10 Hunting-Related Ways to Find Inspiration and Unlock Your Creativity

Some of my best ideas come to me when I’m in my tree stand

Dusty Record

It seems that the hours of work we put in always seems to increase along with the stresses of making enough money to satisfy our needs and wants – ours and those of our families. It also seems like sometimes you can try and try, but the personal goals you set for yourself and your entrepreneurial ventures still seem out of reach.

What’s lacking when we get stuck in the Work, Work, Stand Still rut is inspiration.

Today I felt a little extra inspiration after spending the weekend in the woods doing one of the things I love most – hunting.

Here are 10 hunting-related ways to find inspiration and unlock your creativity…

1| Scout a new piece of property

There is nothing like the excitement and challenge of scouting a new piece of property. In the past two seasons I’ve had to take on some new leases to whitetail hunt. I went from knowing a great piece of property back and front to needing to find new places to hunt.

Sometimes all you need to do to find inspiration and grow professionally and personally is take on some new challenges and give up (voluntarily or not) the things you know the best.

2| Scout a familiar piece of property

There is a new song out by Joe Nichols – Old Things New. It’s written by three of my favorite country song writers – Bill Anderson, Paul Overstreet, and Buddy Cannon.

Old Things New

He starts out by singing about taking out an old Hank Williams record and putting it on the player. The song goes on to discuss how we can all find new inspiration in the familiar things around us.

That’s true for hunting too. Take a look at that old piece of property with a new perspective.

Also take a look at that familiar business of yours. You never know what kind of inspiration you’ll stir up.

3| Hang a tree stand

One of things I like doing the best in the woods is hanging a tree stand, especially in a new spot. I like the challenge of finding the right tree while trying to figure out where the deer will likely come from and how I can best position myself for the encounter.

There is a strategy and some physicality involved in hanging a tree stand that can get the mind thinking and the body working in ways that inspire our professional and personal lives as well.

4| Cut shooting lanes

Part of the strategy that goes into hanging a new tree stand is cutting new shooting lanes. I like the intricate detail it takes to cut down trees. As a strategic hunter you want to cut down just enough limbs to provide shooting lanes, but not too many limbs so as to take away all of your cover.

Sometimes, especially when it comes to our businesses’ Website, we need to take out the pruner and cut away some shooting lanes – cut out the unnecessary features. But we have to make sure to only cut away just the right amount.

5| Sit for an entire day

I like to read during day-long hunts. I know some diehard hunters frown on hunters who read, but I find I’m able to stay out in the woods longer, especially during midday, if my mind is occupied.

It seems like when I spend an entire day in the woods I am able to really think about the important things in live with some quality thought. There is a lot of downtime in most hunting situations and this downtime is perfect because you’re stripped from all of the distractions in your daily life.

You don’t have your computer, TV, electricity, etc. It’s just you and your thoughts.

Go on an all day hunt and use the downtime to think about ideas for your hunting business. Take in the woods and animals around you for inspiration.

6| Take your still camera

I like taking pictures out in the woods even though I’m not the best photographer.

I like taking pictures of odd occurrences, like snow in October, or just the different animals I see – this past Saturday, on the farm of leasing from, three of the farmer’s cats followed me all the way to my stand. It made for a couple funny pictures. (And the deer didn’t seem to mind which was a little surprising).

Let your creativity take over as your take still pictures of the wonderful world around you in the woods. And then let the creativity bleed over into your professional life.

7| Take a family member scouting or bird shooting

This is one thing I definitely do not do enough of.

Taking a family member scouting is a great way to not only a great way to spend time in the outdoors, but it’s a great way to spend time with a loved one. The woods can make for great conversation. Some of the best conversations I’ve had with my Dad have been out in the woods doing some grouse hunting or scouting for a new stand.

This conversation can even include some new businesses ideas. Your family is typically one of the best places to get feedback on ideas.

Head out to the woods and see where the conversation leads.

8| Watch squirrels

I like watching squirrels and other animals out in the woods almost as much as I enjoy watching the deer I’m usually out there to hunt. I like watching the squirrels go about their business. Sometimes it seems they simply run around as fast as they can from tree to tree with no goal in mind, but I’m sure they have a plan for their madness.

Lots of the best inventions for men and women have come from being inspired by things that nature provides us. Who knows, maybe something that a squirrel does without thinking will spark some inspiration for your next brilliant thought.

9| Help a friend get setup in a great honey hole

The things that we find most rewarding in life often don’t involve ourselves gaining anything as a result.

