The Beautiful Outdoors: 50 Amazing Photos

Inspiring outdoor imagery shared through the amazing Flickr Creative Commons Collection

Farm Rolling Hills

Courtesy of Nicholas_T

I came across an amazing post on Smashing Magazine, The Beauty of India: 50 Amazing Photos. The images are truly amazing.

I realized I haven’t done a collection of images from Flickr in some time and thought it would be fun to do another.

I like to use Flickr for just about every post on HBM. I feel that images add some depth to the experience with each post. And you know I love hunting pictures.

Here are the previous collections from the Flickr Creative Commons Series on HBM:

I chose images from the outdoors. Even though most of us realize the beauty in the outdoors already, I thought it would be great to collect some of the fine examples from the best photographers in the business.

These images are from fields, streams, and woods.

Hopefully these images can inspire you today…


Abandoned Barn in a Field

Abandoned Barn in a Field

Courtesy of Robb North

Spring Sunset Magic

Spring Sunset Magic

Courtesy of See1,Do1,Teach1

Coming Home to the Farm

Farm Road Field

Courtesy of Jody McNary Photography

Jody McNary Photography

Little Road to the Farm

Little Road to the Farm

Courtesy of tipiro

Green and Gold Farm Field

Green and Gold Farm Field

Courtesy of tipiro

Auto Graveyard

Auto Graveyard

Courtesy of seanmcgrath

Tulip Field and Hot Air Balloons

Tulip Field and Hot Air Balloons

Courtesy of jesse.milan

White Horse

White Horse Field

Courtesy of Wolfgang Staudt

Rusty Barn in Autumn

Rusty Barn in Autumn

Courtesy of jsorbieus

Cactus Field

Cactus Field

Courtesy of kevindooley

Yellow and Pink Flowers

Yellow and Pink Flowers

Courtesy of Per Ola Wiberg

Hay Bales Harvest Time

Hay Bales Harvest Time

Courtesy of pdam2

Old Farm and Truck

Old Farm and Truck

Courtesy of Grantsviews

Vintage Fence

Fencing Materials

Courtesy of Robb North

Bikes and Farm Fields

Bikes and Farm Fields

Courtesy of ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevissor

Lilac Tree

Courtesy of Robb North

Blue Flower Field

Blue Flower Field

Courtesy of Per Ola Wiberg


Backyard Stream

Backyard Stream

Courtesy of bslmmr

Stepping Stone Bridge

Stepping Stone Bridge

Courtesy of Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel

Gray Sky Stream

Gray Sky Stream

Courtesy of Richard0

Mexico Waterfall

Mexico Waterfall

Courtesy of zoutedrop

Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls

Courtesy of Nicholas_T

Shallow Stream and Falls

Small Stream After Rain

Courtesy of NeilsPhotography

Chirkhuwaa Khola at Baaluwani

Chirkhuwaa Khola

Courtesy of ` TheDreamSky 꿈꾸는 하늘

Winter Stream

Winter Stream

Courtesy of Nicholas_T

Forest Waterfall

Forest Waterfall

Courtesy of Nicholas_T

Cold Winter Stream

Cold Winter Stream

Courtesy of nagillum

Stream Under Bridge

Stream Under Bridge

Courtesy of paul (dex) busy @ work

Light Shining on Stream

Light Shining on Stream

Courtesy of eye of einstein

Shaky Bridge

Shaky Bridge

Courtesy of Nicholas_T

Vintage Dry Creek

Vintage Dry Creek

Courtesy of Robb North

Canada Mountain Stream

Canada Mountain Stream

Courtesy of *~Dawn~*


Rusty Car in the Woods

Rusty Car in the Woods

Courtesy of Nicholas_T

Forest Ablaze

Forest Ablaze

Courtesy of Nicholas_T

Sun Shining in the Forest

Sun Shining in the Forest

Courtesy of josef.stuefer

Green Glow Forest

Green Glow Forest

Courtesy of mindfulness

Rolling Hills and Trees

Rolling Trees

Courtesy of Nicholas_T

Falling Leaf

Falling Leaf

Courtesy of Memotion

Golden Autumn

Golden Autumn

Courtesy of Reinante El Pintor de Fuego

Narrow Road Through the Woods

Narrow Road in the Woods

Courtesy of Per Ola Wiberg

Abstract Woods

Abstract Woods

Courtesy of Reinante El Pintor de Fuego

Bright Green

Bright Green Forest

Courtesy of tipiro

Rock Path Golden Forest

Courtesy of Nicholas_T

Deer in the Woods

Deer in the Woods

Courtesy of Nicholas_T

Shadowy Path

Shadowy Path

Courtesy of GotMeAMuse

Snowy Forest

Snowy Forest

