I’m New to the Web – Where Do I Start?

And more importantly, how do I succeed for me and my hunting business?

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If you’re brand new to the Web, don’t be afraid.

In fact, be excited.

You’re about to embark on a great awakening for you and your hunting business.

There is nothing but opportunity on the Web.

As I like to say, the Web is a medium of connection.

For hunting businesses, the Web is a crucial way to form meaningful connections with industry leaders, influential hunters, and potential customers.

Where to start

Like any venture, it’s always smart to do some research before you jump right in. Although, don’t wait too long before you start off on your own path, which in this case would be starting your own Website and/or blog.

First off, Google (and usually Wikipedia) is the resource you’ll need the most.

Anytime you have a question, visit Google and type in your question. Learn how to use Google and Wikipedia to find resources and relevant information on the Web.

Before you ask someone anything, google it.

It’s also important to get an idea of just how big hunting is on the Web.

Here are some essential hunting industry stats.

Visit some of the top hunting sites and see what features and benefits make them valuable to hunters on the Web.

Also learn the basic Web terms. (The links in text on blogs are important. They’re a resource for readers and they give credibility to the article and hopefully to the author).

Visit some hunting forums.

Basically, what you should do when first starting out on the Web is work to gain some resources and knowledge. And train yourself to always have the willingness to learn and gain knowledge.

The Web changes fast so it’s important to keep up with your customers.

Here is an article I’ve written previously on creating a strong Web presence.

A Plan for Increasing Your Web Presence: The First 3 Months

Once you have a base of knowledge, which should come fairly quickly, you’re ready to move onto the next stage.

Starting Your Hunting Website and Blog

Once you’re on your way to gaining comfort on the Web, it’s time to begin implementing your own Website and blog.

If you’re wondering why it’s important to have a blog, here are two posts I’ve written previously on the importance of a blog:

The First 4 Days of Your New Hunting Blog

4 Ways You Can Use a Blog to Improve Your Hunting Website

A Website and blog are two important ways to reach your potential customers on the Web.

Both, by having a Web presence, give you and your business credibility that some businesses lack (by not having a Web presence).

A Website gives your customers a way to read about the product and/or services you offer and how it can benefit their needs.

Write an About Me page for you and your business. Give your business a human element so your customers can relate.

Think about questions your customers have had in the past and create a helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Create a contact form so your potential customers can get in contact with you when they have more detailed questions about you and your business.

Make your site as easy as possible to navigate for the customer. Make sure you give a great picture of who you are and how you can best serve your customer.

A blog goes a step further than a Website.

You can create (and I recommend) having your blog on the same site as your business Webpage.

A blog is a great way to show your expertise in your area of hunting.

The best way for a hunting business owner to show value is to answer questions with blog posts.

Think about questions your customers have had in the past and answer them in well written blog posts.

Structure your posts so they’re easy to follow, step-by-step guides for your potential customers.

By answering your customers’ questions, you are establishing yourself as a valuable asset and they’ll come to you when they are ready to purchase your service and/or product.

It’s important to use your offline personal connection skills on the Web. Just like offline business, the Web is all about making meaningful connections.

Each relationship and connection you form on the Web is important to you and your business.

Use your skills as a successful businessperson as an advantage on the Web.


The next question most people have about the Web is what it will cost and where is there money to be made.

It’s a natural and smart question.

One of the big debates on the Web concerns Paid vs. Natural Traffic.

Capital is a precious resource so it’s important to know where to spend and how to earn it on the Web.

Here is an article I’ve written previously on knowing where and how to advertise on the Web.

The biggest lesson is to understand how to look for value and how to track effectiveness for paid advertising.

Earning money on the Web will come down to your ability to connect with your potential customers and earning their trust.

Competition is fierce on the Web and that’s a positive thing.

Customers have the ability to look for the best of the best to fulfill their various needs.

The competitive atmosphere is great for customers and business alike because for businesses that are willing to succeed have customers ready to purchase services and products.

If you produce a valuable product or offer a valuable service that is better than the competition and you know how to market it to your customers, you’ll have no problem succeeding on the Web.

Your current knowledge and skill set for your hunting business are the best assets you can have for starting the process of building your online brand for you and your hunting business.


Building your hunting brand on the Web is crucial to building a sustainable hunting business. You’ve already taken the first steps by doing research and reading blogs.

The next step is starting your own hunting Website and blog followed by understanding where the money is earned and spent on the Web.

Stay tuned for the next post in this tutorial on How to Use the Web to Grow a Successful Hunting Business – Marketing Your Hunting Business on the Web.

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