I’m a big fan of helping others find success and this includes hunting success. I’ve enjoyed going out into the woods with friends and fellow hunters to find prime spots to stalk a big old whitetail buck.

Help out a fellow hunter and perhaps the time spent will spark an idea of something else your business could do for your customers (for profit in this instance of course).

10| Enjoy the after hunt

I have always enjoyed the time I used to spend with the guys who used to hunt on my Uncle’s farm after we were done hunting for the day. We always seemed to gather around on the porch waiting for each other to get in. There were usually one or two beers downed as well as a little dirt kicked around. And of course everyone had to go into detail about their hunts. It’s amazing how hunters like to tell their stories from the day’s hunt.

I think the details from the hunting stories are a result of the passion hunters have for hunting. The same is true about you and your business.

Sometimes we just have to rediscover that inspiration by taking a little time after a day’s work to discuss the business with family or friends.

Bonus | Bring a notepad

This year I began doing something new in the woods – I’m taking a notepad with me on each hunt. I kept finding myself having some great thoughts and business ideas out in the woods that I finally broke down and spent $1.50 on a pen and note cards. Now I am writing down my thoughts out in the woods. Sure, not all of them seem as brilliant once I get home, but my mind seems to be working on overtime knowing I have the note cards.

Plus when the creative juices are flowing – good things seem to happen.

Can you think of other ways to find inspiration while hunting?

Please share in the comments.

image credit: Hryck.

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10 Remarkable Hunting Business Blogs

The number one thing that makes a hunting business blog remarkable is – Visitor Engagement

Duck Hunt

Business owners, marketers, and managers are realizing the impact of maintaining a corporate blog on their Website to complement their businesses.

Blogs have many benefits including better segmenting and individual targeting through analytics, opportunities to link to products and content pages within your site, etc. However, the most important benefit a blog for your business offers a more valuable connection between your customers and your business.

Today, consumers are looking for more meaningful relationships with the companies with which they purchase their necessities and little extras from.

Let’s take a look at some of the best hunting business blogs. Hopefully these examples will provide some inspiration for your own hunting business blog.

1| Bowhunting.com

Bowhunting.com Blog

Website: Bowhunting.com

Blog: Bowhunting.com Blog

Twitter: @Bowhunting1

Today the Bowhunting.com Blog became my favorite hunting business blog on the Web (at present).

Their team sent out a great email that included info on a great hunt by the owner Todd Graf. The email included the normal offers for great bow hunting gear along with a promo code to use on the site. They’re also offering a free DVD with 16 bow hunts to any customer that makes a purchase for the next few months.

But what made the email really stand out in my inbox today was the subject line, photography, and lede into the story of the 192” monster whitetail. (See My Favorite Post)

Let’s dive deeper into the Bowhunting.com blog as well as the business…


Bowhunting.com has a team of experts that write remarkable blog posts covering all of the angles that bow hunters care about. The team at Bowhunting.com includes folks that are experienced at both cutting edge online media and connection as well as at their passion – bow hunting.

There are always great photos, videos, and commentary in every post and all the posts always seem to cover the most relevant topics for bow hunters.

If you are a bow hunter and want to learn more about how to harvest your own monster buck this season, head over to the Bowhunting.com Blog.


Bowhunting.com takes a unique approach to the online business world by successfully blending their bow hunting knowledge expertise with their merchandizing and retailing expertise. It kind of reminds me of what the expert team at 37 Signals discusses on what chefs do…

For more, see: What’s Your Cookbook?

Chefs teach their followers how to cook. They give away recipes with their TV shows and online blogs and other forms of media. Once the chef builds up a level of trust with his or her audience, they are able to successful sell cooking related products and services to their followers.

Bowhunting.com has successfully created trust by becoming one of the top bow hunting resources in the world. Their team has built up a trust and is now providing products and services to their followers based on this trust.

It’s a win-win situation.

For your entire bow hunting needs, check out the Bowhunting.com Store

My Favorite Post

Huge Monster Buck 192”: A Two Year Adventure

(Actually found in the Bowhunting.com Gallery under Videos)

Bowhunting.com Owner Todd Graf relives the chase for the monster buck he first started hunting back in 2007! This buck is surely a must see!

Watch the video!

2| Hunting Life

Hunting Life Blog

Website: HuntingLife.com

Blog: HuntingLife.com/Blog

Twitter: @HuntingLife

Hunting Life is a great resource for hunters and conservationists. They are a leader on the Web in providing resources and information on many types of hunting and many ways individuals can get involved in conservation around the world.


