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It’s the number one question for Website owners and managers

Long Exposure Traffic

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Part of the process for Comment and Receive a Copy of Hunting Business Marketing | The Book was to leave your frustration in the comments. The comments you left were great and I think we’re going to get some great blog posts as a result.

First, a big thanks to those who commented:

Ben G of Ben G Outdoors

JoAnna Zurinsky of My Bullet Points

Marc Reindell of Wildlife Callers

Scott Solar of Shotgunner.la

Willie of Outdoor Freaks

Native of Native Hunt (HBM Member)

Terri Lee of Camp Wild Girls

Rudy Hassall of Winded Bowhunter

There were two themes concerning frustrations in the comments:

1| Increase traffic, gain more followers, gain more subscribers, etc

2| Making money with a blog or Website

Let’s address these two frustrations with a two-part series starting with increasing traffic.

Stay tuned for the follow up…

Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

This is definitely the most asked question of any business owner looking to expand their Web presence. Getting traffic (and quality traffic) to your Website is something that will drive revenue for your business and expand your Web presence, which means connections that can turn into long-term business partnerships.

My view for getting traffic has been that there are generally two ways for most Websites and businesses to acquire visitors:

1| Save time and pay with money

2| Save money and pay with time

The exceptions to these rules are the sites that find a way to really connect and capture the attention of a wide variety of Web users who become passionate about what the site is doing and promote it on their own simply through their passion.

Even those sites take a lot of time (and potentially money) to setup their success…and even then nothing is guaranteed.

It’s probably not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth. And it’s not a bad thing. There is a lot of opportunities to grow your site’s traffic. Some take lots of effort and time. Some take money. Some take little effort, little time, and no money.

Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to increase visitors (and quality visitors to your site)…

Before you start, check out the previous HBM articles tagged: Traffic

Spending Time

Depending on how much time you have to commit to your Web presence, there are lots of things that you can do today and continue doing for months and years that will grow your following.

Here is a list of a few of the ways:

Write Remarkable Content

It’s something that we all generally get tired of hearing, but sharing remarkable content is really what makes an impact on the Web. People on the Web like things that are interesting and make their lives more interesting or in other words they like things that make their lives more valuable – to them and to others in their lives. There’s a reason why Justin from @ShitMyDadSays (my apologies for the bad language) has over half a million followers on Twitter – his Dad says interesting things. It’s really that simple yet it’s really difficult to be interesting. But if you can be remarkable and interesting you’ll make an impact on the Web. Focus on what is interesting to your target visitors.

Comment on Other Blogs

One of the ways I’ve been able to generate some quality traffic is by commenting on other blogs. This can take some time as you learn what sites share your same target audience. It also takes time to actually read through hundreds of posts while you settle on just a few that will potentially be worth your time. Comment on those posts that have the most potential to return traffic to your site. Add value to the post you comment on – don’t waste their time.

For more see: How to Create Marketing Pull by Commenting on Other Blogs

Participate in Forums

Just like blog posting, participating in forums takes time, but can lead to lots of traffic for your Website. Just as with a blog, you get to leave your URL so those who find your comments in the forum interesting can find their way to your site by clicking on your username and finding your other remarkable content. It takes time, but it’s worth it if you target the correct forums.

For more see: How to Properly Use Forums

Internal Linking

One of the things that takes some time, but really is worth the time investment is internal linking. If you’ve been reading this post you’ve probably noticed that I’ve linked to a few posts as well as other areas on HBM. It’s not only a way to provide value to visitors by expanding on thoughts, but it increases page views and time spent on site per user.

External Linking

If you read the blog posts on HBM you’ll also notice that I link to at least three posts not on HBM. I also occasionally link to sites and posts throughout my own posts. This has been a great way to increase the traffic to my site for two reasons:

1| When you link to other blogs and sites the owner each particular blog and site often gets a notice of your link and they are often curious about who is linking to them. They check out your site and you have a potential reader

2| Most blogs have pingbacks or trackbacks. These blogs allow their readers to view who is linking to their post (it shows how popular their post is) and those readers have the option to click on your link. More traffic.

Link to posts that are relevant off your own site and start making valuable connections.