Courtesy of Vince Algoni

Autumn Morning

Autumn Morning

Courtesy of bslmmr

Colorful Woods

Colorful Woods

Courtesy of Problemkind

Repeating Forest

Repeating Forest

Courtesy of Wolfgang Staudt

Old Tree

Old Tree

Courtesy of gumuz

The Hunter

The Hunter

Courtesy of MysticMoon14

50 Photos to Strike Emotion in Your Audience

Buying is an emotional experience

Whitetail Buck

image credit: Charles & Clint

Hunting businesses are always looking for ways to connect with customers and build a trust that can lead to sales. For customers and for businesses, buying (and selling) is an emotional experience. Customers want to feel positive emotion during and after their purchase especially if it’s a large purchase. Sellers or businesses also want to feel positive emotion about anything they sell to customers. Businesses don’t simply want to make money – they want to know they have provided a customer with a quality product or service with an experience and trust that will lead to a long-term business relationship (and future sales).

One of the best ways to strike emotion for your customers with your Website is to use remarkable photos.

I took a look around Flickr Creative Commons to show you…

50 Photos that will Strike Emotion in Your Audience

Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

Snow Bike

image credit: laffy4k

100% Organic Products

Wheat Field

image credit: KevinLallier

We Move Fast

Running Dog

image credit: Emery_Way

Attention to Detail

Hay Bales

image credit: pdam2

Cozy Up


image credit: _cck_

Smoke the Competition

Blue Smoke

image credit: Subharnab

Get Close

Mule Deer Velvet

image credit: jkirkhart35

Stay Warm and Cozy in the Cabin

Cabin Fire Wine

image credit: Steph & Adam

Plenty to Choose From

Christmas Trees

image credit: busymommy

Come Visit

Wisconsin Autumn

image credit: newagecrap

Hurry – Before They’re Gone

Mallard Ducks

image credit: mikebaird

Come Hunt With Us

Hunting Dog

image credit: agwagon2000

Cook Roast Venison Tonight With This Recipe


image credit:

Restore Your Shotgun to New

Old Shotgun

image credit: GregPC

Take Your Best Shot


image credit: Cаvin 〄

Simple. Smooth.

Whiskey Glass

image credit: Kyle May

Who’s Watching Your Back?

James Bond Gun Suit

image credit: albertopveiga


Black Widow

image credit: another_finn

Get Close

Close Pheasant

image credit: BobMacInnes

Fire a Few

Shotgun Shell

image credit: SubZeroConciousness

Bow Hunting Preparation

Bow Hunting

image credit: JxM –

Walk With Us

Path through Field

image credit: earlycj5


Painted Canyon

image credit: Wolfgang Staudt

Classics Never Die


image credit: Willie Lunchmeat

Great Sound

Guitar Strings

image credit: Mirko Macari



image credit: Aitor Escauriaza

City Park

City Park

image credit: flungabunga



image credit: LDCross

Get On Top of the Busy Life

Busy City

image credit: striatic

Explore the Stream in Our Backyard

Forest Stream

image credit: the_tahoe_guy

Visit the Little Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods

image credit: dbking

Stay on Your Track

Train Track

image credit: Irargerich

Get Away

Morning Canoe

image credit: molajen

Trophy of a Lifetime

Grazing Elk

image credit: virtualphotographystudio

Aggressive Bulls

Two Bull Elk

image credit: Misserion

You Can Bring Your Best Hunting Buddy or Use Ours

Black Lab

image credit: OakleyOriginals

Get Close to Big Moose

Bull Moose

image credit: Fisherga

Relax In Between Hunts

Relaxing Dog

image credit: OakleyOriginals

Cup of Coffee in the Morning

Sunset Lake

image credit: thefuturistics

Rustic Quality

Old Kitchen

image credit: Seamus Murray

Families Welcome

Family Boating Trip

image credit: OakleyOriginals

Enjoy the Chase

Coyote Chasing Mouse

image credit: Peter Rivera

We’ll Get You Close

Swimming Grizzly

image credit: Ha-Wee

Come Sit With Us


image credit: Shot_by_Cam

You’ll Find Treasures

Old Pickup

image credit: Duchamp

Because Anything Can Happen

Train off the Tracks

image credit: aussiegall

We Have Good Notes


image credit: Amir K.

