as his way of making those meaningful connections.

You’ve chosen hunting as your way of fulfilling your life.

Enjoy hunting and live your life as a hunting business owner to the fullest.

You’re lucky to be able to do what you love.

Be passionate and people will recognize your passion and be drawn to you.

Success will soon follow.

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