For more see: Make Every Post a Link Post

Guest Posting

New bloggers need to consider guest posting as a way to drive traffic. Most successful bloggers find their most growth as a result of guest posting. While it seems that you’d be giving away great content to other sites when you guest post, you’re actually borrowing the attention of other bloggers and interjecting your knowledge and interesting character to potential readers of your blog. Provide valuable content to other blogs and look to expand your audience.

For more see: Grow Your Followers like a Country Music Singer

Spending Money

Businesses that have sufficient budgets to gain quality traffic have many options for making an impact on the Web. Most programs on the Web that require payment can still stay within a smaller budget. The impact generally increases exponentially the more you are able to spend and reinvest as you gain sales.

Here are a few of the best ways to utilize your budget:

Ad Words

When it comes to advertising and getting quality return for your dollar, Google is always a good bet. Many businesses, in many areas of industry, have had success driving traffic and sales via Google AdWords. The program is very simple and has the biggest company and smartest individuals working to increase its effectiveness. You can spend as little or as much as you want.

Facebook Advertising

I’ve found success with Facebook Advertising. The technology has gotten more useful over time and I think they’re going in great directions with mining all of their immense user data. I found more success for driving traffic for a membership site similar to Facebook (free membership) than I have for driving sales or anything paid. Perhaps you will find more success.

For more see: How to Use Facebook Advertising (Subscribers Only – Join for $20)

StumbleUpon Advertising

I have never actually used StumbleUpon Advertising, but based on the success I’ve had with natural traffic via StumbleUpon (see below) I’m guessing it’s pretty impactful and beneficial. Check it out and let us know if you have success driving revenue and profit for your business.


There are many sites on the Web that are dedicated to driving traffic and driving sales for businesses that sell things via the Web. If you have something to sell, look into the technology available to develop an affiliate program (Commission Junction is one). It’s a good way to give up a little margin in return for more unit sales.

SEO Provider/Service

Sometimes paying to learn can be most beneficial for your specific business. It takes a certain person who is willing to take both the time and monetary investment to go out and participate in learning atmospheres. There are many SEO providers/services out there who will work for you to not only do your Paid Advertising and Natural Traffic for you, but they’ll teach you techniques that will benefit you in the long-term. Consider these as options if you’re willing to spend both time and money for long-term gain.


People are always looking for deals. If you have access to prizes, try a few contests as ways to get followers, sales, email addresses, etc.

Simple Changes

Some good news for you – there are things you can do to potentially increase your traffic right now that will potentially impact the number of people visiting your site, increase the time those individuals spend on your site, and increase the number of pages those individuals view per visit.

Here are a few of the simple things you can do now to increase your traffic:

Stumble Upon

One of the things I’ve had success with for one-off traffic is StumbleUpon. The traffic I’ve received from StumbleUpon has generally come fast once a page on the site has been stumbled and that traffic has lasted anywhere from about an hour up to about 24 hours. StumbleUpon and its users are very effective at choosing the best content on the Web per my observation. It’s generally my higher quality content that gets stumbled and also receives the most visits after being stumbled. I have also noticed that photos are something the users of StumbleUpon like to see. Almost all of the posts in the Flickr Creative Commons Series have had success with getting traffic via StumbleUpon.

For more details, please read: A Comprehensive Guide to StumbleUpon


I use Twitter as a way to drive contests, traffic to posts, and other things. I also use Twitter to share the content of others. I try to share others’ content more than my own so I’m not spamming too much. Twitter takes some time and effort, but the return I’ve seen in connections alone would be well worth the investment. The monetary return I’ve seen has been an added bonus.

Join Twitter and look to make connections by adding value any way you can.

Improve Your Titles

Titles are important to driving traffic to your blog and site. The Cosmo Headline Strategy is a great way to write remarkable and eye-catching titles for your posts. Usually, someone’s first introduction to your site is a title on a search engine result or a title on someone’s site. Consider the things that will entice people to click while remembering that the title still has to be truthful in what your post will provide.

Write Content that Visitors can Scan

Web users love to scan content. There is so much content on the Web that people need to scan most of it before they decide if they will read your arguments on topics. Use headlines, sections and call-outs to make your content easy for people to scan. If your write strong lists and strong headings you’ll get people to stop and pay attention.

For more see: 42 Marketing Lists from The Future Buzz

Highlight Others

One of the most successful ways I’ve been able to make connections on the Web and thus drive traffic has been highlighting the success of others. When you participate in social media like Twitter or when you’re writing content for a blog post, write about how amazing and remarkable others are. Write about the folks who may be wanting for some attention and who are looking to make connections. Feed their appetites and see your traffic increase as the conversation about you spreads.