The Hunting Life Blog is a great resource for up-to-the-minute information on the latest occurrences in the world that affect hunters and conservationists. Kevin Paulson and his team of experts work hard to provide only the best information for their followers and subscribers. The team at Hunting Life post regularly and the content is always top notch.

The concept of the Hunting Life Blog is simple – provide information that hunters and conservationists value and provide it so they can make the world better for hunting – today and for future generations.


Hunting Life is becoming one of the best resources for sponsoring quality hunting and outdoor products and services.

Hunting Life offers a quality directory of hunting and fishing outfitters including Dry Creek Goose Camp. Along with the directory, the team at Hunting Life allows hunting businesses to sponsor their site and their podcasts, including the upcoming Hunting Life Show. (For more on sponsorships, see Sponsorship Case Study – Team Huntress)

With their proven dedication over many years, the team at Hunting Life will surely be successful in the future.

My Favorite Post

Back to the Basics by Mitch Strobl

In today’s hunting world, it is easy to get caught up in the “new and improved” equipment that will get you that big buck of the lifetime. Sure all of this stuff is great, and chances are if you use it correctly, it will be to your advantage in the woods. A few specific items that have taken over the industry are scent control clothing and accessories.

Read the entire post…

3| Field & Stream – Whitetail 365

Field and Stream Blog

Website: FieldandStream.com

Blog: FieldandStream.com/blogs/whitetail-365

Twitter: @FieldandStream

Field & Stream has long been one of my favorite hunting magazines. Recently I took a short vacation to Seattle and my reading material on the 3 hour flight was the latest Field & Stream that included articles on how to hunt the upcoming whitetail rut.

To complement their print magazine, Field & Stream has created one of the better hunting resource Websites available for hunters. They also have a successful email newsletter that provides weekly updates to their blog posts and photo galleries.

Let’s take a look at a few more details…


Scott Bestul is one of the best hunting writers on the Web. I particularly favor his blog because I’m a whitetail fanatic. Bestul provides regular commentary on all things related to whitetail hunting. He posts videos, photos, and interesting stories from all around the whitetail world.


Field & Stream is one of the oldest outdoor magazines in the US. They’ve been around for so many years because they continually provide the best content. Hunters and anglers look for the best how-to resources and stories year-round to whet their appetites.

Field & Stream will continue their multi-channel success of subscriptions and sponsorships as long as they continue providing the best content for hunters and anglers. I have no doubt they will.

PS – They’ve also recently branched out into retail and manufacturing.

See Field & Stream Brand

My Favorite Post

Every Followed a Buck for Multiple Seasons?

For many of us, the day we kill a buck marks the very first time we’ve ever seen him. I have waged a few campaigns against individual deer that lasted the better part of one season, and were sometimes marked by multiple encounters.

Read the entire post…

4| Realtree – Blanton’s Blog

Blanton's Blog

Website: Realtree.com

Blog: Realtree.com/Blanton

David Blanton has been one of my favorite hunters to watch on TV over the years. I’ve enjoyed his honest approach to educating hunters, especially younger hunters, on the ways of the woods. He hasn’t always been the most accurate shot (I remember him missing nice bucks many times), but he’s always honest in his assessment of situations and it’s easy to get caught up in his passion for whitetails and other game.

Let’s take a look at his blog and the company he represents…


David Blanton writes about all of the things he does in his life that relate to hunting…and that’s quite a bit. He regularly posts, which is always nice for building faithful readers. Blanton includes a nice mix of video in his blogging, which provides a nice change of pace for visitors to his blog. The video is also one of his specialties from his many hunting videos. Blanton also adds a personal touch to his posts that allow readers to connect. This is a strong quality that some bloggers can miss.


Realtree is a well-known business in the hunting industry. For many years the company has been a leader in providing the best camouflage apparel and accessories for hunters. I have owned many items that were cast in Realtree camo so as to hide me from wily bucks. By using blogs to complement their business along with their other social media activity, Realtree has been a leader in media on the Web and for this reason they continue to have one of the strongest followings and trusting client-base in the industry today.

My Favorite Post

His Last Turkey – In Honor of Kyle McFeely

During the first weekend of August I was working at the Cabela’s in Wheeling, WVA laughing and having and big time with a bunch of awesome hunters and thanking everyone for their support of Realtree. It was a great time and I was very honored to meet many wonderful people. But no one influenced me more than Steve and Sally McFeely of Grove City, PA.

Read the rest…

5| Peterson’s Bowhunting

Stuck in the Rut

Website: Peterson’s Bowhunting

Blog: Stuck in the Rut

Peterson’s is another hunting magazine that has been around for a long time. They continually provide some of the best how-to content for hunters of all kinds.

