Security is an Illusion

“Sure, some people like the security of a regular paycheck, but if recent events have taught us anything, it’s that this kind of security is an illusion.” Leo Babauta of Zen Habits on The Get-Started-Now Guide to Becoming Self-Employed

Security is an Illusion

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The title of this post may suggest a negative tone, but I’d like to take the idea of security in a different direction and put a positive twist on something that is commonly viewed as negative.

The idea of security as illusion is not something we should all fear.

As an entrepreneur, understanding that no business, person, or job is secure is exciting and should continue refueling the fire and passion you have when first starting a hunting business.

Let’s take a closer look at why your understanding that security is an illusion should actually excite you…

Staying Ahead/Looking for the Next Breakthrough

I’ve always thought that the companies and business owners who were most successful were always those who never stopped looking for the next innovation that would help them better serve their audience and customers.

Even today the people I find most successful on the Web or the leaders in business are looking for the ahead at ways to improve – ways to make their business better than the competition.

One example in the hunting industry I always look to for inspiration is Mathews Bows and Archery.

In fact, Innovation is a highlight of the Mathews philosophy:

We strive to achieve the extraordinary through the continuous improvement of people, process and product.

This is a great mission statement for any company and Mathews is definitely a great example of a company that lives up to its mission by continually providing innovative archery products that seem to revolutionize the bow hunting industry every season.

It’s truly amazing for a company to continually be the leader in design, functionality, and effectiveness when it comes to a product that has been around for thousands of years.

More on Mathews Innovation:

Matt McPherson started making recurve and compound bows in the early 70’s.  Many designs and years later, Matt decided to take one of his newest innovations; the Inner Cam (patented 1985), and started McPherson Archery.  The company was sold in 1989 and in 1992 Mathews, Inc. was born.

In addition to a lifelong passion for the sport and boundless energy, Matt had one major advantage: an invention that would revolutionize the archery industry.  His design for single cam technology; the SOLOCAM®, made Mathews bows lighter, faster, quieter and powerfully accurate.  Today, McPherson is owner and CEO of the largest grossing bow manufacturer in the world.

In addition to his role as CEO, McPherson leads the research and development team and has produced 31 patented innovations  including the Harmonic Damping System™, Zebra® ZS Twist Bowstrings and the V-lock Zero Tolerance Limb Cup System.  His passionate pursuit of creative distinction and high-performance engineering inspired the company slogan, “Catch us if you can.”

There is always new competition with new innovations that take industries by storm and knock the leaders off their pedestal. This is one of the reasons why it’s necessary to make sure that you are the continuous innovator in your area of the hunting world.

Looking at Yourself

One of the difficult things it seems with our own businesses it taking a good objective look at our strengths and weaknesses especially when it comes to where we feel our business is secure and where the business is weak.

I don’t think it’s always the fault of the business owner or those involved closely with the business when it comes taking an objective look.

Take your Website for example…you probably look at your Website often and you probably have a few things you’d like changed and it’s likely those changes would be beneficial.

But it’s the things you don’t see that are often the most important for your audience – the people who will use your Website as a resource and a way to connect with you and ultimately trust you enough to purchase your product or service.

It might be worth it for others, perhaps someone who fits your customer profile, to explore your Website and provide feedback. This person will likely come across some simple things you can change to make your user experience more simple and beneficial.

This concept works for your products and services as well as other areas of your business.

Getting opinions and taking a look at yourself and your business is one of the crucial aspects of understanding that security is an illusion and that your business needs to be a continuous work in progress to avoid falling for the security trap.


While security is something that can’t truly ever be achieved, there are things you can do (once you understand that you’re business is never secure) to prepare for the day your product or service is replaced.

I’ve always been a big fan of keeping some cold hard cash on hand or some other assets that seem to have value just in case something happens to the business.

Beyond keeping some cash on hand to pay the bills in a crunch, the most important assets you have if your competitors come up with an industry changing innovation are the relationships and connections you make by being a quality person and business to work with.

In my experience I would say that people are loyal and trusting with businesses and business owners who treat them fairly and respectfully.

This is a strong loyalty that takes time and commitment to gain from customers.

But once you have it and if you continue to honor the trust, these customers will be loyal to you and give you time to catch up and surpass your competition if you reach a point where you fall behind for a moment…and it happens to all businesses at some point.

It’s something you can prepare for and you shouldn’t be afraid of it happening.

Security is an illusion and once you understand this you can prepare for the little surprises that are not an illusion, but certainty.


Understanding that your business is not secure is an empowering realization.

Once you realize that you have to continuously work and challenge yourself and your staff to work and improve every aspect of your business you will feel the power to change the industry and shift paradigms.

Mathews archery has continued to be the leader in the bow and archery field because their make innovation and lack of security in their field the mission of the business.

Continue to take a look at all aspects of your business and don’t be afraid to ask your customers, business partners, employees, friends and family for advice and input into how you could make your products, services, and processes more user-friendly and efficient.

While there is no such thing as security, you can prepare for your future of insecurity. The most important thing you can do to prepare yourself for the day you’re caught off guard is to make the most of your current and future connections relating to your business.

Trust is hard to come by in any business field and it’s the relationships, connections, trust, and loyalty that will keep your business strong while you take time to adapt to changing innovations in your industry.

Don’t fear the fact that security is an illusion – accept it and use it as motivation to continuously improve your hunting business for the betterment of you and your customers.

Turing the idea of insecurity into a positive emotion is one step you can take right now that puts you ahead of most of your competition.

Do you have any others thoughts on security and your hunting business?

Please share in the comments and I’ll be sure to respond promptly.

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  1. Very inspirational Dayne!
    I have been feeling real beat up here of late as this economy has brought out hordes of the hard core chizlers.
    The ones which know how to take advantage of a poor economy by talking even your lowest base price, down even a “few dollars more”.

    This post has breathed some new life into me and now, just like ol’ Clint (no name) in the movie: For A Few Dollars More

    I am gonna’ come out of the chute today with six gun’s ablaze and ready to fight!!

  2. Those are the three. We watch them every few months, even the Mrs enjoys them.

    Another really great post Dayne. I would caution folks not to misconstrue “looking for the next breakthrough…” to mean chasing after it, but rather as Dayne says looking for ways to use these breakthroughs to improve your own position, work, business, or blog.

    Even learning about and employing new (to you), but established technologies, methods, or structures can be an asset to you. I just figured out how to use YouTube a month or two ago, Dayne pointed me to Flickr, Mike at Native Hunt set me on course to register a trademark/logo.

    And remember, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Best Regards,
    Instincts and Hunting
    Bloggers: Defenders of the Great Outdoors

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