Recession: A Time to Grow Your Hunting Business

“You may have lots of [US] dollars, but who’s going to want them?” Peter Schiff.

Hundred Dollar Bills

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Times are uncertain right now.

The nature of the US economy is to have periods of periods of booms and busts (thanks for the Federal Government [free .pdf] also check out [Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure]) as the market tries to continue a steady growth through time.

For the near future, things don’t appear to be good.

But where others see regression, there is opportunity for opportunistic hunting entrepreneurs.

The Web is expanding greatly.

Take advantage of others’ unwillingness to persevere and you might find yourself sitting high in the future.

Here are a few tips on how to seize opportunity during a recession…


Are you on Twitter yet?

If not you’re missing out on great opportunities.

Here is a tip to help you gain some business in a recession:

It’s likely that your customers are struggling and looking for help during this difficult time. Some are likely using Twitter to express their tough times and feelings. Use Twitter Search to seek them out and offer help.

Make a connection and you might just get a valuable business relationship out of the deal.

Cruise Blogs and Forums

Same principle here, find the places your potential customers are voicing their tough experiences and offer to help.

Blogs and forums are excellent places to make valuable connections not only with customers, but with amazing influencers in the Web world.

Ask questions on your own blog to spur conversation.

If you have an outfitting business, start a blog and ask your customers what they’re in need of during the economic downturn to make their hunting season enjoyable.

Do they need cheaper rates? (Well, who doesn’t?)

Would it help if you offered group rates so each individual paid less?

Could you offer free meals or maybe an extra day for free to help aid the success rate?

It’s all about listening and helping during a recession.

Business Improvements

A recession is the perfect time to reassess your costs.

Are you paying too much for business services?

Are there things you could be doing on your own?

Are there things you could simply cut out of your expense report?

It might be worth it to give the businesses that you work with a call to renegotiate contracts and deals.

Be firm, but remember to be fair and understanding as well.

Don’t burn bridges to save a few bucks.

However, also assess the businesses you work with.

Are they going to survive the recession?

Should you look for stronger people to partner with?

Do let yourself be surprised during the recession.

Plan for the worst and hope (and work) for the best.


The most important thing you can do during an economic downturn is to listen to the people around you.

What are they saying?

What are their concerns?

What are their needs?

This is where entrepreneurs thrive!

This is opportunity right out in the open.

Do you have any other suggestions for connecting with people on the Web?

Do you have any tips for seizing opportunity during recessions?

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