I’ve always favored bow hunting so I always seem to pick up the latest copy of Peterson’s Bowhunting each season. I usually look for info from the experts on how to get close to a big buck. Lots of the info included in the pages of Peterson’s has helped me actually have success over my hunting years.

Let’s take a look at a few details of their blog and business…


I like Stuck in the Rut for its focus on the content. There is not a lot of distractions as the blog uses lots of white space to offset the main stories, articles, and posts. For most blogs, the content should always be the most important element on the page and Peterson’s does a great job of this.

Beyond design, Stuck in the Rut provides great commentary, just like the print magazine and Website, for hunters looking to learn more about how to hunt. By continuing to fulfill the needs of hunters, Peterson’s has successfully moved into the blogging world from their reign over the print world.


Peterson’s has long been a leader in the hunting magazine industry. With their move into Websites, blogs, and social media, they have successfully found a way to increase their subscriber base and sponsorship opportunity. Customers in the new economy are going to look for companies they can trust. Peterson’s has a strong trust built up with its followers and they can leverage this trust to entice quality companies to sponsor their online material for the benefit of customers.

My Favorite Post

Colorado P&Y Taken from the Ground

I over slept Sunday morning and was darn lucky that I didn’t get a speeding ticket on the way to my Eastern Colorado hunting area.  I like to be in my stand by nautical twilight (when the center of the sun is geometrically 12 degrees below the horizon and general outlines of ground objects begin to be distinguishable). Today though, the sun was rising as I franticly donned my gear on the tailgate of my truck.

Read the entire post…

6| Buckmasters

Buck Bloggers

Website: Buckmasters.com

Blog: Buck Bloggers

7| Deer and Deer Hunting

The Rub Line

Website: DeerandDeerHunting.com

Blog: The Rub Line

8| Realtree – T-Bone’s Blog

T Bone's Blog

Website: Realtree.com

Blog: Realtree.com/TBone

9| Schnee’s

Schnee's Blog

Website: Schnees.com

Blog: Schnee’s Blog

10| Native Hunt

Native Hunt Blog

Website: NativeHunt.com

Blog: NativeHuntBlog.com

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

image credit: thelastminute

Dayne’s Top 15 Favorite Posts

My favorite 15 posts.


I enjoy writing all of the posts on this blog, but a few stand out as my favorites.

This list will change over time and I’ll keep updating as my feelings change.

1. What is the Point of Twitter?

I like this post because I felt the post was in response to an important question people have about Twitter (and social media in general). I hope I was able to answer the question.

2. A Hunting Business’s Most Valuable Resource on the Web

You’ll have to click through to see what the answer is…

3. Reviews of Remarkable Hunting Blog Posts

This was the most rewarding series of posts I’ve written to this point. I was able to read some wonderful blog posts and connect with some great outdoor bloggers.

4. The Jon Bon Jovi Guide to Making it Big on the Web

I feel like this analogy came out pretty good. Plus this post brings in huge search traffic. People love Bon Jovi.

5. A Story of Focus: My Rubik’s Cube Weekend

The weekend I conquered the Rubik’s Cube was both frustrating and satisfying.

6. 50 Inspirational Images to Inspire Blog Titles

I love looking at images on Flickr and sharing them via Creative Commons. These photos inspired some ideas for possible blog post titles.

7. Write Better Blog Headlines: Tonight at 6

One of the tricky things about writing blog posts is coming up with a good title. Looking at your local news may be a way to spur some ideas.

8. 7 People You Need to Know for Web Success

#7 is my favorite and one that I think is most important.

9. Successful People Have Unique Style

I like this post because it uses another one of my passions – golf – to make the point that successful people (no matter what the field or industry) are successful because they have style that is uniquely there own.

There is no doubt Lee Trevino fits into this category.

10. How to Find Secret Tips from the Web Pros

It’s always fun to know how to get tips from the experts

11. Essential Hunting Industry Stats, Resources, and Information

People seem to love this post because it aggregates a lot of info about the hunting industry.

12. Paid vs. Natural Traffic: It’s like Baiting vs. Funnel Hunting for Deer – Part 1

This is one of the earliest posts I wrote. Chris Brogan made a comment and the traffic came rolling in.

13. 10 Online Resources for Hunting Businesses

Some good resources for your hunting business.

14. Effectively Using Keywords in Your Blog Titles

Keywords are important not only in your copy, but also for your blog titles.

15. The Small Town Businessman Approach to the Web

I like this one because it’s about my Grandpa.

