Paid vs. Natural Traffic – Baiting vs. Funnel Hunting for Deer – Part 2

This is Part 2 of a 2 part series. In the first post, I covered how Paid vs. Natural Traffic is like Baiting vs. Funnel Hunting for Deer.

Now you’re asking yourself,

“What’s best path for me…right now?”

Walking Path

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Whether you’re new to the online game or if you’re a seasoned pro, things are constantly changing on the Web.

Just as hunters need to understand if they’re better off using bait or learning every detail about whitetail deer (funnel hunters), you’ll (as a Website owner) need to determine the right balance of paid traffic and natural traffic.

Traffic, especially quality traffic will always be on your mind as a Website editor.

You’ll forever be thinking about traffic on your site; that’s what you signed up for when you launched your site…and that’s exciting.

Here is the biggest factor and the biggest questions to consider when determining the best course (paid or natural) for your business.


Time (a great song by the way) is your most important resource. You can organize your time down to the second and there still wouldn’t be enough moments in the day to get everything accomplished.

As an entrepreneur, you’re programmed to be working all the time, but quite frankly, you can’t be.

So you have to determine what your time is best spent doing for your specific business.

In other words…

…what is your specialty?

Do you specialize in the manufacturing area of your business?

I know a ton of successful hunters who specialize at their day job. They’d rather spend their free time working in the shop, practicing their shooting, and doing other activities besides serious deer scouting.

These guys are the most successful at hunting when they bait.

They simply don’t have the time to spend learning how to funnel hunt effectively.

If your specialty is the manufacturing of a product (or crafting of content); you should look for ways to effectively pay for traffic to your site.

This is quite common for newcomers to the Web. (It was for me).

Right now, especially if you’re new to the Web, you should focus on what you’re great at: crafting great products.

You can hire people who are great at getting traffic to put eyes in front of your product(s).

Google, Yahoo, and Facebook are experts at paid advertising. There are plenty of online ad agencies that specialize in putting your product in front of the right eyeballs.

Stick to what you know for now, but continue learning about natural traffic.

Do you specialize in the selling process for your business?

When you started your business, you might not have specialized in the manufacturing of the products.

Rather, you are the master salesperson in the office.

This is a unique skill.

Your specialty is connecting with people. You’re great at helping people find valuable products.

You’re closer to being a natural traffic specialist, but still not able to spend enough time to make natural traffic an all out effort.

As a specialist in connecting, you already possess a lot of the skills needed in order to be a specialist in natural traffic on the Web.

Patience, attention to detail, customer knowledge, and conversational skills are extremely important for being successful with natural traffic just like they are for being a successful salesperson.

For you, some avenues of natural traffic will be a natural progression. Finding and connecting with customers and influencers is an online extension of what you do every day as a salesperson.

However, natural traffic specialists need to understand how to optimize a Website, how to write a blog, an e-newsletter, learn how to use Twitter, Facebook, and learn how to answer questions on your Website and in forums.

Natural traffic experts also need to understand the keywords their customers are using to find information.

There’s a ton more; let’s just say it’s a tough trail to pursue.

While some areas of natural traffic may suit you perfectly, you’ll still need to find specialists to fill in the holes.

Do you specialize (or do you want to specialize) in the online marketing and connecting for your business?

Here is your ticket to the beginning of the beginning.

Natural search is a long and slow process that builds success and consistency as time goes by.

If you’re brave (or crazy) enough to take on this never-ending endeavor then here are a few places you can begin to explore.

Search is Part of Social

If I Started Today (In fact, just add Chris Brogan’s feed to your RSS – He writes great stuff)

What I Learned at Search Engine Bootcamp

Headsmacking Tip #6 – Test with Paid Search Before You Target with SEO

The Disconnect in PPC vs. SEO Spending

Also check out the “Blogs I Ready Daily” on the right nav. And feel free to suggest more of your favorites.

I most certainly don’t have the answers to getting large amounts of natural traffic.

It’s a constant learning process.

But if you truly enjoy learning and love the idea of continuous improvement and change, then becoming a natural search specialist is your soul mate.


Your answers to these questions are unique.

Your answers to these questions will change over time.

The important thing to remember is to always be honest with yourself as you’re thinking about Paid vs. Natural traffic.

Give yourself credit for what you do best. Then do it the best you can and be the best at doing it.

Hire someone else to be the best at another aspect of your business.

You can be the best at anything, but you can’t be the best at everything.

So now that this 2 part series is over, what are your experiences with paid and natural traffic?

Do you have success stories with either?

Do you realize what your specialty is?

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