50 Inspiring Flickr Pictures/Photos for Hunting Businesses

Do you know the great thing about photos?

They open up our emotions.

Child Jumping

image credit: Tigr

I love cruising through Flickr and checking out the unique photos. Everybody has their own perspective on life.

We all don’t excel at writing or speaking or showing.

Some of us express our feelings with photography.

I guess I’ve always enjoyed looking at other peoples’ photos because of the emotions they make me feel.

For now, let us focus on one specific emotion:


Here is a collection of photos that inspire me while I’m writing and working.

I hope you like them.

I’ll put my own little thoughts/titles for each photo. Not meant to take away from the photographers’ original intent for the photo.

Where are you going?

image credit: fdecomite

Which way are you headed? Up or down?

image credit: dan taylor

Shine a Light

image credit: net efekt

Early Start on Success

image credit: Vasile Tomoiagă

Slow, quiet and steady

image credit: livegym-showtime

Stand Above

image credit: Vik Nanda


image credit: newagecrap

Quiet Confidence

image credit: newagecrap

Survey the Situation

image credit: photofarmer

Putting in Long Hours

Woodchuck in a Tree

image credit: ~Sage~

You’re Not Alone

image credit: snappybex

The World is Mine

image credit: allyaubry

Dance Anyway

image credit: Noël Zia Lee

Go For It

image credit: danperry.com

Shine Through

image credit: chefranden

An Accomplished Day

image credit: Jpeg Jedi

Better With Age

image credit: Jpeg Jedi

Comforting Shade

image credit: sugarwawa

Bright in the Dull Winter

image credit: newagecrap

Tasty Treat

image credit: Jan Tik

Ready to Conquer

image credit: FreeWine


image credit: mudpig

Roll On

image credit: Rhys Jones Photography

Just Awesome

image credit: Wolfgang Staudt

Early Morning Work

image credit: RonAlmog

“Lt. Dan got me invested in some kind of fruit company”

image credit: RonAlmog

Special Note: This feather photo reminded me of Forrest Gump. It’s one of my favorite movies. I take away the message that no matter what your circumstances are, you can succeed beyond your own dreams.

One More to Cross

image credit: the_repairman


image credit: tylerc083

Still Daylight – Work to be Done

image credit: Tom T

Dream Office

image credit: Martin Ehrensvärd

Steady Work

image credit: tinyfroglet

The Sneak

image credit: BobMacInnes


image credit: BobMacInnes

After a Great Night of Work

image credit: Hamed Saber

Some Dark Moments

image credit: Hamed Saber

The Day Begins

image credit: Hamed Masoumi

The End of the Day

image credit: Jayhel Aheram

Snow Covered

image credit: N_Creatures


image credit: Hamed Saber

Something Good is Brewing

image credit: Mfour

Dream Office View

image credit: PhillipC

Far Away

image credit: upyernoz


image credit: Neosnaps

Beautiful Countryside

image credit: Fantaz

Good Times

image credit: calicorocklibrary

Deep Thought

image credit: frozenchipmunk

Good Work

image credit: Andrea…


image credit: EMillerPhotography


image credit: fly again

Time to Get Back to Work

image credit: mpclemens

So those are 50 photos that inspire me.

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Do you have inspiring photos you’d like to share?

Use Twitter to Improve Your Hunting Business

These days, everybody is using Twitter to make meaningful connections…

Dog on Computer

image credit: tashmahal

Twitter has different meanings and uses for people.

To me, Twitter is a tool that facilitates connections.

I started using Twitter after reading about it on a few blog posts. It started out as a curiosity, but then escalated into a great way to make connections with other hunters, businesspeople, and friends.

Twitter is great for your life in general…

For this post, I’ll focus on a few things you can do with Twitter specifically for the improvement of your hunting business.

Share your hunting business’s important news/updates

One of the big hurdles for some people is opening up and sharing. Using Twitter doesn’t mean you have to share every detail of your life. But using Twitter to write valuable posts about your business can be a great way to spread the news and let others know what’s going on.

Encourage your colleagues, clients, co-workers to follow you on Twitter.

For example, if you have made an improvement to your product/service, Twitter can be one of the ways you can write about the update; letting your followers know instantly.

Follow influencers from the hunting and business world

One of the best ways to learn and stay informed about your industry is to keep in touch with the key influencers. As Twitter becomes more populated, it’s easier to follow and connect with others in your industry.

Following key successful marketers, businesspeople, hunters, etc is a great way to see what others are doing that drives their success.

You might be able to pick up on something you can use to improve your own hunting business.

Search for possible useful information

One of the great aspects is Twitter Search, found at search.twitter.com. Search is a great way to explore the world of Twitter and see what’s going on that relates to your business.

If you’re looking to connect with other hunters, you can type in “deer hunting” or “hunting business” to find others that share your same passions.

There are many creative searches you can try to find people and make valuable connections.

Remember to have fun!

Your life is interesting! If you have an interesting experience…share it on Twitter. If you have a question…ask it on Twitter. If you think you’re the only one going through something…share it on Twitter.

Twitter is about making meaningful connections.

Use it to improve your hunting business and your life.

It’s fun and fulfilling.

See you in 140 characters or less!

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Some people to follow on Twitter:

@DayneShuda (Follow me!)

@zappos (a great example of a CEO using Twitter)

@AdamSinger (a creative marketing genius)

@js_packers (for the most up to date Packer news…for fellow Packer lovers)

Plus many more!

There are tons of people you can follow on Twitter that may prove to be valuable connections.