A Story of Focus: My Rubik’s Cube Weekend

This past Friday, one of my co-workers was playing with a Rubik’s cube someone had given him. It brought back memories from childhood of getting frustrated, taking off the stickers, and telling my parents I have in fact solved the color cube of death…they usually weren’t impressed and knew I’d rather cheat than actually take the time to figured out the puzzle. 🙂

Hotel California Rubik's Cube

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Anyway, for some reason seeing the Rubik’s cube on Friday brought about some intrigue and challenge so right after work I went to the store and picked one up (they’re $10 now!).

I got home on Friday evening and have since been working to ingrain the algorithms into memory in hopes I could finally solve it without looking at the algorithms online.

It was difficult at times as you can see by a few of my weekend tweets…

Rubik's Frustration Begins

Rubik's Cube Frustration Continues

Rubik's Cube Reaches Obsession Stage

I’m happy to say that after some frustrating moments this weekend I am now able to solve the Rubik’s Cube without looking online to remember the patterns.

It feels good to accomplish something even if it’s as meaningless as solving the Rubik’s Cube.

I realize now that there are a few lessons I learned about focusing and working towards goals this weekend that can be used in life as well as for your hunting business.

Lessons learned about focus this weekend on my quest to solve the Rubik’s Cube

Focus on one goal

This lesson is straight out of The Power of Less.

How am I going to solve this Rubik's Cube

I’m not really sure why I was so set on solving the Rubik’s Cube this weekend, but whatever the reason I had one goal in mind and that was it.

It was really all I was focused on accomplishing this weekend. I of course did my normal activities and got the daily routines accomplished, but during free time during the days I was focused only on solving the cube.

As I learned in The Power of Less, focusing on one goal is really the only way to get things accomplished; multi-tasking is detrimental to progressing in our lives.

When it comes to you hunting business, what one goal are you focusing on accomplishing tomorrow, this week, this month, etc.?

It’s important to define what your goal is. If it’s a long-term goal then you’ll need to set up little goals between now and your ultimate goal. Take it one step at a time until you reach the goal for your hunting business.

Right now I’m at the beginning stages of brainstorming a camera for hunters. I’d share more (I’m 100% pro-sharing, but I really don’t have much at this point…I spent my weekend on the Rubik’s Cube after all). 🙂

So that’s my new long-term goal for Hunter Share and my ventures into the hunting industry.

Mental toughness

I have to admit, I didn’t think the Rubik’s Cube was going to be mentally challenging, but I was frustrated at times. If it weren’t for some restraint there were almost a few times the wall could have had some dents in it.

And the crazy part was that as I progressed in learning the algorithms, every time I’d make a mistake I would be at an increased level of frustrating and be even closer to quitting. The thing about the Cube is that when you make mistakes as you close in on solving it, the further back you have to go to correct it. So you can work hard to get close and then when you screw up you have to start all over.

I was frustrated, angry, sad, disappointed, etc.

But for whatever reason I stuck with it and eventually had a breakthrough.

It’s true in life and in business that the closer people get to goals the more frustrating achieving the goal becomes. This is why most people often give up and go back home to their secure life.

Your venture into the hunting industry probably has the same characteristics. I’m guessing that it was quite frustrating at times to launch the business, to implement a new strategy, to improve a product/service, etc.

Even starting and continuing a hunting business blog is frustrating. Most people don’t have the determination to take a blog past a week, a month, three months, or a full year.

Again, if you have the mental toughness, you can join the select few who have what it takes to become successful in the hunting industry on the Web.

Willingness to try new things and succeed

Although the Rubik’s Cube wasn’t entirely new to me, I still had some interest in trying to solve this crazy kid’s toy. I guess I thought it should be something I should try to accomplish before I died.

I could have just tossed this idea aside and watched TV all weekend, but now I have some useless skill I can use at cocktail parties to impress girls (in my dreams right?).

Anyway, I’ve always thought one of the most endearing qualities in people was a willingness to try new things. People who aren’t afraid to try unfamiliar activities, ideas, plans, challenges, etc. are the ones who truly impress me.

They put their preconceived notions and break through their artificial barriers in an attempt to further enrich their lives.

Those are the people who impress me. Those are the people who I want to surround myself with.

I try to be like these people myself, but I don’t always do it. Maybe it’s something we have to continue striving for and I’m trying.

Either way, don’t be afraid to try new things with your business. People will accept your failures if they know you’re trying to improve your product/service for the betterment of their lives. They’ll cheer you on as you work hard and fearlessly to bring them satisfaction.

Don’t be afraid of failure.

Don’t fear the unknown.

And most importantly, don’t be afraid of succeeding.


I solved the Rubik's Cube

Have one goal that you want to achieve. Whether it’s long-term or short-term, focus on what it will take to accomplish this goal. Try not to let anything distract you or ruin your focus. And if you do stray off course, work to get back on track.

Don’t give in to the frustration. In order to reach your goals you’ll have to have the mental toughness that you’re competitors don’t have. You are strong than your competition, don’t let them beat you.

Don’t be afraid to try new and untried things in your business. The fearless are the pioneers in our world. The fearless are the people who are remembered.

I’m not saying I’ll be remembered for solving the Rubik’s Cube, but maybe I can use these lessons to make a difference in the hunting industry.

And if I’m not able to…I know you will. 🙂

Special Thanks

I have to thank Dan Brown and his two-part ‘How to Solve the Rubik’s Cube’ series on YouTube for helping me out this weekend. I watched his videos continuously this weekend until I was finally able to solve the Cube without using his assistance.

Thanks Dan!

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