Take Note of What Every other Hunting Business is Doing – Then Do the Opposite

The ability to stand out takes courage.

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Your potential customers are looking for something different.

They may not know it yet.

It’s the things that catch us off guard and intrigue us that have the most opportunity for growth.

Compare your hunting business to actual deer hunting.

You share property with other hunters. You’re all after the same trophy bucks. You’re working hard to attract the attention of those trophy deer. It’s your job to stand out and fulfill the needs of those deer so you have the opportunity to harvest your trophy.

Take note of what everybody else is doing – then do the opposite


When you’re deer hunting on a property (public or private) there are always new tactics that emerge. It makes sense that when other hunters have success, you and other s will take note and try to use the same tactics in an effort to create your own success.

Whether you’re new to hunting or if you’ve been doing it for decades, it’s important to continue learning new tactics and learning to adapt the techniques of others to create your style.

The adaptation of techniques is the key to separating yourself from the others hunting on the property. How can you use the successful tactics of others to find new ways to satisfy the needs of the trophy deer and put yourself in the ultimate position for harvesting a trophy?

This takes persistence, experience, creativity and most importantly it takes a willingness to try new things despite the possibility of failure.

For example, when I was hunting with about 10 other guys in Buffalo County it was generally accepted that baiting led to success. Baiting led to many deer sightings and success with both does and nice bucks.

I wanted to take a different approach.

At one point I was against baiting, but have since changed my view.

I tried to understand why others were having success with baiting as well as determine if the others were missing out on opportunities by baiting.

It seemed like very early on the baiting led to many sighting of does and some small bucks. This was especially true during the typical Fall Lull when the big bucks seem to hunker down until the rut kicks in.

As the rut picks up, it seemed like the buck sightings seemed to increase near baiting areas. Probably because the does were spending time feeding and the bucks naturally gravitated towards the does.

This strategy worked for some of the hunters.

I wanted to take a different approach.

I wanted to see if I could take advantage of the travel areas between doe bedding areas and the doe feeding areas during the rut.

I decided that for an entire season I was not going to bait. I set up in a new spot that was a natural travel funnel on the side of a bluff.

The gamble of taking a different approach paid off.

I did see does travelling between bedding areas and the feeding areas, both baiting areas and natural pasture and browsing areas in the woods.

Once the rut kicked in I saw some good action with bucks chasing. Then during the opening weekend of the rifle season in Wisconsin, a nice 11 point buck game through a logging road looking for does about 50 yards from my stand.

As they say, the rest is history.

The same is true for operating a hunting business.


In a business you will have others competing for the same customers. Lots of businesses are using the same tactics of past successes to try and steal business away from each other.

This is a tiring game.

And eventually the customers, despite the love they have for businesses competing for their attention, grow tired of the same tactics as well.

Just like hunting, successful businesses that stand out and obtain the most success are the ones that try new things and adapt strategies into their own style. Perhaps even doing the opposite of what others are doing at times.

A popular trend in the online hunting world seems to be hunting communities and networks centered on basic social media.

It’s great to see new mediums for communication being utilized on the Web for hunters.

I think providing useful communication tools for hunters like forums, photo galleries, video galleries, blogs, etc. are great ways to foster value and knowledge.

But each site uses the same tools and the same tactics for the same audience.

Which site will have a unique voice and a unique product or service offering that will reach the masses of the hunters online? Or at least build a small yet strong community of hunters willing to pay for resources such as information, knowledge, products, and content?

The same holds true for any hunting business on the Web. There are lots of competitors trying the same tactics and strategies to gain attention from customers.

What can you do different that will add value to your customers and fulfill their needs, needs they may not even know could be filled?

You can try new strategies that are opposite of what the competition is doing.

If a competing site has their guide service prices listed on their site, try delisting yours and leaving your phone number instead.

If a competing hunting blog talks about their own hunting stories, perhaps you could try telling the unique stories of others. This might take more work, but your potential readers will see that you’ve put in extra work and they’ll find this more valuable, Search out the stories of others and write great posts.

Perhaps you have an e-commerce site that sells hunting products. Could you setup an auction site specifically for hunting products?

Are other sites using frequenting the same forums and blogs as you? Try visiting blogs and forums where no other businesses are. (Don’t push yourself on them. Actively participate and add value.)


Try different things.

Take note of what your competition is doing to reach your target audience. Try some new things, possibly even the exact opposite, from what your competition is doing.

Just as this technique can lead to success in hunting, it can lead to success in the world of hunting business.

Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s failure that leads to success.

Customers want to be inspired by your story and your aspirations.

Inspire them and gain their trust by being bold and daring to be different.

Break through the noise.

Be aware of your audience, fulfill their wants and needs.

Also be aware of your competition and their strategies.

See what works and adapt successful techniques into your own style and voice.

Always try new things and dare to inspire your audience.

What are some examples of things you’ve done that have been successful for your hunting business?

Have you ever tried something different than your competition?

A different pricing strategy?

A different customer service strategy?

I’d like to hear about it.

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