Pencil Us In

Pen and Journal

image credit: Sancho Papa

Under the Same Moon


image credit: photofarmer

Come Prepared

Over Under Shotgun

image credit: Randy Son Of Robert

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Flickr Creative Commons Series

Inspiration surrounds us all

Inspiration is all around

image credit: Reinante El Pintor de Fuego

A few of the post I’ve had the most fun creating for this Web site are the posts involving images from Flickr’s Creative Commons section.

Here are posts that were created thanks to Flickr, Creative Commons, and the wonderful photographers who are willing to share their work with the world (with you especially):

50 Images of Happy Business Atmospheres

50 Inspirational Images to Inspire Blog Titles

50 Indoor Photos to Inspire Your Outdoor Website

50 Inspiring Flickr Pictures/Photos for Hunting Businesses

Adding Something More to Your Blog and Website

I need pictures. I need video. I need an “infographic.” John Boitnott

Something a Little More

image credit: alexkerhead

After reading Adam Singer’s (@AdamSinger) valuable interview with John Boitnott (@jboitnott) at The Future Buzz, I decided that I needed to expand on one of John’s thoughts as it applies to you and your hunting business marketing.

I recommend you read the entire interview – Social Media And Web Publishing: Interview With John Boitnott.

Check it out and then stop back to see my expanded thoughts.

Here is John’s thought I’d like to expand on:

Is there something more than just writing to your post? I need pictures. I need video. I need an “infographic.” So does the public.  Look at this – people love those things.

The key part I noticed from this thought are “…something a little more than just your post.”

In the post 8 Little Details That Make Big Differences on Hunting Websites I gave examples of how hunting businesses are doing little things to make their sites stand out from the noise on the Web in order to gain attention and customers.

Let’s take a look at a few more ways you can do “something a little more” with your hunting business on the Web to gain the attention of hunters.

Images, Graphics, and Photos

If you have read one or two posts on this blog, you’ve probably noticed that I like to use photos in every post. I think they add some visual interest to the written content. I try to relate the photo to the topic of the post as best as I can, but sometimes I just pick photos I like. 🙂

I have even highlighted photos specifically in some of the hunting business posts:

50 Inspiring Flickr Pictures/Photos for Hunting Businesses

50 Indoor Photos to Inspire Your Outdoor Website

50 Inspirational Images to Inspire Blog Titles

Images, graphics, and photos add a little extra something to blog posts and Websites. Your visitors and potential customers do not only learn about your business with your text content.

Hunting businesses do a pretty good job with showing images and photos on their sites. Hunters love photos because the photos tell stories. Photos can especially bring about memories even if the photo isn’t of your own memory.

Images make us all feel emotions and that includes the buying emotion. A quality image, graphic or photo may be just the little extra something you need to convince your customers that your business is the answer they’re looking for.

One of my favorite examples of the power of images is the post on Visualizing One Trillion Dollars.

Trillion Dollars Australia

Creative Commons

I’m a big fan of the Creative Commons License. Most of the photos you see on this blog are used with the convenience of the Creative Commons License. All of the content on this site is licensed under Creative Commons as well. This means you can use any and all of the content here with attribution.

You can use the Creative Commons License to share content on your site that adds a something more to the content you create.

Your Own Photos

As I mentioned above, you can use photos you shoot or that you have taken by a photographer to showcase the benefits of your business for your target audience.

Take some photos to show your customers the value your business can add to their lives as hunters. Photos can add visual evidence on top of your text that may be what convinces your customer to request your services or product.


Graphic images are creations of artists using computer software or something hand drawn. If you find that your competitors’ sites are full of good photos and it would be difficult for you to stand out, try creating some unique graphics with computer software or with your own hands. If you don’t have the ability or the time to create the graphics yourself, there are tons of wonderful designers (Sarah Hicks) you can get in touch with who will turn your visions into remarkable graphic images that make you and your business stand out.

Video and Audio

Video and audio content are two more ways you can add something more to your blog or Website.

You can create your own video and audio content or you can use the content of others and use it (with permission or attribution) to enhance the value your content provides your target audience.

