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  1. You know Dayne,
    Your site and content are addicting, I just can’t seem to go a day without visiting and learning something new here!

    The title of this one really brought home some very good and quite familiar points for me.

    While playing in various bands over the past 30 years and now my hunting business as well, here below was probably one of, if not the, hardest obstacles for me to over come.
    First would be the name itself! Will it reflect what we do and what we are about? then how do we come up with a respective logo which will brand us effectively? etc. etc.

    This process would sometimes take weeks of think tanking and brainstorming.
    Then, just when you finally settle upon something which you believe does everything that you think it should, now comes the real work of checking that your Name and Logo do not infringe upon someone else’s established Trademark!

    Then after that, finding a graphic artist who can convey what image that you have in “your” head to the brand that will eventually establish your product into the mind of the buying public.

    The one thing which I have learned over the years is to trust the people whom you have hired out to help you do this.
    They are the professionals, so let them do their job without hinderance.
    You would not attempt to tell your brain surgeon how to operate upon your head, so do not tell your marketing firm how to market your business.

    A couple of examples would be: When I would write songs, our producers would ask for about 30-50 songs so that they could choose 10-12 good ones to take into the studio for recording.
    While in the studio those final songs would sometimes get chopped up quite a bit, rearranged etc etc. to the point that they were barely recognizable (to me the artist) from what they started out as in the beginning.

    While just starting out as a young writer and with just barely 10 songs under my belt, I would view those 10 songs as my “babies” and anything that anyone wanted to do to them was particularly abhorrent to me.
    “don’t molest my songs! I would be saying in my head”
    After the first 100 songs or so you begin to lose that overly protective attitude, and then you start to look at the “business” of music rather a little differently than when you first started out.
    That is when the real art of collaboration begins to take form and the result will sometimes be where legendary albums are created.

    That same way of thinking is what got me through the Re-Branding of my hunting business.
    When our marketing firm suggested that we change our logo to something a little less redneck, and something with more family appeal.
    I immediately knew what to do and that was to let the pros do their job without my interference. And the result of allowing them to reshape our image placed the company exactly where, and to what I wanted it to be in the first place.
    It just happened to be out of my realm of expertise in respect to graphic arts, and appealing to a broader market with a logo style that would do just what it was intended for.

    It must be remembered that a single person cannot do it all by themselves because any successful company owner, be it a band or a hunting business will tell you, that it was through collaborative efforts that they got to where they are today.

    I think that our old website is still up if you search down for it and you can there, view my old self designed brand compared to the new one which comes up first on the search.

  2. @T. Michael – I’m glad you liked this post Michael. I was hoping it would be valuable.

    I love when you comment because you bring such wonderful experience from two industries. Your perspective is unique and relevant. Thanks for all your contributions.

    You’re right on the money about letting go of some control because one person can’t do it all when it comes to business. Let the professionals do their job as you say.

    That’s why I asked Sarah if she could help out with this post. I knew my thoughts weren’t worth much without the thoughts of a true professional.

    I like your logo and entire Website now. Do you have a link to your old site for comparison?

    Thanks again,


  3. @T. Michael – You make a great point Michael. Many clients tend to think they are the experts when it comes to design projects. Although they are the experts in their field/business. It is important to give your designer a little bit of leash, as they are the expert in their field too.

    The branding process can be a quite extensive one and often clients are at the point where they think, it’s just a logo, can’t this be quick and cheap? It is one of the hardest parts to any business, especially naming too! It’s as if you were to come up with a look for yourself, for example, that shows who you are and what you stand for in just a few minutes. Everyone is complicated. I’m glad you’ve gotten to experience the process and I appreciate your comments!

  4. Thanks Dayne and Sarah,
    Yes, if you put the cursor on my name next to my post here, an image of the “old” red neck logo comes up on screen.

    However, when you click on that, it will take you to the “new” family friendly web site with new logo.

    I hope that people will take and use this great advise which you have presented here on your site.
    Myself, and many others like me from just a short decade ago, had to pay lots of money for this very valuable type of advise and information which you are offering here.

    Keep up the great work!!

  5. @T. Michael – We’ll keep trying to provide thoughts and insight.

    It makes me happy that you’re getting value from the content here.

    Feel free to share any content here with anyone else you know who may find it useful.

    And if you or anyone you know ever needs a more in depth marketing help feel free to contact me.



  6. Dayne/Sarah- thanks for the info I agree that you need your logo to speak for your company without any words, but I never thought it would negatively affect your business if you had a bad logo. The reason I asked this question was b/c I myself was pondering the idea of getting a logo, but not sure how best to look at the situation. The only thing I don’t agree with is Dayne’s statement about the greatest sports team of all time. GO VIKE’S!!

  7. @ Ben. G – Thanks for the comment on the post! But, I’m going to have to disagree with you on the greatest sports team of all time. I’m a Green Bay native, so I’m quite partial to them! Let me know if you’d like some help with a logo. I’d love to help out your business.

  8. This is great information Dayne and Sarah!!! I just may need to contact you for some design work!

    Oh, wait I have it is coming along beautifully!

  9. You make excellent points. I am currently going through this the logo creation process for my business. For a very brief time, I had considered going with a pre-made logo on one of those websites, but chose not to use one, because just as you wrote, the logo is WAY too important.
    Now, I am using my second design firm, but that is another story for another time. Trust me, I am not high maintenance. 🙂
    Hopefully my logo will be done soon and I will share it.

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