8 Little Details That Make Big Differences on Hunting Websites

Little details can make your site stand out

Little Puppy Big Heart

image credit: Squirrel Cottage

There is so much noise on the Web that it’s difficult to get your Website and content noticed. I remember just a year or two ago there were only a few basic hunting Websites that offered things such as photos, forums, and a few had blogs.

Today, there are more hunting social networking sites than a person can count.

This is just one example of how hunting Websites have grown in number over the past few years. Hunting e-commerce sites and hunting business informational sites have grown in numbers as well.

This development is good for hunters who use the Web. When there is more competition, hunters have the opportunity to choose the best sites based on which content creator is providing the best content. It’s often the site that offers the simplest navigation and features that wins the most attention from Hunters.

For your site, you not only have to create remarkable content, you have to create remarkable content on a Website platform that is easy to use. This is where it’s good to have a new web user to run through your content.

Today, hunting site owners including hunting businesses are creating sites that offer more features for connection with customers and potential customers.

There is a lot of segmenting in business, but I believe all businesses ultimately work hard to get to the individual level with every one of their customers.

I believe the advancements with hunting business Websites is only helping to improve the connections between hunting businesses and customers.

To stand out from the noise on the Web and make these deeper connections with your customers you’ll have to pay attention to the little details that can set you apart and make you visible to current and potential customers.

The way you can stand out to the hunters on your Web is to pay attention to the little details that only you can provide.

To better understand what I mean by this I thought I’d discuss 8 examples of my personal favorite little details that hunting business content creators are doing with their sites.

Hopefully you can take a few tips from these examples and come up with your own unique little details that will make your site and your hunting business stand out to the hunters on the Web.

Let’s take a look…

Base Camp Legends

Website: Base Camp Legends

Little Detail: Off Trail Video Series

Base Camp Legends

Tom (@TSorenson) over at Base Camp Legends has done a great job with his Off Trail Series. It’s a dream for a lot of hunters to have their own hunting TV shows, but most simply leave it alone at the dream stage. Today with the Web it’s easier to share your hunting show with the world – you don’t need to have your show on TV to get noticed.

What makes the Off Trail Series a little detail that makes Base Camp Legends stand out is the fact that the quality of the videos are great, the unique voice that Tom and his friends bring to their hunts and interviews are easy for hunters to connect with, and it’s easy to appreciate the amount of work Tom puts into creating the videos.

This last fact (Tom’s hard work) is something that really stands out from other hunting sites.

If you can find something you enjoy doing and you use your limited time to put all of your effort into making it great, you and your site will stand out from the rest of the noise on the Web.

People recognize hard work and if you’re working hard for the benefit of hunters they’ll take notice and connect with you and with your business on your site.


Website: MyOutdoorTV.com

Little Detail: Live Eagle Cam

My Outdoor TV

My Outdoor TV (@MyOutdoor TV) has tons of great video content, but with the Eagle Cam they have created something unique and exciting – plus the Eagle Cam gets about as simple as possible for people to use – all you have to do is go to the page and watch the video.

This is an example of how you can present your remarkable content so it’s easy for your visitors to use. Also, My Outdoor TV uses their Website space to advertise the deeper content throughout their site. I noticed the Eagle Cam in an ad space on their home page.

They also do a great job of driving their visitors deeper into their video content with the “More videos…” suggestions.

So if you have unique content (including video or image) try making it simple to use and make sure there is a way for visitors to share the site across social media platforms.

Make your content easy to digest and share and you’ll find your visitors using your site more than other more complicated sites.

Outdoors International

Website: GotHunts.com

Little Detail: Discounted Trips

Outdoors International

Cory (@gothunts) has a great Website and service with Outdoors International.

His is certainly not the first site to work as a directory for guided hunts, but Cory’s Outdoors International is easy to use and offers great hunts for hunters looking for once-in-a-lifetime hunts. This is why his site is popular with hunters.

The little detail that makes Outdoors International stand out is the Discounted Trips section.

I know Cory puts up hunting trips that come available at discounted prices. I think if a hunter drops out and the outfitter needs a spot they’ll offer the hunt at a lower price.

This is a unique service and hunters looking to save money on great hunting trips find it extremely valuable.

This type of service makes Outdoors International stand out from not only other outfitter and guided hunts directories but from all hunting service sites.

Native Hunt

Website: Native Hunt

Little Detail: Hunt of the Month

Native Hunt

T. Michael at Native Hunt has a great Website to showcase his hunting business.

One of the best ways to connect with your customers is to highlight their remarkable achievements. With the Hunt of the Month Series on Native Hunt, T. Michael highlights the success of the hunters who visit his property.