I like to occasionally use videos from You Tube on this site to add a little something more to the content I write.

Here are a few of those posts (Some of the videos may not work as embedded content since some intellectual property owners don’t believe in sharing their content with people who may otherwise never discover it):

3 Viral Video Ideas for Hunting Businesses

10 Inspiring Country Music Videos for Hunting Businesses

The Best Country Songs You’ve Never Heard – A Lesson in Marketing

It’s easy to share videos on your Website or blog with services like You Tube. There is also plenty of existing video content on these video sharing sites for you to use to enhance the value you provide your customers with the content you create.

You can also create video content of your own and share it on your site (via services like You Tube or via your own video software).

A good example of a business doing something more for their audience is The team at Hunting Life has created a wonderful series of video podcasts called Hunting Life Outdoor Adventures.

Here is an example:


Audio content is similar to video content except there is obviously no visual involved with audio.

A few ways you can do something more with audio content to stand out is to record interviews with relevant experts. Find the people your customers want to hear from and ask these experts the questions your customers would like answers. Then you can post your audio content on your site so you listeners can download it with iTunes and listen at work or in the car. Also include the audio content on your site so your customers can easily share your audio and listen to it on your site.

One of my favorite examples of audio content adding something more is The Lew Rockwell Show.

Your Own Thoughts

Another way you can do something more with your Website or blog is to share your own subjective thought.

People will pay attention (and often pay) for others to interpret information and provide subjective thoughts on matters that are important to them.

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, insight and opinions when it comes to interpreting news, facts, or happenings as it relates to you, your customer, and your business. Be confident that you’re an expert in your specific field of the hunting industry. You do have insight and something more to offer your target audience.

Provide your own and unique thoughts on the things affecting your target customers and you’ll stand out from your competition.

Edgy Content

In a similar vein as providing your own thoughts, sharing edgy content is another way you can do something more to make yourself and your business stand out.

Find a way to discuss your thoughts on the topics in your specific area of the hunting industry that your competitors are afraid to address. If there are controversial topics concerning your niche in the hunting industry than you can be sure your customers have their own questions and concerns.

Be their source of information. Provide valuable and thoughtful insight for their benefit. They may not all agree with you, but most will respect you if you take a stance based on your principles. Show that you have the best interest of your customers in mind and your customers will be passionate about your company. People  appreciate it when businesses show (not just tell) that they’re willing to do something more for the customers’ benefit.


There are things you can do to make your business stand out from the competition.

Content such as photos, images, and graphics can add visual interest to the content you create on your site. There are lots of ways to take advantage of the visual content others create such as Creative Commons (CC works for all content, not just visual). You can also create your own unique visual content or have a designer make graphics and visuals that enhance the vision you’re trying to present to your customers.

Video and audio are two more ways you can do something more for your customers. Listen to what your customers are asking you to provide and try enhancing the solution to their problems with video and/or audio. It might be just enough to make your business stand out and lead to a new sale.

The final example of how you can do something more to provide value for your customers is to address topics while providing your unique thoughts and subjective insight. People like subjective thought and it stands out on the Web because most businesses go with the middle of the road, watered down, politically correct thought.

Don’t take the easy way out – be subjective.

Most of these little things do take extra time and effort, but with competition for attention so fierce on the Web, it’s definitely worth it to make sure your Website stands out from the rest. And to stand out you might have to do “something a little more”.

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10 Online Resources for Hunting Businesses

The Web is wonderful for connecting with your customer

Blue Bridge at Night

image credit: rogerimp

The Web has proven to be a great medium of communication for hunting businesses and hunters. As Web developers and innovators continue to change the landscape of the Web there will be abundant resources available to hunting businesses to take advantage of as a way to better connect with customers.

It’s important for you and your business that you stay on the edge of all technologies and communication trends that occur on the Web. Staying on the edge is easier than lagging behind your competition. You don’t want to play catch-up. Always show your customer that you are willing to do whatever it takes to form the most trusting connection possible while creating the highest value product or service.

In hopes of spurring some interest in resources that may help you and your business stay on the edge, I’ve collected a few of my favorite hunting business resources for you to explore and become familiar with (if you haven’t already).

These 10 resources (there are tons more) are just examples of the great things available to you on the Web that will help you build lasting relationships with your hunting customers.

