Quality Video vs. Viral Video

When someone mentions “Video” regarding the Web, most people think of hit viral videos.

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Video is an important topic for Website owners and bloggers. People are visual and the use of video is a great way to further the connection you have with your visitors and customers.

I’ve written about video a few times.


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On the post What are your questions?, T. Michael of Native Hunt made the comment:

One suggestion for a hunting business to consider Dayne, is to think seriously about gravitating away from You Tube, and begin a do it yourself video program themselves.

You Tube has been a great medium for a many persons and their business, but the fact of the matter is that the number of hits are not very nearly as important as the “quality” of the prospective customer.

A do-it-yourself video placed upon your own website will first: Be seen by a more targeted patron to the website.

After all is said and done at the end of the day your, You Tube video may have gotten 140,000 hits, but did you gain even 1 single client out of those people who watched it?

Secondly: if it is produced well enough for even one person to have seen it, been impressed, and then given your company a call, then it has done its job as an effective sales and marketing tool.

I’d like to expand on T. Michael’s thoughts regarding video with a few thoughts of my own.

Let’s take a look at Quality Video vs. Viral Video…

Quality Video

Disclaimer: For this article I’d like to define “Quality Video” as video targeted to benefit a customer in some way that may lead to increased profit for your business.

I am not saying that viral video cannot be a quality video as well. For more on this aspect please see the last section of this post.


The benefits of making quality (value-adding) videos begin with the value you add to your customer’s life as a hunter. The more questions you can answer for your customers with video the more they’ll see you and your company as a leader in the industry. Leaders are seen as trustworthy and customers buy from companies they can trust.


Quality videos work a fine line between being informational and being boring. It’s very easy to fall in the trap of making a how-to video and have it turn into a boring set of instructions or information about your company.

Don’t fall into this trap. Make sure your personality comes through with the videos you make. Have fun and engage your audience. As you discuss your business and its benefits for you customer, let your passion show. This may be just enough to keep your readers engaged. Don’t go over-the-top, but be engaging.

Viral Video

Disclaimer: For this post I am defining “viral video” as video aimed at gaining the attention of a large audience (or a relatively large targeted audience).

This post also assumes the viral videos you make truly will make an impact on a large audience. It’s difficult to do, but it can be done by anybody including you.


The obvious benefit for your business with viral video is you can attract a large audience. (Please skip to the Con area for a second…).

With a large audience, you do increase your chances of reaching some quality clients in the sense that by reaching a ton of people, there is a good chance you will get the attention of possible new clients.


(Per the first Pro) – the next thing to remember is that the eyes you are gaining with viral video may not be quality as T. Michael said very well.

The debate can definitely be made that if you make just a general viral video without focus on your specific target audience, you’ll get lots of attention. However, you could also try to focus more on your specific audience and try to get a higher conversion rate. Both options are viable.

This brings us to…

Best Fit for You and Your Business

After thinking about this question, I’m of the opinion that there is room for both Quality and Viral Video as it relates to a hunting business.

Why can’t a video be quality as well as have the potential to reach a large audience?

I think this should be the ultimate goal.

Is it a difficult goal to achieve? Of course, but that shouldn’t stop you or I from trying to create such a video.

Now, there is going to be a certain mix of Quality and Viral for your individual business.

I’d like to direct you to a post by White Paper Genius, Michael Stelzner How to Make Your White Paper ‘Good to the Last Drop’…

Michael’s analogy (writing white papers and cappuccino) is also apt for creating videos:

Harmony is the Key

No doubt about it—keeping that journalist hat on firmly is important. But white paper success depends on letting the marketing component sing quietly in the background, adding just enough structure to guide your reader to the conclusions you want him to reach while satisfying his desire for quality information—much like a knowledgeable barrista marries just the right amount of milk and coffee to pull a rich, full-bodied cappuccino.

It takes a bit of finesse to make the perfect educational/marketing blend.

The last line is the key point. When making videos for your hunting business Website or blog you want to find the right mix of entertainment (viral aspect) and marketing/how-to (quality).

Onsite or Offsite

I think it’s best to make your videos available on as many networks as possible. Make your videos available on as many video sharing networks as you have time. You can never be sure where you potential clients are spending their time.

I’m not sure if it’s necessary to pay a site programmer to develop a video player specifically for your site. Many programs such as YouTube are fine to use if as you can embed them on your blog or site.


My favorite point from T. Michael is the fact that when making video (as with any marketing you do), make sure you are measuring the true success of the activity: conversion. Are your videos leading your customers closer to buying your product or service?

Find the right mix of clever entertainment (viral aspect) and marketing/how-to (quality) and you’ll find yourself on the right track to video success.

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4 thoughts on “Quality Video vs. Viral Video”

  1. Dayne,

    Great subject to cover, I’ve been considering short video clips of particular activities as demonstrative tools for a particular post, exactly as you suggest in the “Harmony” portion of your discussion.

    When I watch a video on a site, it is usually to clinch the deal so-to-speak. A well produced video that integrates all of its internal components well, should be the icing on the cake that sells you on the products.

    One thing to be aware of, is that your particular tastes and likes, may not be everyone else’s favorite. Make sure you run your work through a panel of thoughtful people that will give you it to you straight.

    Hogs and Dogs

  2. Once again,
    An excellent post Dayne!

    The other suggestion I would make also is: No matter how much you may think that you know about “Marketing” there is always something new to learn.
    And especially in our fast changing society where what worked yesterday on your target audience, might not work as well today.

    Money spent on a well thought out marketing campaign is “never” money wasted.
    Even if it falls short of the initial expectations you still will have come away learning something new and for the better.

    Remember what Steven Tyler of Aerosmith said: Live And Learn From Fools And From Sages, Dream On!

    And Albert is so correct, I used to pass around a new song or video to all of our (trusted, and not brow nose) friends to get honest feed back from them.
    Some of our best and most lasting material was finalized in this manner.
    And a lot of the material which as an artist I considered phenomenal, was passed over by our consumer minded friends.

    As always, good advise from you every time I stop by!

  3. @Albert – You’re right about video often sealing the deal for customers. It’s very true. Videos are great for describing and showing customers the benefit of you products and services.

    And you are so right about showing your work to others you trust for honest insight. It’s not an easy thing to remember that we (owners) are not our customers. I added the person “7) New Web Person” to my post 7 People You Need to Know for Web Success just for this reason.

    Thanks for the great additions Albert.

    @T. Michael – Thanks! It is sooo true that there is always much to learn about marketing and business and the Web as well.

    Personally, I enjoy the fast-changing environment of the Web. I like to try and keep up best I can with all of the changes happening; especially as the changes related to hunting and hunting businesses.

    I love when you comment about your music experience. It’s great insight into the workings of business and has much relevance even on a hunting business blog.

    Thank you for sharing.

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