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Successful Business Highlight – Sportsmen of North America and Magnum Hunt Club

The Giveaway Model and the Online Hunting Industry

Online Giveaway Business Model

image credit: Jule_Berlin

I’ve always been a fan of innovative business models both on and off the Web.

The other day on 10 Things Every Hunting Website Needs (Plus a Few Extra Ideas), KRAY1, left a good comment and he asked if I could write a little bit about the giveaway business model:

With an MBA I have been intrigued by the revenue generating ability for someone to have fun hunting all over the world and others pay for their working-vacations! I saw sites like Sportsmen Of North America who give away a hunting trip a week to their members, to some of the ones you mention here. Also Magnum hunt club is another. You didn’t mention contests or give aways, but there is a huge draw there for folks who don’t have $5k-$15k to blow on a hunting trip, but for free, or $5-$10 a month are willing to join. There is so much valuable info free on the net, I can’t see paying for it, without a chance to win something. Maybe I’m just spoiled. What is your take on those sites?

I think it’s an interesting business model and it appears that the two companies KRAY1 mentions, Sportsmen of North America and Magnum Hunt Club have great Websites that serve hunters on the Web well while offering some great incentives to join their membership programs.

Let’s take a closer look…

Sportsmen of North America

Sportsmen of North America Website

Sportsmen of North America is a membership site that offers weekly giveaways plus a tiered membership approach with various benefits for members including:

– Store Discounts
– TV Show Access (free access)
– Weekly prize giveaways
– DVD Club
– Taxidermy Service Plan
– 5% Discount on all Sportsmen of North America Outfitted hunts
– Etc.

There are a lot of benefits to becoming a member of SNA and while I’m not a member I do see value in joining the service. The chance to win a hunt, as KRAY pointed out, is great for hunters who likely can’t afford to go on the hunt of a lifetime. And since SNA gives out prizes weekly the odds are about as good as you’ll find anywhere.

There is a lot of great content on SNA available for free to the public as well. The TV shows are amazing. I’ve always been a big fan of hunting shows so the emergence of video on the Web has been awesome for feeding my need for great hunting footage. SNA has lots of great shows available and I’m sure they have even more available for members.

The Model

The giveaway model is very interesting especially with the competitiveness of most business industries on the Web.

All companies on the Web are competing for attention and it seems that a business offering anything (especially guided hunts) will have a great chance to stand out from the rest of the competition.

Today when I went to the SNA Website I was greeted with an overlay offering the Grand Prize Giveaway – Polaris Ranger.

It’s a big time eye catcher for new visitors or previous visitors like me. It’s a substantial offer with lots of relevant value for potential members of the site.

There is so much that SNA offers for its members that it’s difficult not to believe that they have a ton of happy clients.

It’s also interesting that they show the monthly price (ex: $5/month), but say that it’s billed annually. This is interesting. I’m not sure what would work better, but I’m sure they’ve tested. I’ve always been curious as to what billing process works best for clients and also keeps a high retention rate. Annual, one-time billing? Monthly billing? Auto-renew billing each month?

I’m curious if anyone has any thoughts on it.

Anyway, I think Sportsmen of North America has a lot to offer to a variety of hunters on the Web.

Whether you’re looking for free content like a great blog post or quality hunting video that you can view for free or if you’re looking for a chance to win a guided hunt for a small membership fee, SNA has it.

The model seems to work in the competitive online atmosphere.

Most important is the fact that the business model offers a tiered approach that lends itself to a variety of customers making it very customer-friendly.

I hope SNA continues having success with their business model on the Web. It’s a model I think would work for a variety of hunting businesses.

Magnum Hunt Club

Magnum Hunt Club Website

Magnum Hunt Club is another membership site on the Web that offers a variety of benefits to hunters.

Here are a few of the things members receive:

– Hunting Videos
– Discount hunt list
– Hunt catalog
– Six free entries into the hunt giveaways
– Contests with other prizes
– Etc.

Magnum Hunt Club, like Sportsmen of North America, offers some great content, features, and benefits for both non-members and members. There is a forum for members which I’m sure has some great interaction for members regarding many topics probably relating to guided hunts, how to hunt articles, and more.

The Model

The business model for Magnum Hunt Club is nearly identical to that of SNA and I like it just as I like the SNA model.

Giveaways are great for attracting attention and finding a relevant audience on the Web. If your business has the budget to offer things of value for your audience you have a chance to stand out from your competition.

Giveaways are also great for bloggers looking to build their subscriber numbers.

Magnum has a good looking Website and it seems they also have a great business model for succeeding on the Web.

Giveaway Business Model in General

As I mentioned earlier, one of the most difficult things for businesses on the Web is finding a way to gain the attention of the hunting audience.

There is a lot of competition for attention and companies are always coming up with innovative ways to connect with hunters.

It always comes down to the company and the individuals who provide the most value whether it’s with features on a site, resources such as experts or anything else hunters find valuable.

The giveaway business model that Sportsmen of North America and Magnum Hunt Club use is very unique and I think it serves hunters on the Web very well. It’s a model that stands out and provides lots of value for members.

There are lots of things hunting businesses can take away from the giveaway model.

I already mentioned that you can giveaway prizes and things as a way to gain more email subscribers. You can do giveaways to build your RSS subscribers, Twitter followers, etc.

There are lots of ways to be innovative with giveaways.

The most important thing to remember is that people on the Web always look for value.

Good giveaways also have the potential to spread around the Web and create lots of traffic for sites. I’ve seen bloggers get a hold of a great giveaway and spread the word on their blog, on blog comments, forums, and Twitter.