When you can highlight your customers or other businesses you are not only telling a great story for readers and potential customers, you’re furthering your connection with the customer you’re highlight as well as making them feel like they are vested in the success of your company.

Paying attention to a little detail like highlighting the success of your customers and focusing entirely on their accomplishments can go far for making your hunting business Website stand out amongst the competition.


Website: Bowhunting.com

Little Detail: Bowhunting Knowledge

Bowhunting Blog

When you’re the best of the best in your passion, you have a wealth of knowledge that your readers and potential customers thirst for.

The staff at Bowhunting.com are geniuses when it comes to everything bow hunting. And they are kind enough to package their knowledge into digestible articles, posts, and guides.

One of the great things about blogs and other types of content today is the willingness of individuals to share their knowledge with things like articles, videos, etc.

The more you can give people the more they will give you in return – including business.

Be willing to share your knowledge with your audience and you might be surprised at the connections you make as well as the new business you’ll generate.

Muskoka Outdoors

Website: Muskoka Outdoors

Little Detail: Opinion Articles

Muskoka Outdoors Opinion Articles

One of the things that I think gets lost today is our willingness to share our opinions.

The truth is that people love opinion and subjective thought. People love when facts are interpreted by others. Even when we don’t agree with something a person or business might say it’s better to provide your views on the topics that are relevant to your business and to your customers.

By sharing your opinions and thoughts you’re putting your beliefs on display and you’ll attract people who share similar worldviews. This is how you build a sustainable following.

Of course you do have to be smart and make sure you have an open mind concerning certain topics.

On Muskoka Outdoors (@muskokaoutdoors), the writers do an excellent job of providing their opinions for people to read and interpret. It’s a valuable resource for hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusists.

Don’t be afraid to share your insight and opinions with your readers and customers. It’s a way to build stronger connections.

Hunting Life

Website: Hunting Life

Little Detail: Product Reviews

Hunting Life Reviews

At Hunting Life (@HuntingLife), the staff is very knowledgeable about hunting products, outfitters, and other hunting services. Their input and reviews are very useful for hunters who are looking for feedback and insight into products and services.

When hunters are going through the buying process they go through a discovery process and then a research process to make sure they are making the correct decision.

This is where trusted product reviews are extremely valuable.

When trusted experts like the team at Hunting Life are willing to share their experiences with hunting products and services it’s a way to form trusting relationships and connections with the hunting audience.

Take a cue from the team at Hunting Life and share your valuable knowledge with your audience. Your readers will appreciate your honest insight and see you as the expert you are in your area of the hunting world.


The Web is all about connecting with others who share the same passions. It’s about learning from others and sharing your knowledge with those who seek your expertise.

It’s difficult to stand out from all of the noise in the online world, but if you can focus on the little details that make you and your hunting business unique you may just hit home with your target audience.

Do the little things well and create something that only you and your business are known for on the Web. It’s a way for you to successfully gain a strong following on the Web.

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The George Strait Guide to a Lifelong, Fulfilling, and Successful Career

Do you love what you do every day?

King George Strait

image credit: PinkMoose

If you’ve read one or two posts on this blog before you have probably figured out that I am a big country music fan.

I often compare the careers of country music singers and songs to the marketing of hunting businesses. This may seem odd, but if you look past the obvious there can be some real intriguing things to learn from country music as it relates to the marketing of your hunting business.

Here are a few of the posts I’ve written before that draw from the influence of country music:

The George Jones Successful Career Guide

The Merle Haggard Guide to Everlasting Success

10 Country Song Lyrics to Inspire Your Hunting Business

The Best Country Songs You’ve Never Heard – A Lesson in Marketing

Remarkable Country Songs That Stand Out In My Hunting Memory

Now, let’s discuss the career of King George…the one and only George Strait.

Why I like George Strait

I’m sure the first George Strait song I heard was not Amarillo By Morning, but it is definitely the first George Strait song that I remember as being impactful on my life.

I’m not even sure why this song stands out in my memory.

Maybe it’s the smooth singing. Maybe it’s the wailing fiddle. Maybe it’s the melancholy tone.

I’m not, nor have I ever been a rodeo cowboy (I went to a rodeo once in Cody, Wyoming and it was awesome). I’ve never lived life on the road. I’ve never been to Amarillo.

After all of these years of turning up the radio every time I hear this song play in my truck, office, or jukebox, I think I’ve finally realized why it’s been one of my favorites – Truth.