For more see: Highlight Others

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Don’t Rock the Blog Title

Inspiration often strikes when you least expect

Record Jukebox

image credit Fimb

Alan Jackson is one of my all-time favorite singers and songwriters. With his music and words, he tells simple stories that pull all emotions out of listeners. Jackson tells stories of family, growing up, girls, appreciating the simple wonders in life, and all the struggles along the way that make us appreciate all the good.  After 20 years, 15 albums, 25 number one singles, and 50 million albums Alan Jackson is still playing for sold-out stadiums and recording hit music. Sometime in the late 1980s, Jackson came up with the title and main hook for one of his biggest hit singles, Don’t Rock the Jukebox.

I think it’s an apt comparison to look at the song writing process and the blog writing process. Writers for both communication mediums look for a content format, a voice, and a marketing effort to put their versions of life’s little stories into the minds of specific audiences.

I’m always fascinated by the stories behind the songs we learn to love. There always seems to be a unique story of inspiration behind the best songs. It’s usually something unexpected that occurs that sparks creativity in the songwriter and the magic takes over after that as the writer(s) format their inspiration into words and music that will connect with an audience looking for inspiration themselves.

Let’s take a look at how you can use the same technique for your blog writing…

Be Aware

In How to Write a Blog Post I discuss that it’s important to start with the title of a blog post when you set out to write a post for your audience. However, coming up with an inspiring title is often the most difficult part of writing a blog post even though it may seem like it would be the easiest.

In songwriting, it seems that some of the best songs titles or hooks, come out of single moments of inspiration – eureka moments. The idea for Don’t Rock the Jukebox came at an unexpected time for Alan Jackson, but he was able to recognize the clever lyric and put it to a good country melody.

Inspiration for your blog titles can come from any source and at any moment in time. Hanging out with friends, family or co-workers can potentially lead to some conversation that will result in a classic blog title. When you’re sitting in your tree stand watching the woodland critters runaround can spark a thought that can turn into your best blog post.

Opportunities for great blog titles happen each day in your life and the reason they often lead to the best blog posts are because your own experiences are often similar to those of your audience. And when you take a clever outlook on something that happens to you in your life it’s likely your audience will connect with your message.

Alan Jackson realized he had a clever hook with Don’t Rock the Jukebox. He also must have realized that he and his audience all shared the same outlook on music – Don’t rock the jukebox/I want to hear some Jones.

Be aware of your inspirational moments and write about your passions. This is how you’ll connect with your audience through blogging.

Let it flow

Sometimes the titles you come up with using this method of inspiration will tend to be a little strange or even on the edge of ridiculous. Don’t worry, let your supporting thoughts flow as your outline your blog post and fill in the body with content that builds on the idea you came up with when you wrote the blog title.

I think the writer’s at Copyblogger have a great knack for writing posts based on clever blog titles. Some of their titles border on ridiculous, but they know who their audience is (bloggers) and it’s for this reason that the titles usually make sense to readers while also standing out as interesting titles that readers can’t help but click on when browsing the Web for content.

I’m sure that when Alan Jackson sat down with his producer, Keith Stegall and co-writer Roger Murrah there were a few laughs shared as they thought about the clever hook they were basing a country song on. However, out of this writing session came a song that captured an emotion the audience shared and the writers and musicians were able to capture a mood that the audience wanted to hear repeatedly for many years.

When you come up with a great idea for a blog post let your imagination and creativity run. Let your thoughts flow as you get caught up in the moment of capturing inspiration with words. When artificial barriers don’t hinder your true feelings and emotions you’ll see that the points you express will connect with others who share your same worldviews and sentiments towards the topic of discussion.

Let your creativity flow as you take a seemingly ridiculous title and create a passionate blog post.


Coming up with clever, eye-catching, and relevant blog titles is no easy task.  Yet if you can learn a few tricks from writers, you can figure out ways to make sure you’re capturing all of the wonderful blog post ideas that happen around you each day.

Songwriters come up with clever song titles (or hooks) to songs at times when they least expect it, yet they’re always ready to at least jot down an idea so they can build on the idea later. Alan Jackson recognized a quality country song title with Don’t Rock the Jukebox at a moment he probably least expected. He kept the title in mind and later let the creativity flow as he sat down with his songwriting partners. The result was a catchy, classic country song that still finds relevance with audiences today.

