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It cuts like a knife/but if feels so right” Bryan Adams

Sharp Edge Knife

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Just as any good hunter needs to sharpen her knife skills, a good website editor needs to sharpen her forum skills every now and then.

Participating in forums is one of the best ways to market your hunting website.

Here are a few quick ways to sharpen your forum skills

Ask Honest Questions

There are a ton of great hunting forums on the Web.

Find the ones that you enjoy the most and start participating.

Ask honest questions about the topics presented on the forums.

Start threads that are relative and valuable to the other participants.

Check out the forum. See what topics have generated the most participation. These are the hot topics on the forum.

See what gets people talking and start topics of your own.

Here’s a great example on Bowhunting.comWhat species is # 1 on your want to hunt list?”

Grammar Counts

One thing you have to learn about participating in forums is that grammar still counts.

It’s important to use your own voice and personality, but it’s still necessary to use proper grammar so readers and members of the forum know what you’re talking about.

Sometimes it’s important to make mistakes, but remember that your posts are a visualization of your character.

If you’re a business owner you’ll have to realize that your potential clients are probably reading your posts.

Have fun with forums, but use and misuse grammar appropriately.

Avoid Argument/Encourage Debate

Forums have the potential to create some big time arguments. There are controversial topics out there that people are passionate about.

This is especially true in the hunting world.

Baiting, public land use, the DNR, etc. These are just a few examples of argument starters.

These topics, however, can be some of the most popular threads on forums.

It’s our nature as humans, we love controversy.

You’ll have to tread the right line of avoiding heated arguments while encouraging civil debate.

Don’t make personal attacks.

Do add your opinion and give personal examples.

Research topics and participate in a civil way that adds value to the conversation.


I encourage you to participate in forums. There are great conversations taking place. You can add value and make great connections with great people.

Remember these few tips every once and again to sharpen your forum skills.

There are no definite rules when participating in forums just like there are no definite rules to using a knife.

Just remember that it’s better to use a forum with some skill so you don’t cut yourself.

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