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Two Whitetail Does

Chip of Anchorpoint contacted me about an iPhone app that he and his business have created for trophy hunters. He introduced me to Trophy Score – an application that takes you through a step-by-step process for scoring your hunting trophies.

I thought it would be valuable to go through the app while taking a look at Anchorpoint as a business and look for ways Chip and his team could possibly market their business.

Chip sent me a coupon (Trophy Score App is $4.99) and I was on my way.

I didn’t ask Chip for any direction up front as I wanted to go through the Trophy Score process as the simpleton that I am.

Let’s get into it…

Trophy Score

Anchorpoint Outdoors

After getting the info from Chip for Trophy Score, I went to my significant other for some assistance. Using her iPhone, she quickly loaded up Trophy Score and handed over the phone for me to play with.

I went to the living room by my trophy whitetail buck (it’s a trophy in my eyes) and began working with Trophy Score to score my buck.

Dayne Shuda Buck

It took me about 45 to 60 minutes to get through scoring my buck.

Trophy Score was extremely simple to use. There are easy help directions for each section of the scoring procedure. It was easy to enter in my measurements. The 1/8 button made it even simpler and faster.

And at the end Trophy Score calculated my score and it came out to 117 4/8. I was extremely proud.

Trophy Score

I would give Trophy Score 9/10 for simplicity and ease of use.

It’s truly a great product for hunting enthusiasts.

Anchorpoint Marketing Suggestions

Trophy Score and Trophy Score Fishing

Now let’s get into the business and marketing areas of Anchorpoint and their original product, Trophy Score.

I think Anchorpoint has a great product in Trophy Score. It’s simple, which is one of the things I value highly. It’s easy to use and straightforward in its purpose.

The next step for success for Anchorpoint is effective marketing.

By reaching out to bloggers, Anchorpoint is taking a very important step in marketing their product. Anchorpoint reached out to me and offered me something of value – their app, which was valuable to me because I’m a diehard hunter who has never been able to score his trophy plus they gave me access to the app free of charge.

In return, Anchorpoint is getting a mention on a blog with similar audience – hunters and hunting business owners.

Continue on this path of reaching out to bloggers while offering not only free app access, but also by offering advice on scoring trophy game and other areas of expertise.

The team at Anchorpoint could write guest posts on hunting blogs that focus on scoring trophy game – the process, the records, the history of the record organizations (Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young, etc.), the story of record animals and the hunters who have harvested them.

I would also get in contact with influencers in the hunting industry that have online influence and technology influence and offer them something of value.

Focus on the things that allow those who you contact to share their experience with you on a blog or in a forum or in an email newsletter. You don’t have to expect that everybody does a blog post review on Trophy Score – some will because they want to return the value, but all may not.

Even focus on getting in touch with outdoor bloggers who are rising in the online hunting industry as they are hungry to get good content and eager to connect with influential leaders in hunting business.

Focus on reaching out and offering value first and the rest should fall into place including links, write-ups, recommendations, etc.


Anchorpoint has a great product in Trophy Score. I was impressed with how easy it was to use and how simple yet eye-pleasing the app was. It’s a great product with great potential as tech-savvy hunters catch on with the advantages of mobile and online applications especially when it comes to scoring a trophy and sharing the score with peers.

Anchorpoint as a business is also doing things well to market Trophy Score. They reached out to me and offered something of value (access to Trophy Score). In return I wrote about the business and the product as I experienced it. I was very satisfied to figure out the score of my personal trophy and passionate people like to share news online.

The more Anchorpoint focuses on reaching out to influencers and up-and-coming bloggers and hunters on the Web the more success they will find over the long-term with marketing Trophy Score.

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