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The other day, Kendall Card (@Camofire) of sent me (@DayneShuda) a message via Twitter.

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He was excited about blog commenting activity that occurred on Camofire’s site over a weekend. Kendall had some great back and forth conversation with Camofire clients and there seemed to be some meaningful connections being made.

This gave me the idea for a new series here at Hunting Business Marketing – Successful Hunting Business Highlight.

I’m happy to have be the first success story featured.

Let’s take a look at why (and Kendall) succeeded… Business Model

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What is is set up so that each day there is a hunting product available to purchase at ridiculously low prices (way below retail).

Each day you can visit the site or sign up for daily email alerts via the Daily Shooter to get the latest deals on hunting gear.

What’s great about this payment model is that it’s unique and memorable. Plus, customers get caught up in the action. You can see comments on the Blog (more below) where customers are talking about hitting Refresh over and over (Just like Ebay…) waiting for an item to sell out so they can look at the next item.

The process is very involved and it’s this experience (along with quality products and good participating by the people involved with the business like Kendall) that lead to loyal customers and long-term success on the Web.

Check out the blog, the Camofire Forum, for more product descriptions and conversation.

The Successful Connection ran the sale Welcome to SITKA SATURDAY (AND SUNDAY). It’s a sale they run monthly where they feature products by the hunting business Sitka.

Here is the basic rundown:

Here’s how it works.

1) The first item goes up at 11pm

2) Once it sells out, the next item will come up again

3) IF, IF an item goes too long without selling out we’ll pull it and put the next item up

4) We reserve the right to determine how long is too long but if you comment on the forum that it’s been “too long” we’ll listen.

5) The fun ends at 11pm MST Saturday SUNDAY night.

On this particular entry, the team at was hit with some great comments on the Sitka gear.

Here are a few of my favorite comments:

Camofire Daughter Soccer Game Comment

Camofire Help Comment

There were a ton of great comments on the blog and Kendall was right there the entire time connecting with the customers. He was answering their questions and providing valuable information about and Sitka.

He was thankful for referrals, mentions, and comments left by all of the participants.

This is a great example of successful hunting business marketing.

This particular Sitka Saturday was so successful that Kendall and the team at had to extend it to Sunday (thankfully they had inventory).

Benefits of Using a Blog

This use of a blog by and Kendall is a great example of how a blog can be a valuable resource not only for a hunting business, but also for the customers of a hunting business.

The connections and conversation that took place on the Sitka Saturday post were fun, involving, and valuable for all parties involved.

This is the type of connection that defines what the Web is all about.

Having a blog for your hunting business is about forming meaningful connections with your customers that will ultimately lead to long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships where your goods and services are provided for your customer’s hard-earned money.

A blog, as and Kendall show, is one of the best ways to communicate and connect with your customers. It’s especially important to be interactive. The customers of love that Kendall was right there with them responding to their comments. It made them feel connected to the company and likely pushed a few over the edge in deciding to purchase hunting products from

I’ve written about the importance of having a blog for your hunting business before:

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It’s beneficial to look at the success of other hunting businesses and see if you can take away some marketing strategies and techniques you can use for your own hunting business.

Here, did a great job of using a blog for their unique business model to connect with their customers.

The little extra effort that Kendall put in was very rewarding for both and its customers. It was a true win-win situation.

Think about starting a blog for your hunting business if you haven’t already. It’s one of the best ways to enhance the connection you can have with your clients.

The Web is all about making connections and is a shining example of exactly how Web marketing can improve your hunting business.

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  1. Awesome – The best way to become rich is to do what rich people do – and the same thing applies here: the best way to learn how to be successful in business is to do what successful business guys do. Learning from the success of others is about as useful a tool as you can have.

    I love the camofire concept – and dedicating a time frame to a time tested, quality brand like Sitka is great. But what I love most about all this – Kendall has made his online retail store as much like an off line retail store as possible – he engages in conversation with his customers. That is outstanding – name another company that does this while customers are checking out online. There are none. Great job.

  2. @Tom – So true! I know of no company that interacts with customers at checkout. It’s brilliant and something extra that Kendall and CamoFire do that makes them stand out.

    I’m glad you like this new series. I hope it’ll be valuable.

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