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How do you know whom to connect with on the Web?

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This is a popular question for those first looking to market their business on the Web.

There is a lot of noise out there and it’s difficult to know whom are the right characters to connect with.

It’s often said that your most valuable resource is your time. This is never truer than it is for entrepreneurs starting out on the Web.

There are many ways to waste your time on the Web and this is true for making connections.

I’m an advocate of making as many connections as you can, as long as those connections are meaningful for all parties involved: the person you meet, you, and your business.

The key common denominator to every connection on the Web is Value.

Is value being added to all three parties as a result of the connection?

And does the value adding component continue as the connection/relationship grows?

Here are a few tips on filtering out the connections that will be most beneficial for you, your business and most importantly for those you meet on the Web while you’re marketing your business.

Connect with Characters

Characters drive growth on the Web.

It’s exciting to see all of the originality and creativity on the Web. There are a lot of characters and people working hard to succeed and to help others succeed.

In order to effectively grow your business on the Web, you’ll have to develop your own character.

You’ll also have to learn to connect with characters.

Characters are those people willing to take in information and formulate their own ideas and opinions.

Characters are leaders in their areas of expertise – usually their passion.

Characters participate frequently in the various places of conversation and add value and quality content to the Web.

Characters work hard to show why they’re thought leaders in their niches.

People are drawn to characters because they’re original, they inspire others, and they provide unique and valuable content that allows those around them to grow and prosper.

You’ll figure out who the characters are as you begin exploring the Web. Characters show up in most conversation hubs and they’re the ones contributing the best content at each.

Find these people and begin connecting with them because you will:

  • Learn from vital content: the character’s own content and content they share
  • Be exposed to their audience where other potential connections can be made
  • Be showing a willingness to improve the conversations on the Web, which will reflect good on you and on your business

How to Connect with Characters

So you’ve found a few places where characters are spending their time conversing and connecting on the Web, now it’s time to actually reach out and connect with them.

This can seem intimidating because these are, after all, the leaders in your niche.

But don’t worry, these characters are often more than willing to connect with other like-minded individuals looking for ways to improve the niche you both are passionate about.

The mediums of exchange on the Web make the world a smaller place.

Don’t be afraid to send and email or message to a character in your niche.

Look for questions that the characters have and see if you can provide valuable answers.

Be careful not to push yourself onto others when attempting to make contact and connect. There is nothing more annoying than people and companies pushing themselves onto characters.

Make your messages as personal and as relevant as you can. Take some time to learn the background and do your research on the person.

It’s amazing how doing something as small as looking at their product and service and referencing how it has added value to the world puts you far ahead of most people that contact the characters.

Be yourself, focus on adding value and relevant conversation and don’t be afraid to contact the characters in your niche.


Characters are the power people in your niche. They have their own tribes of followers who love the leadership and inspiration the characters provide.

Work to become a character yourself and work to connect with characters. Learn the characteristics that make people gravitate towards them.

Don’t be afraid to connect the characters in your niche. If you want to become a character, you’ll have to know the other characters.

Show your passion for the niche by doing your research and adding value to messages, emails and posts on the mediums of exchange.

Bonus Tips

Share Ideas

Be willing to share ideas. It’s hard to share your ideas because we all feel like we should keep our best ideas to ourselves so we can cash in on them. The more you offer, the more you’ll receive in return. In order to have others drawn to you, you’ll have to offer something valuable – like a great idea. (See this post in the comments for a great example of sharing ideas)

Spend A Lot of Time Off Your Site

You’re probably picking up on the theme of this post – time and commitment. While it takes time to build meaningful connections (and sometimes seems like you’re getting little return), it’s important to spend time off your own site building relationships and connections. It’s easy to get caught up on your own site with minor details. Instead, use that time connecting on places like Twitter. You, your business, and those you meet will be better off for it.

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