Inspiration can strike at any moment when it comes to songwriting and blog titles. Will you be ready to capture the moment the next you’re sitting in front of your computer, hands on the keyboard when all of a sudden somebody bumps your hands and you say…

Don’t Rock the Blog Title


I wouldn’t leave you hanging without sharing a video of the story behind the great country song Don’t Rock the Jukebox on CMT.

Alan’s tale:

We were playing this little truck stop lounge in Virginia. I took a break and walked over to the jukebox and Roger, our bass player, was over there and one of the legs was broken off the jukebox and it was wobbling around and he looked over at me and said…

Don’t Rock the Jukebox on You Tube

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Effectively Using Keywords in Your Blog Titles

Blog titles are crucial to gaining attention on the Web

Eye Catching Red Flower in Violet Flowers

image credit: eyesplash Mikul

On my recent post Write Better Blog Headlines: Tonight at 6, there were some great comments. Rudy left a great comment for possible ways to expand on the post so I thought I’d do just that.

Here is Rudy’s comment (here are all comments on the post):


Good stuff and I agree with Albert comment. The sub-topic of this would be how to achieve this goal.

Maybe ask questions or provoke a conversation, for example. Then, another session could be on those “key” words to use in your headlines that draw readers!

Keep the info coming Dayne, I have almost reached saturation!


I’d like to run with the Rudy’s suggestion of finding “key” words:  both those that attract readers’ attention as well as those that will help your search traffic.

Before I get into keywords, here are a few posts I’ve written on the topic:

Hunting Outfitters and Guides: Get Valuable Traffic to Your Website

How to Start a Blog that will Grow Your Outfitting Business

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Small (or Big) Hunting Website

And here is a great post from Adam Singer on a related topic:

Findability, The Long Tail Of Search And Building Deep Interactions

Finding keywords that attract readers’ attention is important, as Rudy points out. There is a lot of noise on the Web and having attractive headlines is vital to gaining readers’ attention and driving them deep into your content.

If you want to see how important headlines are, check out Hunting.Alltop.com and observe all the headlines. Then look for the ones that stand out the most. It’s not easy to stand out when there are so many other great blog post titles.

It’s also important to find keywords that are relevant to the topic of your blog. This will help you slowing build a strong and reliable stream of traffic from search engines.

Let’s take a look at some ideas you can use for both sets of keywords for your own blog or Website.

Attention Grabbing “Key” Words

I have linked previously in the Related posts on the Web to two great posts on Copyblogger.com:

The Cosmo Headline Technique for Blogging Inspiration

The Hidden Key to Cosmo Headlines: Sex and the City?

The concept of the “Cosmo Headline” method is simply that Cosmo headlines are attention-grabbing and impactful. Think of how many times you’ve sat waiting in line at the grocery store. What magazine do your eyes gravitate to the most?

There is a good chance that you’re thinking of Cosmo or a related magazine (Guys, your buddies aren’t watching so it’s Ok to admit to yourself that it’s true – I had a hard time at first admitting it to myself).

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for blog posts or struggling to find a good title for your blog post, try visiting Cosmopolitan.com and scan the headlines for eye-catching material.

So why do these headlines stand out?

The Cosmo headlines are often written in list form, which readers love. The headlines cover topics that really stand out as important to just about every adult human on the planet. The headlines really show the benefit that will be gained if the reader continues reading the entire article or post.

Brian writes:  “They’re [Cosmo Headlines] all written by pros who make good money getting people to pick up periodicals and drop them in the grocery basket.”

If you’re looking for great headline and article ideas you might as well learn from the best in the publishing business. Don’t be afraid to use Cosmo headlines to craft your own posts.

Now, if you’re uncomfortable using Cosmo headlines (Hey, not all of us guys want Cosmo on our History), you can use MensHealth.com. The same concept applies and it’s not as awkward. I use Men’s Health for blog post ideas all the time and it seems to not only generate ideas for me to write about, but it also seems to generate the attention grabbing “key” words that Rudy referred to in his comment above.

Let’s check out the Guy Wisdom – List Section on MensHealth.com:

18 Things Grown Men Should Never Have

How easy could it be for a hunting retailer or hunting product manufacturer to turn this eye-catching headline into 18 Things a Hunter Should Never Have? That is an catchy headline that will draw in a lot of eyeballs for your blog if you can write a great list.