These are in no particular order.

1) My Outdoor TV (Hunting Section)

My Outdoor TV

One thing about life is the person who has always has something interesting to discuss usually stands out as a respected leader in a group such as an industry.

I included My Outdoor TV in this list simply for the fact that you can see so much wonderful hunting content that can provide endless amounts of conversation for you and your hunting clients, co-workers, and business partners.

After all, you’re in the hunting industry, why shouldn’t you expect to discuss the latest monster trophy taken on video and share it on a site like My Outdoor TV?

Check out My Outdoor TV


Hunting Alltop

There are many hunting blog catalogs and directories on the Web, but my favorite content aggregator for hunting blogs has to be – specifically

Not only can you stay up to date on the “All the top” (get it?) hunting blogs on the Web, you can keep in the loop with many blogs from so many other areas of interest related to hunting such as the outdoors in general.

When you’re connecting with your customers on the Web the most important thing you can have is knowledge with a relatable quality. By subscribing to blogs, you’ll be able to have a constant stream of news, thoughts, and insights from bloggers that represent your customer.

And don’t be afraid to check out the seemingly obscure topic on Alltop. You never know where inspiration will come from.

Check out

3) Blog

Bowhunting Blog

One of my favorite sources of valuable hunting knowledge is the Blog. The writers really know how to connect with hunters.

There is a ton of great content on this blog (and entire site). And with great content comes readers. It’s a good chance that your hunting customers are reading this blog (or will in the future).

You can keep up on the latest product reviews (competitor info maybe?), get unique perspective on what is ailing hunters, and much more useful information for your hunting business.

Check out the Blog

4) Outdoor Bloggers Summit

Outdoor Bloggers Summit

Kristine has done a wonderful job with this organization since its founding.

One of the best things I did when I started participating in the hunting community on the Web was joining the Outdoor Blogger Summit. I’ve met many great individuals including some wonderful hunting bloggers and business owners.

If you and your hunting business are new to the Web I highly recommend joining the Outdoor Bloggers Summit and getting to know some of its members. There are some really wonderful connections to be had for those willing.

Check out the Outdoor Bloggers Summit

5) Forum

HuntingNet Forum

One of the most classic ways to connect with your customers is to ask and answer questions.

As long as the Web has been around there have been places for like-minded people to discuss their interests. In today’s world we have the hunting forum for hunters.

Not much has changed over the years in terms of functionality (except RSS, avatars, etc.) and the value remains the same – hunters can gain knowledge about their favorite activity: hunting.

If you’ve ever wanted to know if there was a way to expand your product or service offering, why not try looking through a hunting forum and finding the “pains” your customers are experiencing and seeing if your hunting business can provide a solution.

And if you’re looking to get started with a hunting forum, start with the world’s largest – the Forum.

Check out the Forum

6) Twitter Search

Twitter Search

Two years ago, who would have thought that someone could have appeared on the scene and taken away some of Google’s search power?

Today Twitter has turned into a provider of various needs and one of those needs, as it relates to hunting businesses, it Twitter Search.

You can use Twitter Search to keep track of the latest discussion about anything hunting-related such as whitetails, hunting bear, even muzzleloaders.

Try answering questions and truly connecting with the people who write the questions and comments you find on Twitter Search.

You might be surprised at the quality and quantity of conversations taking place that you’re missing out on.

Check out Twitter Search (Twitter account needed to view)

7) Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

I’m a huge fan of Creative Commons.

I tell just about everyone I meet that creates content (songwriter, photographer, blogger, etc.) to use Creative Commons.

Check out Adam Singer’s (mentioned below) positive experience with Creative Commons: A Creative Commons License is The Ultimate Music Promotion Tool.

I pointed out Flickr for this post because I use the Creative Commons section on Flickr for every single post I write for this blog.

There are so many stunning images being shared on Flickr by skilled photographers that I figure why not use them to enhance the content on this site while also promoting the photographers’ wonderful work?

As a hunting business, you can use Flickr Creative Commons to share photos on your company blog, email, etc. or you can post your own photos on Flickr under the Creative Commons License.

Both ways will prove beneficial for you and your hunting business.

Check out Flickr Creative Commons

8 )


Anyone using the Web needs to know about Search Engine Optimization and one of the best resources for simple and straightforward info is SEOmoz. I read the blog daily on and I look forward each week to Whiteboard Friday.

