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Michael Jackson was one of my favorite musical artists of all time. I think what drew me to his music was that whenever I hear a song like Billie Jean or Beat It I feel like moving around and dancing.

I remember seeing an interview with Quincy Jones, Michael’s producer on Thriller and other albums, where he commented to Michael, before the release of Thriller, that he thought the intro to Billie Jean was too long. Jones said that Michael told him he was going to leave it as it was because the intro groove simply made him feel like dancing.

Jones replied, “When Michael Jackson tells you that a groove makes him feel like dancing, you leave the song alone.”

Billie Jean was released in 1983 and it launched the career of Michael Jackson to a level of stardom rarely achieved by any living person.

I thought it would be fun, reflecting on Michael’s recent passing, to take a look at his successful career and draw parallels to and lessons for your hunting business.

Let’s take a closer look…

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Early Career


Easy as 1, 2, 3

Simple as Do, Re, Mi



It’s widely known that Michael’s father pushed Michael and his brothers into music at young ages. His father may have pushed his sons hard to be music stars, but I have to believe that Michael and his brothers still had to have passion for music, singing, and dancing. Otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to achieve the level of success they had.

People can see through people who aren’t passionate.

Michael always seemed (at least up until his last 10-15 years or so) to be extremely passionate about the music he made and the connections he formed with millions around the world.

Michael’s passion is what drew young fans to the music of the Jackson 5 when they were first starting out. He put all of his energy into entertaining people and it made him and his brothers stand out from other entertainers at the time.

I’m sure it wasn’t always successful or easy for Michael and his brothers. They put in a lot of time practicing and perfecting their skills before they were signed to Motown. Despite breaking out with their first mainstream single, they were anything but an overnight success.

Michael and his brothers had the passion for making music and entertaining people. It was this passion that allowed them to stand out and reach the level of success they had.


Passion defines the success you have in your professional and personal life.

The only way to truly feel successful with anything you do in life is to figure out what makes you happy and what you’re passionate about and then dedicating yourself with all the energy you have.

If your hunting business is your professional passion, then to be successful you have to immerse yourself completely into doing what it takes to reach your ultimate level of success.

You’ll put aside any doubt or barrier and do what it takes to make a living doing what you love.

Work to connect with people who share the same passion as you. People are drawn to passion and passion is what will make you stand out and become successful.

Michael Goes Solo

Keep On With The Force Don’t Stop

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough



Throughout the ‘70s Michael started releasing solo material. Most of his albums were successful by most people’s standards, but it wasn’t until he released Off the Wall in 1979 that people starting to see a budding young superstar.

Only 20 years old at the time of its release, MJ’s Off the Wall produced 4 top ten singles in the US and the album has now sold in excess of 20 million copies worldwide.

Even though the album sold well during its initial run and in years since, Michael always thought that it should have done better with sales and reception.

In other words, he felt the album was not a complete success because it didn’t connect with enough people.

It takes ambition to set goals this high, but when you’re as passionate about your craft as Michael Jackson, you really have no other goal besides connecting with everyone in the world.


We define our own success.

Since everything is relative, only you can determine where you want to take your hunting business.

Why not set the ultimate vision of making connecting with as many hunters as you can?

Also focus on setting smaller, short-term goals so you don’t drive yourself crazy by not reaching your ultimate level of success.

It’s impossible to reach our ultimate dreams.

It’s the drive to attain this impossible vision and the appreciation of the milestones reached along the way that make live enjoyable, successful, and fulfilling.

Michael Peaks at age 23

Billie Jean is not my lover

She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one

But the kid is not my son



In the spring of 1982, Michael Jackson went into a recording studio in Los Angeles with producer Quincy Jones. The two men set out to make an album where every song was a killer hit.

And why not?

It seems simple. If you’re going to make something why not put in the effort to make it the best possible?

In November of the same year, the album was released as The Girl is Mine made some impact on the charts. By the time Billie Jean was released, Thriller was selling at rates never seen before.

Today, the album is the 2nd best selling album in the US being certified 28 times platinum by the RIAA (2nd only to the Eagles Greatest Hits, which has a 29 million platinum certification).

It seems that this period of Michael’s career was when he was the most focused, determined, and peaking creatively.