10 Things Children Teach Their Fathers

This is interesting because it flips the standard on its head, which is very eye-catching. Would you stop to check out the post 10 Hunting Tips Parents Can Learn From Their Kids?

The 20 All-Time Best Men’s Health Tips

How can you not stop to check out this post? Everybody is looking for the best of the best. If your blog has long-time readers they’d love to look back on the best of the best you have offered. If a new reader happens to glance at this headline they’ll be curious and a likely place to start when exploring a new site is the best you have to offer. Try writing The 20 All-Time Best [Your Hunting Blog Here] Tips.  I could use this myself a little more I think.

I could go on for awhile trying to list title ideas from using the Men’s Health lists, but I’m sure you could do a better job with them.

Take some time and try out this technique for eye-catching “key” words. I think it will help generate some great posts for you and your readers.

Keywords for Traffic

Finding keywords for your blog is important and for some reason also a little tricky.

As you start to accumulate blog content, you’ll start to see a slow gain in search traffic. You’ll see a lot of long-tail keywords (keyword phrases, questions, and some off topic phrases) generating traffic to your blog posts. Hopefully, you’ll also see some traffic from some general terms that really relate to your business.

As time has passed with this blog, I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting more and more traffic from terms and phrases that I target such as “hunting businesses”, “hunting blogs”, and “starting a hunting business”.

I’ve also noticed a lot of traffic from some unrelated terms such as “bon jovi” and “best country songs”. These keywords are some I didn’t intentionally set to target. They likely don’t generate long-term readers.

Some lessons I’ve learned from this include the importance of putting in some thought on what your blog and business are really about and remaining focused on writing blog posts strictly about those topics and related items.

It’s a fine line between writing about the same things all the time and trying to expand your blog post topics. The Bon Jovi post was a lot of fun to write, but I realize it might not have been great for search traffic or for gaining long-term readership.

I think it’s important to test new ideas and try new things for your blog posts. I won’t stop trying to reach readers in new and fun ways so you’ll probably see more Bon Jovi-type articles.

But I’ve also realized the importance of staying true to the focus of this blog Hunting Business Marketing.

For your own blog the basic concept to understand is to recognize what you, your hunting business, and your blog are all about. Think about the keywords, keyword phrases, and questions your readers search for on the Web and try to naturally write blog titles and posts about these topics.

Use tools like Google’s Keyword Tool and Wordtracker Labs Keyword Question Tool to see how much traffic your business-related terms are getting to see if there is enough interest to support your work.

Also continually watch your site or blog’s keyword trends and listen to what your readers are telling you.

Search and keywords aren’t difficult. You just have to focus on what your blog is really about and continually test and try new things to see what benefits your readers.

Keep your readers’ needs first and you’ll become a successful blogger over time.

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Hunting Blog Post Title Ideas Part 2

Note: In case you missed it, here is yesterday’s Hunting Blog Post Ideas Part 1.

Inspiration can come from anywhere

Idea Light Bulb

image credit: shuttermonkey

Let’s get into some more ideas…

Hunting Product/Service

John’s Archery Looking for Design Help from Archers

The Complete Story of The Whisker Biscuit

Customer Driven Design: The Cuddeback Camera

Join Me (CEO) at This Year’s Show

Camtrakker vs. Cuddeback: The Ultimate Battle

Take a Tour of Our Office

10 Tips to Help Your Bow Hunting Accuracy

Use Heavier Broad Heads for Close Range Bow Hunting

The Cinder Block Test: See a Broad Head Survive a Cinder Block

How My Son Gave Me The Idea for Genesis Bows

Pay Attention to Your Kids for Hunting Product Ideas (They See Practicality)

A Chance Meeting With Bill Jordan Changed My Thought Process

Why Traditional Archery Has a Place in the Future

Are Wooden Arrows More Effective Than Carbon?