There is plenty of information on how to use content to your advantage on the Web.

Whether you’re new to SEO or an experienced veteran, SEOmoz has content for you.

Check out

9) The Future Buzz

The Future Buzz Media Marketing PR

Just as SEO is important on the Web, effective marketing and PR is just as important.

Adam Singer has created one of my personal favorite sources of content for marketing on the Web.

Adam writes from a unique perspective on topics ranging from the latest technology on the Web to marketing and PR best practices. He provides his insight into offline and online marketing and he is truly a valuable source of content for any business including hunting businesses.

A few of my favorite posts include:

65 Bite-Sized Web Marketing Tips

Be a Disrupter

Crowdsourced Java: Joffrey’s Coffee 2.0 Inspired By 1,500 Beta Testers

Check out the rest of The Future Buzz

10) Zen Habits

Zen Habits

This resource has the least to do with hunting, but everything to do with living a quality life.

I love reading the posts on this blog simply because they provide simple, unique, and helpful advice for being a productive, skillful, and driven individual. The site and its content are simple, yet powerful sources of inspiration for any business including a hunting business such as yours.

The lessons you can learn on this site about keeping your life simple and keep your mind focused on your personal vision are priceless.

I have read Leo’s book The Power of Less and I highly recommend it to you.

Check out Zen Habits

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Offline Hunting Businesses Anonymous – 12-Step Program to Joining the Web

“Hi, my name is Dayne and I need the Web.”

Stairs with a Red Wall

image credit: hiddedevries

Even today, hunting businesses seem afraid to take advantage of the Web. People seem afraid to join the Web and use the tools available to make meaningful connections with future customers, business partners, and competitors.

For those who are or have been afraid to bring your hunting business to the Web and realize your full potential, here’s a quick 12-Step Program to help you get over your fear and take your hunting business to the next level.

1) We admitted that we are powerless without the Web and our business is unfulfilled without it

The Web statistics for the hunting industry are huge and the benefits of having a Web presence are simply too great to ignore anymore for hunting businesses.

It’s easy to decide to start a blog or Website for your hunting business today and have a presence today or within a few days. Take some time to admit that your business needs the Web.

If you need that extra incentive to push yourself over the edge, remember that the Web is another way to add value to your customers’ experience with your business.

By adding value to your customers’ experience, you’re increasing your chances of referral business, which is the best way to attract new customers.

2) Came to believe that the Web could restore our business’s competitiveness

Face it; if your business does not have any sort of online presence today, you’re behind your competition.

Today, hunting business have great Websites and blogs that are full of useful information, resources, and content for current and potential customers to use and benefit from.

If a customer has the choice of a business that offers a blog, a weekly e-newsletter, a content-rich Website, and a connectivity presence on sites like Twitter vs. a business that doesn’t have any, who are they going to choose?

3) Made a decision to focus our energy and our business lives on enhancing our connections with the Web

The Web is a medium of exchange for making connections. As a successful hunting business owner you already know how to make valuable connections with customers and business associates.

With the Web, you can increase your ability to make connections by using tools that enhance your ability to share information, resources and knowledge.

Your time and your customers’ time are important. The Web is a time saver for you and your customers.

Focus your energy on becoming familiar with ways the Web can increase your ability to connect with your customers and business associates.

Use the Web as a medium of exchange to enhance your business connections.

4) Made a searching and fearless inventory of our hunting business

It’s difficult at times to look for weaknesses in our business. Fear often plays a large role in our willingness to avoid an honest look at where we can improve.

Fear may also play a role in your reluctance to bring your business to the Web.

It’s not unusual for people to feat what they don’t understand. Lots of people don’t understand the benefit of tools like Twitter or a blog.

Do an inventory of your business. Don’t let fear deter you from analyzing that your business can benefit from the resources on the Web.

5) Admitted to ourselves and to someone else the exact reasons of why we need the Web to succeed

Once you realize that your business is better off with a Web presence, admit to someone else (a friend, a business partner, or a co-worker) that you are willing to take the steps necessary to succeed on the Web.

This step will help you remain accountable for your progress.

Success on the Web will come slow at first and it’s difficult to continue striving to succeed. Frustration will play a role in your early development. So it’s important to have others pushing you along and holding you accountable for the success of your business.

