Take the Elton John Approach with Your Web Business

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“He [Bernie Taupin] gives me a lyric. I go away and write it without him hearing it,” Elton John on his song writing process. (Source – Video)

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Elton John is one of the most successful singer/songwriters of all time. His career has spanned 40 years and he has remained a huge star the entire time.

Staying relevant and successful for the majority of one’s life takes passion and true talent.

John always had a unique writing process with Bernie Taupin, his long time lyricist. Taupin would write spend an hour writing lyrics and then John would go away and attempt to put the lyrics to music. If he was unable to come up with music and melody, he would put the song away and move on. (Source)

The creative process, while variant among individuals, is very similar in a way.

Whether you write a blog, write a song, do woodworking, create images in Photoshop, shoot photography or create a sales pitch to sell Mathew’s Bows, the creative processes parallel each other.

Creative and original people are able to use common resources and create valuable tools.

It’s the creative people in the world that are truly producers and creators of wealth for society.

Use the creative process of Elton John when you work on your hunting business.

Here are a few of the characteristics of the creative process

Limit Yourself

To spur his creativity, Elton John would go into a room with just his piano and attempt to put music to written lyrics. He put his emotions in the songs as he crafted the melodies.

The act of limiting your surroundings and resources forces one to be more creative.

When working on your hunting business, take away all unnecessary resources such as your TV, the Internet connection, the radio, magazines, newspapers, even clutter on your desk.

Use only the necessary resources for crafting your content and remove the rest.

Allow your creative mind the room to work.

Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone

B-b-b-b-b-Bennie and the Jets.

Not a real common melody.

But people loved the song when it came out. Elton didn’t even think the song would be a hit. (Video)

The song did become a hit. It’s likely that John is able to put aside preconceived notions of what he thinks others think about his music.

And as a result he’s able to create extraordinarily original music.

Don’t think about what others will think of your final results.

Our comfort zones are created by our perceptions of how we believe others perceive us. (What a mouthful).

The truth is, people are too busy thinking about what you think of them that they really don’t notice you unless you do or create something remarkable.

Allow yourself to be remarkable. Push beyond your comfort zone and dare to create something unlike what you’re used to creating.

Use Familiar Surroundings as Inspiration

Towards the end of this video clip of Elton John playing ‘Candle in the Wind’, he describes that the song is basically a hymn.

Sometimes we struggle to find inspiration around us.

Inspiration is what drives creativity.

If you’re ever in need of inspiration to drive your creativity, surround yourself with familiar things. A favorite song, a favorite photo, and old letter from your Grandmother, a baseball cap you got at a game you went to with your Dad when you were a boy.

Go back to your roots for inspiration when your creativity needs some encouragement.

Create Pieces of Material and Arrange in the End

Often, as is the case with Elton John as he described in the first linked video above, he would write music to lyrics and rearrange the pieces throughout the creative process.

The same process is important for business.

Brainstorm marketing plans that can be used for hunting products and services. Have an ultimate vision of what you want the final outcome (product and implementation) to appear and create small pieces that work towards that vision.

As the pieces grow in quantity, start fitting them together until you have the perfect combination of marketing and product to fit your target customer’s need.

Be Original

I don’t think it’s possible to say Elton John isn’t an original. He has a style and character that are his own.

To succeed in the hunting industry, you will need to be an original. You will need to be different from the rest of the competition.


Elton John took a unique path to success. But it’s the unique paths that create the most remarkable lives.

Through his creative process, John was and still is able to build on his legacy as one of the greatest and most successful artists of all time.

He made a significant impact on the lives of many.

You can do the same in your own life and in the hunting industry if you so choose.

Dare to challenge yourself creatively and be different from everybody else.

Here’s one of my favorite Elton John songs to end this post.

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