100 Yard Shot With a Recurve

Hunting Retailer

Cabela’s Looks to Connect with Customers One at a Time

How Our Company Uses Twitter to Connect and Drive Retail Sales

For a Limited Time: Blog Subscriber Appreciation Promotion

Lessons Learned from Customers in Our Store

The Best Time to Shop for Hunting Supplies (From a retailer)

Tips on Utilizing our Sale Section (Website Clearance Pages)

No Secrets: Our Drive to Connect With Customers

Analysis of Two Hunting Shoppers from Last Season (And what you can learn)

Rethinking Retail: How We’re Different (Stories from customers not from the CEO)

Using Email to Connect With You

We Need Your Help Designing Our New Website Section

Local Stores to Help Local Communities

Help Us Decide Our Next Store Location

What You’re Saying About [Enter Company Name]

Tweetup to Be Held at Our Minnesota Location

For an example of a great non-hunting blog from a product/retail company see Levenger’s Well-Read Life.


These are just a few quick blot title ideas. I’m not sure if all of the topics are accurate. I just hope that reading through might spark some inspiration for your blog.

Best of luck with your new posts!

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Elite Double

Hunting Blog Post Title Ideas Part 1

Feel free to use or alter these ideas for your own posts

Light Bulb Goes On

image credit: aloshbennett

My previous post Write Better Blog Headlines: Tonight at 6 seemed to spark some interest and I liked thinking about actually hunting blog titles that could be interesting nighttime news headlines.

So I thought, why not come up with a bunch of blog title ideas (that could be headlines) and share them with you!

I’ve categorized the potential blog titles (because no matter what your hunting business is you can have a great blog) somewhat to specific areas of the hunting industry. Hopefully your area of expertise is hit on and the title ideas could be of some use or maybe they’ll create some ideas of your own.


Cougar Hunt of a Lifetime Available for 24-Hours Only

Manitoba Bear Hunt Open for Limited Time

Buffalo County Whitetail Buck Exclusive Offer

Local Hunter Takes Buck Known as “Garth”

Hunt of a Lifetime Blesses Johnson Creek Farms

The Story of “The Fuzz Buck”

65 Year-old Hunter Takes the Buck of a Lifetime

Three Arrows, Three Hunters, and One Buck…One Great Story

How I Got “Sleep-In ‘til Noon Buck” – A Guest Post

Montana Elk Bow Hunt Open for One Week Only (September 2009)

How to Prepare for Your First Guided Hunt

What All Hunters Forget to Pack on Guided Trips

I Screwed Up! How I Missed the Buck of a Lifetime

What I’ve Learned from 20 Years of Being an Outfitter

What I Learned From the Buck-less Year

Community/Social Network

Is Baiting Worth It?

Longtime Bow Hunter Discusses His First Experience on the Web

How My Broken Printer Taught Me a Lesson About Hunting

One Thing All Dads Teach Their Sons About Hunting

One Thing All Dads Teach Their Daughters About Hunting

One Thing all Moms Teach Their Sons About Hunting

One Thing All Moms Teach Their Daughters About Hunting

How My Grandma’s Cooking Taught Me About Turkey Hunting

I Fell Out of a Tree Stand and Survived

A Turkey Interfered With My Bow Hunting

My Thoughts on QDM

State Regulations and Why I Believe in Private Property

Why I Think Small Folks Make Good Hunters

My Truck Rolled, My Gun Jammed, and I got the Buck of a Lifetime

Everything I Need to Learn About Hunting I Learned When I was 4 Years Old

Stay tuned for the conclusion…

Write Better Blog Headlines: Tonight at 6

“Woman fears husband sleepwalked into river…tonight at 6.”

Rowing on the River at Sunrise

image credit: RonAlmog

If you watch your local television stations or listen to the local radio stations you’ve heard them before. Nighttime news headlines are some of the most effective in any industry.

Why do the local news providers have the ability to capture our attention and get us to tune in for their content broadcasts?

Let’s look at a few of the techniques local news stations use to get you to pay attention to their content.

I’ve taken a few headlines from my local news station WEAU as examples.



FDA says stop using Hydroxycut

Next Worry: Contaminated Spinach

Local news stations are great at using short snippets and headlines bursts throughout the day to create a sense of urgency among listeners. You could be driving home to work in the morning and hear a headline like the one above and instantly become curious as to the impact on your life or the life of someone you know.

You might hear the same 5 second headline throughout the day on the radio or on the TV during your lunch in the break room. By the time six o’clock rolls around you can’t wait to find out how this is going to affect you and those you know.

The news station has established the need for you to know information now so you won’t be affected by the content they are sharing. This is a powerful use of a headline.