When George Strait sings I believe in what he’s doing.

George Strait is a rodeo cowboy (team roping), he lives life on a ranch (probably a pretty big ranch), and he still puts on his Wranglers and a classic shirt whether he’s in the public eye or living his normal life (I’m only assuming this of course. Who knows…maybe he likes wearing gray pinstripe suits.).

When George Strait sings about making the next stop in Cheyenne, living in the heartland, or about one of the smoothest pick-up lines ever, I believe him.

George Strait sings about things he knows. He sings about what he is passionate about. He molds the simple things in life that he loves doing (or wishes he did) with his passion for singing.

The only way to truly find happiness in life is to find the things you love doing the most and find a way to earn a living doing them or find a way to make time to enjoy them with the people you love most.


I often discuss the importance of making connections on the Web.

Connections are what make live worth living. We connect with people throughout our day – online and offline. We’re always meeting new people and reconnecting with people we haven’t seen for years.

Have you ever thought about the best connections you’ve made throughout your life?

I’m thinking about it right now and I’ve always been drawn to passionate people.

It doesn’t matter what the passion is…I’m drawn simply to people who are passionate about what they enjoy doing and how they live their life.

George Strait is passionate about his music. He’s passionate about living a cowboy lifestyle. He connects with people who recognize his passion through his music. The songs he sings exude passion. His voice and the words he sings are powerful enough to create lasting memories for his listeners.

This is a powerful gift and one that we can all achieve.

You just have to recognize your passion and live your life with just as much enthusiasm – you’ll find people wanting to connect with you as they’re drawn to you through your passion.

George’s Career Path

The Early Days

I was a young troubadour/When I rode in on a song


George joined the Ace in the Hole band while working as a rancher in Texas. The band played the bars and honky tonks for a few years. They made connections in the Texas music network and eventually met the right person who put them in front of some people with pull from Nashville.

George and his band were eventually signed to a major label deal.

The band continued playing their shows and recording tunes until they stumbled on one or two the label thought they could put out as singles.

I’m not sure if this is how it works in the music industry (T. Michael, maybe you can help?), but I remember hearing about the rise of Randy Travis (Shoot, now I’ll have to write that post…) and how he was signed to a 3-single deal with a major label. Basically, the label would let Randy cut three songs and promote them as singles and if one or more hit then he would be able to make an entire album. Thankfully for all country music lovers, 1982 made the top ten and the re-release of On the Other Hand made it to number one and the resulting album was the classic Storms of Life.

Randy Travis Storms of Life

I’m not sure if George’s deal was similar, but the real lesson here is that George had to work hard in the early days just to have the opportunity to make his dream come true.


I’m a firm believer that we make our own opportunities, luck and circumstance in this life. Nobody is going to do the work for you and the world doesn’t stop turning if you take the easy way out through complacency.

The great thing about following your passion in life is you will have the drive to succeed no matter what it takes.

Just as George had to work during the early days of his career, you will have to maintain your ultimate vision while having doors continuously slammed in your face.

Nobody said it was easy. If success were easy then everybody would win.

But it’s not impossible and the trick is to find what you’re passionate about and the negativity won’t matter because if you truly love what you’re doing you won’t have a problem doing everything you can just for the opportunity to have a shot at achieving your dream.

And who knows…maybe you’ll become a huge success doing what you love just like George Strait.

I think you will.

Breakthrough Success (How to sustain)

I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona/And if you’ll buy that I’ll throw the golden gate in free


With George’s first single Unwound he and his Ace in the Hole band found success with a top ten country hit. Two more singles form his first album followed and with the first single from his second album Strait From the Heart, George and his band had their first number one song Fool Hearted Memory.

Strait CountryStrait From the Heart

The breakthrough may have come with that first single, but that was only one of the small breakthroughs George had during his career.

There was his first number one as I mentioned earlier. Then came his first album Ocean Front Property which sold millions of copies and took George from a singer with a few numbers ones to headliner.

Later there was the movie Pure Country and the Pure Country Soundtrack.

Pure Country kicked off the nineties for George, which saw more number one hits and The George Strait Music Festival.

By this time George’s level of success was unmatched.


The lesson you can take from George Strait’s success is his ability to continually work for breakthrough moments.

As you work to achieve success with your hunting business you will have many failures followed by a few successes.

It’s easy to think that once you reach a successful breakthrough moment that you have made it or you’ve gone as far as you can.

This is the point of complacency that kills most businesses.

There are two ways to go when you reach your first breakthrough – you can sit back and be satisfied with your breakthrough and tell your grandkids about how you made it with your business one day or you can take the breakthrough as encouragement and use that to drive you for even more success.