This period saw Michael basically invent the music video as entertainment. His dancing, singing, and total entertainment creativity took us all to our primal levels of enjoyment.

As I said earlier, every time Billie Jean comes on the radio I can’t help but to feel like dancing and singing along to the melody.

The Thriller Era was the peak of Michael Jackson’s career success and the work he did during this period will define his legend for generations.


There is no set peak period for all people.

What is important to remember is that people seem to peak in their professional careers at times when they are entirely focused on what it is they’re passionate about.

If you’re passionate about your hunting business then take time to reflect on the level of focus and commitment it will take to reach your peak.

This exercise will probably lead to the overwhelming reality that it takes an enormous amount of commitment to peak at what your hunting business.

Don’t let this reality frighten you.

Embrace the challenge and take the plunge into your passion and go for your peak.

Michael’s Run of Enormous Success

A Man Should Be Faithful

And Walk When Not Able

And Fight Till The End

But I’m Only Human



Sarah of On Life & Design said to me, “Nobody writes songs like Michael Jackson anymore.”

This comment caught me off guard a little bit. The specific song Sarah was referring to was Heal the World. It’s always been one of my personal favorite songs. The song has sentiment, meaning, passion, a great melody, and a timeless quality unlike most songs.

I truly believe there are things we all do and work for that are long-term focused and short-term focused. I believe there is a place for both. It’s important to capture the moment and act with a vision for the future.

Regarding MJ and his songwriting and performing, he seemed to focus more on songs that would become legendary by writing melodies and lyrics that are timeless. Thriller could be released tomorrow and people would still act like it was something extraordinary.

I think Michael’s ability to think about the long-term impact his actions and his music had on people was the reason for his run of peak success in the mid to late eighties. He broke into a level of superstardom that only a select few experience and he used his reach to connect and give back to many people around the world. His giving (of not only money, but time and attention) to charities and especially children is honorable and legendary.

MJ had a bigger vision for his purpose of living than most of us. He wanted to connect and make live enjoyable for every person in the world. This vision eclipsed most of our own goals for becoming successful financially and with family.

Michael’s enormous vision seems to be another reason he was able to reach the level of success he had at his creative and professional peak.


How big is your vision of success?

One key to reaching an enormous level of success is understanding the importance of setting huge long-term goals while setting a pathway or a series of short-term milestones that will ultimately build up to your long-term vision.

Where do you see yourself and your hunting business in fifty years?

Imagine a big vision for your professional live that sees your impact having long-term effect on the hunting industry and individual hunters.

Think about the small milestones you can achieve on the way that will help you stay focused and creative and enjoy the ride on your run of success.

The King of Pop Lives Forever

But you are not alone

For I am here with you

Though we’re far apart

You’re always in my heart

But you are not alone



Michael Jackson leaves a legacy matched by only a few people in history. He is known throughout the world. Language, age, race, and societal class are no barriers for his connection with people. If you have the power to slow down the Web you have reach beyond comprehension.

The reason Michael Jackson’s legend will live forever is his ability to connect with people.

While being a gifted entertainer, I believe that MJ’s greatest talent was his ability to reach so many people and affect the lives of so many around the world.

MJ’s ability to connect knew no barrier. He didn’t see the world through segmentation. He viewed every person he connected with for the individual they were.


One of the themes I like to touch on with my writing is the importance of making connections.

The connections you make with your hunting business are what will determine the level of success you have professionally.

You’re gifted at what you do for the hunting industry. What you also have to focus on is how you can connect with hunters who share the same passion for hunting as you do.

Do what you can to make their lives better concerning hunting.

Focus on making hunting valuable and meaningful for others. Make their lives easier. Make things simple. Allow them to find value through you.

Connect with individuals and focus on improving their lives with your hunting business.

And that’s what it takes to live forever – the ability to see only individuals and the passion to connect with as many (and as meaningfully) as possible while you’re alive.


I wanted to have some fun with the memory of Michael Jackson. I think it’s best to remember people for the fun they had while living as well as for all of the joy they brought to those around them.

Here is a little sequence of my own that I hope can bring a little smile to you today.


I hope you had fun with that. 🙂

I know I did.

Dayne Shuda Lauging

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