Your Hunting Business

If you have a blog for your hunting business or if you are marketing new products and services, creating a sense of urgency can be a powerful way to gain the attention of your customers.

Are you releasing a new service or product that you know your customers need? Is there a last minute availability of a great outfitting adventure? (see Outdoors International for a great example) Are you running a sale that ends in 8 hours?

Let the urgency of your customers guide your headline writing if the content, product, or service warrants it. It’s a great way to gain attention.

Make sure you are focusing on the urgency of your customers and not your own urgency. There is a difference and it’s important to remember if you are going to use this strategy. Make sure you are adding value to your customers’ lives. Don’t waste their time because you have your own urgency. They won’t pay attention.

But if you put their needs first they’ll reward you and your business will succeed.

Just remember (and this applies to all of the techniques in this post) that your content, products, and services must meet the expectations your headlines create for your customers. Otherwise you’ll find your customers going somewhere else where they can be satisfied.

Side note: for more on the FDA, see the article Abolish the FDA.



Man dies in tractor rollover

Unfortunately, here in Wisconsin this is a curious, but not an uncommon occurrence. With a declining, but still a good number of dairy and other farms in the area, the farming season brings tragedies every year.

Even though the headline is not unfamiliar it still sparks curiosity in readers and listeners. People in this area will wonder “Do I know the farmer?” “How did it happen?” “What are the details?”

We’re human and tragedy is part of life unfortunately. We are drawn to curious stories like this.

Your Hunting Business

Now, a curiosity headline does not always have to be a tragedy. People are naturally curious about tragedy, but they are curious about other subjects as well.

Hunter kills record buck with longbow

New Outfitter offers never before hunted property in Buffalo County

New pocket flashlight that actually lights up your path debuts

Curiosity is another powerful emotion that local news sources use to draw in your attention. You can do the same for your hunting business, Website, and blog. Appeal to the curiosity of your customers and visitors by creating content, products, and services around a topic of their interest.



Police need your help in finding a man who stole money from a store

A call to action headline creates instant intrigue for readers, listeners, and viewers. Many successful news stations use calls to action to further their connection with their audience. Usually these headlines offer phone numbers, Websites, and addresses for viewers to contact to provide help.

People love to help others. It’s our nature. We like to know that we have helped someone else succeed. It makes us feel good about ourselves. If a viewer is the one who helps find a thief, they’ll have a lifetime story to tell their family and buddies. The act of participating adds value to the viewer’s life.

Local news stations are always providing a way for viewers to participate: donations, events, crime assistance, and more.

Participation is a great way to form deeper connections and loyal fellowship.

Your Hunting Business

You can ask for your readers to participate on your own Website or blog. Make sure you have their values and needs in mind when you are asking though.

Maybe you need help developing a new product. Show the early stages of a new design and ask your readers for their opinion. Then share the best insights on your blog and thank the customers for their help. They’ll have something to tell their hunting buddies. “I helped out [insert your big hunting company here] with their new bow.” You could even offer them a first edition of the product. You’d have a customer for life plus their word of mouth will grow your following.



Chippewa Valley man creates iPhone App

It’s always intriguing when a local person succeeds with something big.

I just realized another example as a kid from my high school (town of 4,000) made it to the early Green Bay Packers roster.

Mosinee’s Heckendorf Living the Packer Dream

These stories are relevant to a certain group of individuals. It gives their lives meaning to know that events are affecting their lives and in these examples that it is possible to become successful no matter who you are.

Your Hunting Business

News doesn’t have to be local to be relevant. There are many ways to connect with your audience to make your company relevant to them. Local news or topics of interest are just one way to be relevant to your customer.

Speaking to specific needs and worldviews are also ways to provide relevant content, products, and services to your customers.

New technology may change bow hunting

A new way to combine beer and deer hunting

A group of innovative women create one of the best hunting cabins in the area

Specific activities, interests, demographics, and more are all ways to create relevancy in your hunting business’s blog headlines, product taglines, and service announcements.

Remember who your customers are and speak with language, content, products, and services that are relevant.


Gaining attention for your quality blog content on the Web is important to improving your connections with your customers.

Strong headlines are crucial for getting the precious attention of your current and potential customers. The Web is a world of headlines on the surface (with deeper, richer content underneath) so to stand out and gain precious attention you’ll have to create headlines that intrigue your audience.