Your business is a continuous work in progress.

You have to continually work to build your customer base while continuing to make changes seem familiar to your existing customers.

A career doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes a lifetime to build a sustained career and I’m not sure if it every truly stops.

Each time you achieve success or reach a goal, set new goals and new dreams.

Slowly build your business and never lose your passion for growth and success.

Summary – Lessons to Use for Your Hunting Business

Ask any new or emerging country music artists whose career they would most like to mimic and you’re likely to hear one name over and over – George Strait.

George Strait Troubadour

Why do so many new artists envy George’s career? It’s because he’s been successful for such a long time.

And we’re not talking about a good run for 5 or even 10 years…we’re talking about 3 decades plus of solid, chart-topping singles and albums.

George Strait is as relevant today as he ever was. He’s maintained his faithful audience over the years and he’s grown his following as new listeners (like me) have found his music (new and old).

George has worked hard his entire career to continually find his breakthrough moments. He’s still having them today and I don’t think he’ll ever stop finding them.

If you can learn one thing from George’s lifelong, fulfilling, and successful career, it should be his ability to never get complacent while continuously working for the next breakthrough.

If you have any breakthrough moments you’d like to share please feel free to leave a comment.

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50 Inspiring Flickr Pictures/Photos for Hunting Businesses

Do you know the great thing about photos?

They open up our emotions.

Child Jumping

image credit: Tigr

I love cruising through Flickr and checking out the unique photos. Everybody has their own perspective on life.

We all don’t excel at writing or speaking or showing.

Some of us express our feelings with photography.

I guess I’ve always enjoyed looking at other peoples’ photos because of the emotions they make me feel.

For now, let us focus on one specific emotion:


Here is a collection of photos that inspire me while I’m writing and working.

I hope you like them.

I’ll put my own little thoughts/titles for each photo. Not meant to take away from the photographers’ original intent for the photo.

Where are you going?

image credit: fdecomite

Which way are you headed? Up or down?

image credit: dan taylor

Shine a Light

image credit: net efekt

Early Start on Success

image credit: Vasile Tomoiagă

Slow, quiet and steady

image credit: livegym-showtime

Stand Above

image credit: Vik Nanda


image credit: newagecrap

Quiet Confidence

image credit: newagecrap

Survey the Situation

image credit: photofarmer

Putting in Long Hours

Woodchuck in a Tree

image credit: ~Sage~

You’re Not Alone

image credit: snappybex

The World is Mine

image credit: allyaubry

Dance Anyway

image credit: Noël Zia Lee

Go For It

image credit: danperry.com

Shine Through

image credit: chefranden

An Accomplished Day

image credit: Jpeg Jedi

Better With Age

image credit: Jpeg Jedi

Comforting Shade

image credit: sugarwawa

Bright in the Dull Winter

image credit: newagecrap

Tasty Treat

image credit: Jan Tik

Ready to Conquer

image credit: FreeWine


image credit: mudpig

Roll On

image credit: Rhys Jones Photography

Just Awesome

image credit: Wolfgang Staudt

Early Morning Work

image credit: RonAlmog

“Lt. Dan got me invested in some kind of fruit company”

image credit: RonAlmog

Special Note: This feather photo reminded me of Forrest Gump. It’s one of my favorite movies. I take away the message that no matter what your circumstances are, you can succeed beyond your own dreams.

One More to Cross

image credit: the_repairman


image credit: tylerc083

Still Daylight – Work to be Done

image credit: Tom T

Dream Office

image credit: Martin Ehrensvärd

Steady Work

image credit: tinyfroglet

The Sneak

image credit: BobMacInnes


image credit: BobMacInnes

After a Great Night of Work

image credit: Hamed Saber

Some Dark Moments

image credit: Hamed Saber

The Day Begins

image credit: Hamed Masoumi

The End of the Day

image credit: Jayhel Aheram

Snow Covered

image credit: N_Creatures


image credit: Hamed Saber

Something Good is Brewing

image credit: Mfour

Dream Office View

image credit: PhillipC

Far Away

image credit: upyernoz


image credit: Neosnaps

Beautiful Countryside

image credit: Fantaz

Good Times

image credit: calicorocklibrary

Deep Thought

image credit: frozenchipmunk

Good Work

image credit: Andrea…


image credit: EMillerPhotography


image credit: fly again

Time to Get Back to Work

image credit: mpclemens

So those are 50 photos that inspire me.

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Do you have inspiring photos you’d like to share?