When you feel like giving up your pursuit of utilizing the Web, you’ll have the added drive of wanted to succeed to prove to yourself and to your friend, business partner, or co-worker that you have what it takes to be a success on the Web.

6) We’re entirely ready to have the Web improve on our offline weaknesses

Even if your business has been extremely successful in its offline pursuits, there are areas where your business is weak without an online presence. Your ability to provide important and valuable content for your customers is one of the important areas.

Get to a point where you are willing to accept and become prepared to use the Web to improve your ability to provide valuable content for your customers.

Blogs, e-newsletters, e-books, email updates, etc. are just a few of the ways you can continue providing beneficial content for your customers more effectively online than you could offline.

7) Humbly asked others for assistance with Web tools and strategies

Don’t be afraid to approach others with your questions about how to effectively use the Web to improve your business.

Others in the hunting industry are willing to provide help and assistance so that you can succeed.

There are tons of great outdoor blogs you can visit for information on how to use the Web to improve your hunting business.

8) Made a list of all the ways the Web can successfully help our business to succeed

After doing some research about how the Web can specifically enhance and improve your hunting business, it’s important to create a priority list.

Use this priority list as a guide and plan for increasing your Web presence.

Once you have this list created, you are ready to begin the process of bringing your hunting business to the Web.

9) Made a direct commitment to prioritize and implement a strategy for our hunting business based on the ways the Web can help our business succeed

Now that you have your priority list, it’s time to commit to implementing your business’s Web strategy.

Sometimes the most difficult part of implementing a plan is getting started.

If your #1 priority is starting a blog, take the first step of opening an account with a service like WordPress and follow their easy instructions for making your blog a reality.

Utilize resources and connections when you come across something you need help with. Don’t let fear deter you from moving to the next step in implementing your Web strategy.

10) Continued to take inventory of our businesses strategy and admit when we need to utilize new tools and strategies

People on the Web continue creating new tools and technology that can improve our business’s ability to add value to our customer relationships.

It takes a committed effort to continually stay in the loop on new technology and how it may or may not improve our hunting business.

Blogs, Twitter, and forums are all great places to join conversations about new technology and how it may help businesses like ours.

11) Sought through our passion for success to continue to improve our business and its strategy – both offline and online

Just as technology changes on the Web, our business strategy (both online and offline) needs to change.

There is a lot of trial and error on the Web. That’s what is great about the nature of the Web. We can try new things and if it doesn’t work out we can quickly change course and try the next strategy.

Even if you continually change your strategy, your customers will see you as someone who is willing to continue improving for their benefit.

You may start an email newsletter for your customers, but after some time you may realize that a blog might be a better strategy for enhancing the value you can provide for your customers.

12) Having an awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to continually work to improve the value of our customers through our business practices

As a successful business owner, you already realize that success comes from a willingness to improve the value you and your business provide for your customers.

This fact doesn’t change when you increase your business’s Web presence.

Remain committed to improving your business practices so your customers continually benefit as a result of their relationship with you and your business.

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50 Indoor Photos to Inspire Your Outdoor Website

Hunting and relaxing by a fire are great ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

See more remarkable photos in the Flickr Creative Commons Series

Fire on the Deck

image credit: andrewk100

It’s easy to be inspired by all of the great sights of the outdoors.

There are also wonderful and inspiring things indoors.

Here are…

…50 Indoor Photos to Inspire Your Outdoor Website

Clutter Free…is possible!

image credit: Declan TM

Entrepreneurial Fuel

image credit: C G-K

Every Adventure Begins with the Morning Routine

image credit: SeaDave

Lots to Read

image credit: spcummings

Get Down to Business

image credit: Incase Designs

Above it All

image credit: Itdan


image credit: Hamed Saber


image credit: kamshots


image credit: Michel Filion

Perfect Light

image credit: vivelevelo

Nighttime Study

image credit: seier+seier+seier

The Lodge

image credit: Perfecto Presents

Fire Lit Reading

image credit: Plutor

Good Friends

image credit: hern42

Sounds Great

image credit: randomidea

Work Boots

image credit: Seamus Murray

Always Time to Wait

image credit: striatic

Awesome Meeting Room!

image credit: alex_lee2001


image credit: Chor Ip

Morning Read

image credit: Honou

Simple Things for Work

image credit: wrestlingentropy

Foregone Era

image credit: preciouskhyatt

Dishes are Done

image credit: Corey Leopold

Amazing Painting

image credit: Hamed Saber

Christmas Light

image credit: krisdecurtis

To the Top

image credit: puroticorico

I Don’t Need Your Rocking Chair

image credit: wharman

Mystic Burn

image credit: Mel B.