And while I’m a fan of the giveaway model I’m a fan of value first and I believe that when a site or business provides value they’ll be successful no matter what their business model is.

The giveaway model is great for the Web and I think it really helps hunting businesses capture the valuable attention of hunters.

I like the giveaway model and I’m interested in hearing if you have had success with giveaways?

Or have you noticed any other bloggers or hunting businesses who have utilized the unique giveaway model to provide value for customers?


It’s always fun to look at the stats…

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5 Habits of Successful Hunting Business Owners on Twitter

This post is inspired by 5 Habits of Successful Executives on Twitter by Bruce Philp (@brandcowboy) of on (@mashable).

Twitter is about making connections.

Connecting With Twitter

image credit: box of lettuce

If you’re the CEO of a hunting business I suggest the article above for reading on how some CEOs successfully use Twitter to make connections with their customers as themselves and on behalf of their businesses.

There is a crucial point in the previous sentence worth repeating:

“…make connections with their customers both as themselves and on behalf businesses.”

Smart CEOs know how to separate themselves from their company. They know when it’s important to be the face of the company and when it’s important to let the employees or the product or the service or in other words the brand be the face of the company.

Twitter is about making connections both as yourself and as the brand of your business.

It’s important to remember that all of your Tweets and actions on Twitter (and anywhere) should be about adding value for your customer.

With that in mind, I thought I would highlight a few of the remarkable hunting business owners who have done a great job using Twitter to make connections and add value with and for their customer.

Also, you can follow me on Twitter @DayneShuda.

1. Highlight other people (including your customers)

One of the best things you can do to add value for your current or potential customers or for your peers in the hunting industry is to highlight them and talk about how great they are.

Your clients will appreciate the kind gesture if you tweet about them. Your followers will see your tweet and possible follow your client. There is also the chance someone may find your client and become their customer.

Your own potential clients will also want to connect with you because you’re the kind of person/business who takes the time to recognize their remarkable clients. (See @RosenhausSports for an example of this).

Here, Sherry does a wonderful job of raving about highlighting Alan Clemons (@BigAlFishes).

Sherry Kerr Outdoor Media Resources

Tweeter: Sherry Kerr (@SherryinAL)

Hunting Business: Outdoor Media Resources

2. People love pictures, images, and video

Whether it’s offline or on the Web, it’s a simple fact that people love pictures, images, and video.

People are visual and adding just a little something more to your tweets can make you and your hunting business stand out.

For any hunting business, visuals and video are great ways to enhance the connections you make with your clients.

Check out the tweet from Mike Bishop of Windy Hill Outfitters.

Mike Bishop Windy Hill Outfitters

Tweeter: Mike Bishop (@WHOutfitters)

Hunting Business: Windy Hill Outfitters

3. You can get personal

As with any aspect of your hunting business, it’s alright to be an actual human being (with feelings, emotions, and regard for your client’s well-being).

People connect with people and your clients and potential clients are looking to connect with you and the other people in your business. This can get tricky since you want to have a nice balance of personal branding while making sure you keep the focus on your business where appropriate.

Kendall Card Camofire

Tweeter: Kendall Card (@CamoFire)

Hunting Business:

4. Respond and answer questions

Interacting with your followers on Twitter is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to make meaningful connections.

When you’re on Twitter, make sure you answer questions (even if not asked of you directly) for others on Twitter. People really respond strongly when someone (especially a business owner) reaches out to help them (with no strings attached).

Andrew Bennet Deneki Outdoors

Tweeter: Andrew Bennett (@deneki)

Hunting Business: Deneki Outdoors

5. Encourage others

Sometimes your customers just need a little encouragement for them to do remarkable things.

If you can offer just a bit of encouragement to others you can change the way they feel about themselves. People like to feel encouraged in life about their ideas and thoughts. When you reassure people and even offer your own advice you can make some valuable connections with hunters.

Take the simple steps to make the day of others while you’re using Twitter (and while interacting anywhere regarding life and business) and you’ll benefit from the valuable connections you’ll make.

Ben Gustafson Ben G Outdoors

Tweeter: Ben Gustafson (@BenGOutdoors)

Hunting Business: Ben G. Outdoors

Bonus – 6. Giveaways never hurt

People love to win stuff.

If your business has the opportunity to offers giveaways you can generate some faithful followers on Twitter.

You can also share the giveaways that other businesses are offering.

While offering giveaways is great for you own business, you will also be seen as a valuable Tweeter if you share valuable information in your Tweets like the giveaways of others.

Businesses love when you share their giveaways also. It’s another great way to make connections with peers in the hunting industry as well as with hunters (and potential clients).

Kevin Paulson of Hunting Life on Twitter

Tweeter: Kevin Paulson (@HuntingLife)

Hunting Business: Hunting Life

Bonus #2 – 7. Excitement and passion are contagious

People love being around people who are passionate about anything, but they especially love being around people who share their same passions.

Don’t afraid to share your excitement and passion on Twitter.

Share your experiences on Twitter and hunters will be drawn to you and want to connect with you and your business.

Jason FLW Magazine

Tweeter: Jason (@FLW_Magazine)

Hunting Business: FLW Outdoors


It’s often the simplest gestures that make lead to the best connections on the Web. You don’t have to do something complicated to properly use Twitter. Focus on adding value to the lives of others by being meaningful, valuable, simple, and remarkable on Twitter (and other social media) and you’ll have success that may lead to increased business.

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