Look at your local news providers for ideas on how to create attention-getting headlines. Those news stations have been working to gain attention for a long time and they have many successful techniques. Pay attention to their strategies and use them for your own blog.

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50 Inspirational Images to Inspire Blog Titles

For any blogger, writer, or content creator it can be difficult at times to find inspiration.

Creative Blog Post Titles

image credit: Peter Kaminski

I have found that looking at photos and images is often a great way to inspire ideas. In fact, even looking at pictures that at first seem totally unrelated to hunting will spark creativity.

With that in mind I thought I’d put together…

50 Inspirational Images to Inspire Blog Titles for Your Hunting Business Blog

‘The Sailor’s Guide to Creative Business’

image credit: Jaci Berkopec

‘Avoid the Rough Waters of a Start-up Website’

image credit: conner395

‘How to Build Traffic to the Point of Explosion’

image credit: Pixel Addict

‘Impress Your Readers with Explosive Content’

image credit: jonrawlinson

‘How to Hit the Bullseye with Exceptional Products’

image credit: wilfried.b

‘It May Take Awhile for Your Business to Truly Take Off’

image credit: madmarv00

‘Shine in a Recession’

image credit: ben hanbury

‘Let Your Success Spill Over to Others’

Clearly Ambiguous

‘Be Brave Where Others are Afraid in Business’

image credit: motumboe

‘Don’t Wait For Your Ride to the Top’

image credit: Robert S. Donovan (booleansplit)

‘Your Computer is Your Canvas – A How to Guide’

image credit: bald_eagle89

‘How to Keep Your Focus’

image credit: BruceTurner

‘See Your Business Through the Eyes of a Child’

image credit: DownTown Pictures

‘Dealing With Your Chilly Past’

image credit: CoreForce

‘Determining What Drives You’

image credit: visualpanic

‘How To Avoid a Personal Bubble’

image credit: Paulio Geordio

‘Are You Waiting for Success to Find You?’

image credit: conorwithonen

‘How to Avoid Writer’s Block’

image credit: Martin Kingsley

‘Find the Beauty in Your Business’

image credit: Davichi

‘Stand Alone in Business to Find Success’

image credit: tiarescott

‘The Key Ingredients for Success’

image credit: cheetah100

‘How to Pave Your Way to Success’

image credit: Hello, I’m Chuck

‘Use Stealth Moves to Get Ahead’

image credit: *L*u*z*a* lack of inspiration

‘Fly Above the Rest’

image credit: oddsock

‘Start Your Blog When Pigs Fly’

image credit: oddsock

‘Don’t Let Your Business Fall out of Control’

image credit: Marina Cast.

‘If Someone Asks You To Make Them Fly…Say Yes’

image credit: _Max-B

‘Don’t Settle for the Rocking Chair’

image credit: ktylerconk

‘Spend Time With Wise People Around You’

image credit: t_crescibene

‘Plant Your Rows to Success’

image credit: busymommy

‘The Importance of Quality Service’

image credit: the sun hums

‘Pre-flight is Important for Business – Have a Plan’

image credit: jerine

‘Don’t Let the Waves Hold You Back’

image credit: neeme

‘Tidy Your Work Space’

image credit: Steve Keys

‘The Importance of a Simple Handwritten Thank You’

image credit: _StaR_DusT_

‘The Pencil (or Keyboard) Can Open Up Your Creative Content’

image credit: smoorenburg

‘How to Look for Hidden Inspiration’

image credit: Hamed Saber

‘Good Things Sometimes Come in Threes’

image credit: antaean

‘How to Look to Your Family for Inspiration’

image credit: photon ℽ

‘The Value of Documenting Your Business Journey’

image credit: rolands.lakis

‘Dealing With Business Loneliness’

image credit: moriza

‘Enjoy the Road to Success’

image credit: prakhar

‘How to Take an Objective Look at Your Reflection’

image credit: Christian Revival Network

‘Your Success is Around the Corner’

image credit: Christian Revival Network

‘How to Avoid the Grind of Business’

image credit: Just chaos

‘Put Your Own Unique Perspective on a Popular View’

image credit: BL1961

‘How to Keep The Ground Under Your Feet’

image credit: kyle simourd

‘How to Find Your Hidden Resources’

image credit: jasonb42882

‘How to Find Your Energy Source’

image credit: aussiegall

‘Chase That Setting Sun’

image credit: Slava V.

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