10 Examples of Remarkable Hunting Blog Posts: Part 6

And why they’re remarkable

Remarkable Long Exposure Light Shot

image credit: jim orsini

This series has really been a joy for me. I’ve had a chance to make deeper connections with some of the outdoor bloggers I really have looked up to. I thank each of you who have been willing to participate. I look forward to future conversations.

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And now let’s get into the new posts.

Huge Utah Bull Elk “Spider”

Outdoors International Logo Headers

Blog/Website: Outdoors International

Original Post: Huge Utah Bull Elk “Spider”

Author: Cory

When Cory told me that this post brings in tens of thousands of hits I was forced to listen. I don’t care who you are, numbers talk and those are big numbers.

Let’s take a closer look.

Short and Sweet

At first glance this seems like a typical news post for a hunting site or blog. Lots of great blogs take a short and factual piece of news and expand on it for their own blog. I’m a fan of these types of posts. People are looking for insight and interpretation of news and facts.

The fact that this post is short and to the point is one of its best qualities. It leaves the discussion for the readers.

Open-ended posts and thoughts are some of the most remarkable blog posts. While I (obviously) like long-winded posts and they have their place, short and sweet posts can have big impact as well. Short posts leave people wanting more. Short posts get people to come back and check the comments.

Are you counting up the additional traffic you’re gaining from short posts?


One of the best things about Cory’s Blog (and his entire site) is the use of photos and videos. I made the same remark in Part 5 yesterday.

Visuals bring so much depth and better understanding to posts. One of the things I’ve learned from working on the Web is the power of a photo or video. Words are powerful, but images are just as powerful and when used together they make for some of the most remarkable blog posts you’ll ever come across.

This blog post wouldn’t be the same without the photos of the huge Spider Bull. Hunters love browsing photos of the animals they love to chase. A small sampling of photos from another site (with attribution) and a link to more photos is a great way to enhance the blog post of another writer.

Side note: I also want to mention Cory’s opt-in video on the top right of his site. One of my biggest pet peeves is video that starts immediately when I load a page. It always seems like everybody’s volume is set different and I know some of you like to browse the Web at work so super loud videos when you least expect it can be startling. I also understand that people need to discover the video and Cory’s way of showing the video with an opt-in volume is a good compromise.


I’ve been waiting for a post like this!

This is one thing I need to do myself – update posts.

Cory updated this post with news that this massive bull elk was harvested…plus the fact that it was scored and close to a new record! He also included a link to a discussion forum where readers can find more information.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to point your readers in the direction of valuable discussion and information. They’ll recognize you as a source when you point them in directions that benefit them.


Cory is not only of my favorite bloggers, he’s someone I try to emulate when it comes to running a hunting business. He’s full of great principle and heart. He lets his good intentions lead his decisions with Outdoors International and it shows.

This is just one example of many great posts written by Cory. I encourage you to discover more of the posts on Outdoors International for yourself.

Food Plots Hollywood Style

Grow the Hunt Logo

Blog/Website: Grow the Hunt

Original Post: Food Plots Hollywood Style

Author: Brandon Wikman

I have to say I’m impressed that Moultrie Feeders has a blog for their business. I don’t think enough hunting businesses do and I believe it’s crucial for making meaningful connections with your customers.

Let’s check out this post.

A List

One thing that’s been interesting about this series is the lack of lists. It’s been kind of a surprise for me since I do so many lists myself.

I was glad to see this post did well because it has so many good things going for it including the fact that it’s an easy to follow list post.

Readers will always love list posts. Readers also seem to love detailed list posts. What I mean is that you give a list of valuable information and then expand as necessary on each point.

Brandon does an excellent job of providing just enough valuable information for this post. He is obviously knowledgeable of the situation. He leaves the reader knowing who they should contact with their food plot questions.

Highlight the [Seemingly] Obvious

Some of the things Brandon covers may seem obvious to the hunter who has grown a food plot or two. But for those who have never grown a good plot [without help] such as myself, his tips and advice are very relevant.

“3.  Look for thriving weeds and grasses. Planting your plot in an area that’s bare of vegetation is absurd. Although it may seem simple to plant, considering you don’t need to mow or spray herbicide, there’s a reason no plant life existed. Extremely poor soil! Find a piece of ground that has an abundance of thick undergrowth and displays potential of actually growing something!”

This may seem like an obvious thing for the pros like Brandon [and you when you’re writing your own posts], but for your readers it’s a valuable reminder.

Don’t forget who you’re writing your blog for. Your aim is to improve the lives of your readers. Make sure you provide even the most basic of information so they are able to gain a full understanding of the topic you are discussing.

[Extremely] Valuable Information and Knowledge

My favorite aspect of this post is the fact that it’s entirely focused on adding value and benefit to the reader. The readers of this remarkable blog post are looking for ways to harvest trophy animals (deer I’m guessing).

Brandon and others at Moultrie Feeders are providing their knowledge in a way that speaks directly to this need.

It may seem simple, but a lot of folks often forget to put their customers and fans first.

Help your readers succeed before yourself and the rest will fall into place.

Business Tie-In

I know I say quite often that a blog is crucial for hunting businesses. Well, Moultrie Feeder’s blog is a great example of how businesses can tie-in their knowledge with their product/service.

That’s it.

For your unique business it’ll be slightly different, but the basic thing you need to do is figure out how to add value to your customers and the rest will fall into place.


I’m honored that the team at Moultrie Feeders was willing to participate in this series. They are on the cutting edge of hunting businesses when it comes to the Web. They have a great blog with tons of remarkable content for hunters [and potential customers].

They are a shining example for all hunting businesses.

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