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Awhile ago I wrote about the impact of video for the hunting industry.

Young Mule Deer

Mule Deer image courtesy of greg westfall.

Hunting season is here in most parts of the country and that means hunting shows are back in full swing for the fall schedules. Last season’s hunts are being showcased on ESPN, The Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Versus, and others as well. I don’t know about you but my blood gets moving when I turn on the TV early on a Saturday morning and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while watching giant whitetails being pursued by the best in the business.

Something that’s been interesting this season as well as been my own awareness of online hunting video shows. I’ve been watching a lot more quality hunting videos this fall than I can ever remember.

I thought we could look at a few reasons why hunting video has seemed to take a big step forward recently…

Hunting Videos

Quality Videos

The production level of hunting videos is really stepping up lately. Online hunting shows are being filmed in HD. The editing is becoming top notch. The hosts of the shows are paying attention to details like music, opening monologues, and narrating. Some of the best shows are evening taking unique approaches to their videos by including unique scenes like preseason planting, sharing terrain strategies, and showing footage from the summer of a buck that is harvested in the fall.

Raw, Uncut Feel

While the production quality has stepped up there are still great online hunting videos that take a more uncut approach. With online video there are fewer restrictions on the type of camerawork and nature of the hunt. Blood trails, impact shots, and other natural hunting occurrences are OK in the online world where they haven’t been in the TV world.


The trend for typical hunting shows has always been to show last season’s hunts this year. So there is a full year of waiting to see what is happening with the best hunters in the world. With online hunting videos there is a more immediate timing. Hunters are showcasing this season’s hunts as they happen. It’s awesome to see video of a hunt up only a few weeks or even a few days after the deer was harvested.

Every Day Hunters

My favorite thing about online hunting videos is the fact that most today seem to be created by every day hunters. It’s nice to see every day guys hunting land I’m familiar with, working hard, and seeing their work pay off with a nice buck.


I have nothing against Texas but not being from makes it difficult to watch most hunting shows on ESPN showing hunters harvesting deer there. The terrain is different than I’m used to here in Wisconsin. With online video I’m able to find the shows that highlight the type of landscapes I’m used to. It’s enjoyable and more useful for me as a hunter.

Suggestions for Improvement

While online hunting video has taken a big step forward there is always room for improvement.

I like when I’m able to embed hunting videos. Offering viewers the option allows bloggers to share videos on their sites while expanding the audience of the show.

A few things could be done to improve the SEO a bit like title tags, video tags, and a little content, but for the most part these next few sites do an amazing job with their sites and videos.

These guys are top notch hunters, videographers, and site editors.


These guys are probably my favorite group of hunters online. They make great videos. They maintain a great blog and they sell awesome merchandise.

They’ve been putting videos online for a couple years now and the quality seems to improve each year. They’re doing great things.

Food Plot’s and Velvet from on Vimeo.

Video: Deer Hunting Food Plots and Velvet Whitetails

Heartland Bowhunter

Visit: Heartland Bowhunter

I just realized these guys existed this season and I’ve been trying to catch up on the videos they have on their site. Lots of great stuff with plenty of enjoyable footage.

HBTV Season 3 – Episode 2 “Velvet Res Tag” from MAMMOTH on Vimeo.

Video: Velvet Res Tag (you’ll have to select it from the list below)

Midwest Whitetail

Visit: Midwest Whitetail

I’m still catching up on all the Wisconsin action. One of my favorites is from this year. Tons of great footage with quality editing and music. These videos really get me excited to hit the woods.

Plus it’s great to hear that amazing Wisconsin accent on a hunting video.

Video: Giant Badger Bucks


A big tip of the hat to Mark at Wired to Hunt. I follow him on Twitter (@wiredtohunt) and he’s always sharing the latest videos from the best websites.

It’s also great to see these shows taking on some great sponsors. The more support these hunters get the better quality video for us hunters to watch.

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