Great Family Laugh

image credit: stillwill

Get Out

image credit: evster_S5

Big Show

image credit: martiniko


image credit: suchitra prints

Nothing But the Best

image credit: “G” jewels g is for grandma

Dead Business Model, But Still Memorable

image credit: PinkMoose


image credit: ButterflySha

Craftsman 2

image credit: booleansplit

He Thinks He’ll Keep Her

image credit: neatnessdotcom


image credit: cytoon


image credit: JAGwired

Cool Attic

image credit: Jellaluna

The Pros

image credit: BWChicago


image credit: Addictive Picasso


image credit: skistz


image credit: FirstBaptistNashville


image credit: vieux bandit

Lounge Spot

image credit: frischmilch


image credit: pointnshoot

Back in Time

image credit: memekode

Life’s a Dance

image credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

Family Grinder

image credit: Carl Johan

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50 Inspiring Flickr Pictures/Photos for Hunting Businesses

Do you know the great thing about photos?

They open up our emotions.

Child Jumping

image credit: Tigr

I love cruising through Flickr and checking out the unique photos. Everybody has their own perspective on life.

We all don’t excel at writing or speaking or showing.

Some of us express our feelings with photography.

I guess I’ve always enjoyed looking at other peoples’ photos because of the emotions they make me feel.

For now, let us focus on one specific emotion:


Here is a collection of photos that inspire me while I’m writing and working.

I hope you like them.

I’ll put my own little thoughts/titles for each photo. Not meant to take away from the photographers’ original intent for the photo.

Where are you going?

image credit: fdecomite

Which way are you headed? Up or down?

image credit: dan taylor

Shine a Light

image credit: net efekt

Early Start on Success

image credit: Vasile Tomoiagă

Slow, quiet and steady

image credit: livegym-showtime

Stand Above

image credit: Vik Nanda


image credit: newagecrap

Quiet Confidence

image credit: newagecrap

Survey the Situation

image credit: photofarmer

Putting in Long Hours

Woodchuck in a Tree

image credit: ~Sage~

You’re Not Alone

image credit: snappybex

The World is Mine

image credit: allyaubry

Dance Anyway

image credit: Noël Zia Lee

Go For It

image credit:

Shine Through

image credit: chefranden

An Accomplished Day

image credit: Jpeg Jedi

Better With Age

image credit: Jpeg Jedi

Comforting Shade

image credit: sugarwawa

Bright in the Dull Winter

image credit: newagecrap

Tasty Treat

image credit: Jan Tik

Ready to Conquer

image credit: FreeWine


image credit: mudpig

Roll On

image credit: Rhys Jones Photography

Just Awesome

image credit: Wolfgang Staudt

Early Morning Work

image credit: RonAlmog

“Lt. Dan got me invested in some kind of fruit company”

image credit: RonAlmog

Special Note: This feather photo reminded me of Forrest Gump. It’s one of my favorite movies. I take away the message that no matter what your circumstances are, you can succeed beyond your own dreams.

One More to Cross

image credit: the_repairman


image credit: tylerc083

Still Daylight – Work to be Done

image credit: Tom T

Dream Office

image credit: Martin Ehrensvärd

Steady Work

image credit: tinyfroglet

The Sneak

image credit: BobMacInnes


image credit: BobMacInnes

After a Great Night of Work

image credit: Hamed Saber

Some Dark Moments

image credit: Hamed Saber

The Day Begins

image credit: Hamed Masoumi

The End of the Day

image credit: Jayhel Aheram

Snow Covered

image credit: N_Creatures


image credit: Hamed Saber

Something Good is Brewing

image credit: Mfour

Dream Office View

image credit: PhillipC

Far Away

image credit: upyernoz


image credit: Neosnaps

Beautiful Countryside

image credit: Fantaz

Good Times

image credit: calicorocklibrary

Deep Thought

image credit: frozenchipmunk

Good Work

image credit: Andrea…


image credit: EMillerPhotography


image credit: fly again

Time to Get Back to Work

image credit: mpclemens

So those are 50 photos that inspire me.

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Do you have inspiring photos you’d like to share?