Red Light! Something Different, Second Chances and Persistence

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Bright Red Light

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I heard a new song on the radio a short while ago as I was driving home. The first thing that caught my attention was the melody. Then I started listening to the lyrics and they really stuck out to me as unique.

The song was Red Light and I wasn’t sure exactly who the artist was.

Being the inquisitive person that I am, I went home and immediately looked up the song and found that the artist was David Nail.

Now, two things stood out about this song and David Nail and the interesting thing is that both of these things relate to entrepreneurship and blogging:

  1. Going against common beliefs and understandings
  2. Persistence

Let’s dig deeper into how they relate…

Go against common beliefs and understandings

David Nail

Red Light is interesting and turns every country music song cliché on its head.

If you listen to the lyrics of the song you’ll realize that the storyteller, in this case David Nail, is talking about his girlfriend breaking up with him.

The interesting thing is that he realizes that he didn’t think it would be sunny and nice outside when it happened. He always assumed that when someone breaks up with you that it’s raining or dark or any of the other visions we all get when we listen to breakup songs.

He also notices that others’ lives are seemingly happy around him while his life is coming crashing down and changing as he knows it.

I like this song number one because it has a great rolling melody, but I’ve been listening to it over and over again lately because I love how the song’s story puts a new twist on our thoughts about breakups and yet the lyrics still make sense.

It’s always important when you do something different that it still makes sense to people.

I hope this song will be a big hit for David Nail. I think he’s found a good song here that stood out to listeners on the radio and other channels of communication on the Web and people are connecting with the message and the new twist on something that affects us all.


An important thing to remember whether you’re launching a new hunting business, a new product, a new service or if you’re just trying to increase your presence on the Web is that you have to stand out a little bit so your audience will notice.

Sometimes to stand out you can do something that completely turns your audience’s current understanding on its head.

That’s how the best ideas and innovations often come to be – people come up with things that seem completely new, but make perfect sense.

It could be something as easy as writing about a topic for your hunting business on your blog and taking a new direction with the post.

There are lots of ways you can do things completely new and different that will stand out for your audience.

If you’d like, you can share your ideas for doing things different in the comments.


David Nail

Another thing I thought about after I figured out that David Nail was the singer of Red Light was the fact that I remembered him from a few years ago.

For a few summers I worked at the Wausau Country Club in Wausau, Wisconsin and I remember working in the bag room listening to the radio in the summer of 2002 and a new song came on the radio called Memphis. I remember it was brand new and I think the disc jockey was actually doing one of those song versus song deals where people call in and vote for their favorite.

I remember hearing Memphis that day and thinking it was a pretty good song, but after that I never really heard it again (it must have lost that day).

Well here we are seven years later (an eternity in the music business) and David Nail got a second change on a major record label to fulfill his dream of being a country star.

It’s a neat story of persistence.

I’m sure most people would have given up somewhere along the line in those seven years, given up on their dreams after the initial shot at the big time didn’t pan out. It would be easy to lose confidence, go back home and take up a simple job and live until you die.

Maybe it’s because David Nail really loves singing and playing music, maybe music is all he really knows how to do, or maybe it’s a combination of both.

Well I’m glad he stuck with his dream and I hope it works out for him because I as an entrepreneur I can relate to his struggles and persistence.


It’s always a struggle with most things in life worth achieving.

Things usually don’t work out the first time or even subsequent times. It’s often those determined (or crazy) enough to stick it out trying to reach their goals that find ultimate success and happiness.

When you’re trying new things to stand out on the Web you’re going to hit road blocks and things are going to happen that might break your confidence a little.

Don’t worry about it too much. Things are always up and down in business and on the Web and just because something doesn’t work out as you plan today doesn’t mean you won’t find success in the future.


I was happy to hear David Nail back on the radio with Red Light.

The song stood out among the other noise on the radio because it took a different approach to a subject that affects us all at some point in our lives.

It was also good to hear David on the radio too because it was seven years ago since I had last heard about him.

He was able to keep persistent and make his dream come true and while Red Light is still climbing the charts I hope it launches him into superstardom.

You too can succeed by learning from the route that David took to find his niche for success in country music.

Find your niche and stand out by doing things just a little different than everybody else and stick with it until you start gaining traction.

And best of luck.

The Song – Red Light

I’d embed the actual video here, but Universal Music Group doesn’t want me to share their artists’ music with my readers so here is Red Light by David Nail on YouTube.

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5 thoughts on “Red Light! Something Different, Second Chances and Persistence”

  1. Dayne,

    You are absolutely right. Perseverance is the name of the game. Sometimes you need to retrench and start anew in a slightly different direction, or sometimes a detour will do.

    I find myself in a similar position right now. I got a little (lot) sick a couple of weeks ago. It knocked me back a couple of steps, but I just worked my way through it and continued. But I am still having a very hard time coming up with some good, original content.

    What I have decided to do is to redirect for the time being and find good content written by others, and let people know about it. In the meantime I am have a few posts that I’m working on little by little as the mood and energy strike me.

    Perseverance, plug away at it even when you can’t do exactly what you would prefer to do, do something that supports your main goal.

    Reinvent, redirect, or realign yourself to better suit your current situation or goals. Whether writing or running a business, it may be what you need to do.

    Best regards,
    Trophy Merriam’s Turkey
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  2. @Albert – I’m sorry to hear that you were sick recently. I hope you’ll get through it.

    You’re inspiration for writing will pick back up. Your content is always original and very valuable.

  3. Very inspirational post Dayne!
    Persevere and just like a good bulldawg” don’t give up!

    since you like country music I am going to plug my very best friend of 25 years and running, and my former band mate and song writing pardner’:

    Chuck is the very essence of “perseverance” and finally is very close to inking a really good publishing contract.
    Give him a listen, and maybe drop him a line.

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