Stand Out – Wear Your Packer Jersey to a Viking Game

Does your hunting business stand out on the Web?

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Most people with startup businesses think they stand out amongst their numerous competitors.

In truth, it’s difficult to be different.

Ever since high school we have wanted to be part of the “in” crowd.

Successful entrepreneurs are leaders.

Most people are followers.

If you want to succeed in business you need to be a leader.

You need to stand out

In order to stand out and succeed on the Web you need to be noticeably different than your peers.

You need to wear a Packer jersey to a Viking Game


It takes courage to stand out.

If you’re aware of the Packer-Viking rivalry then you know it would be near suicide to walk into the Metrodome wearing a Green Bay Packer jersey and vice-versa.

Both hometown fans love their team (Although the Vikings are struggling to sellout playoff games).

There are always a few brave souls who dare to wear their team colors in the opposing team’s stadium.

These people have the courage to stand out.

These people have gained the attention of the crowd.

These people are seen as diehard fans and passionate individuals.

Do you have the courage to stand out and gain attention of the crowd of bloggers, hunting businesses, and hunting Websites?

Do you have the courage to go to a PETA forum and defend the nature of hunting publicly?

Your customers will notice you if you stand out. They’ll respect your courage to stand out.


There is a great risk in standing out.

You’ll be ridiculed by some; possibly more than some.

If you aren’t prepared you’ll likely get trampled by the crowd.

However, there is a greater risk in not standing out.

Sure, if you wear your Packer jersey to the Vikings game you risk the chance of being pummeled by 70,000 Viking fans.

But if you’re prepared, disciplined, and respectful you’ll have the chance to witness history or see something spectacular (in GB) – and hopefully a game your team wins (23-16 Pack!).

If you’re a successful hunting business don’t become complacent with success. Keep standing out.

If you’re a startup on the Web, prepare yourself to stand out.

If you blend in and become part of the crowd you’ll risk losing your run of success (or not becoming successful at all).


There is a lot of risk and potential reward by preparing yourself to stand out.

Most hunting businesses and hunting Websites blend in with the rest of the crowd.

Only a few have the courage and the drive to stand out and be successful.

What makes your hunting business and Website stand out?

The risk of standing out too often forces entrepreneurs to hold back and blend it.

But the risk of blending in is FAR greater than the risk of standing out.

So build up a little courage and wear your Packer jersey to a Viking game.

PS – I was not able to attend the game for Favre’s 421st TD. I’m hoping to make it to a few games when Aaron Rodgers has a chance to make history.

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