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This is a follow-up to Ways to Increase Traffic

It seems, from comments and expressed frustrations, that hunting Websites, particularly blogs, forums, galleries, etc. are struggling to find advertising revenue. This is not uncommon since most businesses are always trying to figure out how to make lots of money with a Website.

We always hear about the successful Internet entrepreneur who grew a site so fast and took in so much ad revenue and eventually sold his or her site for a comfortable sum of money. What we don’t hear about is the thousands of businesses and Websites that struggle to find revenue streams to justify the time spent on any specific Website.

Let’s take a look at making money online…


The truth is that the Web fosters the truest form of capitalism available anywhere in the world today. Barriers to entry are low. Anybody can work hard and find success with little unnecessary resistance. It’s truly the Wild West or the gold rush of our time.

The difficult thing for some is realizing that when barriers to entry are removed, as with the Web, finding success is going actually more difficult. However, those who do find success usually provide products and services that are the best of the current time. And usually those who are successful continue finding success through continuing learning and drive.

More than Drive

While I’m sure you have the drive to succeed on the Web, the reality of today is that most businesses are cutting back on their marketing budgets and spending on things that offer immediate payback rather than planning for long-term success. This makes things difficult for those offering advertising and branding opportunities like your site on the Web.

When things are difficult for the advertising business model it’s time to look for more unique ways to enhance your offering for advertising as well as to look for new sources of revenue.

Improve Your Offer

In the past few years there has been a great increase in the number of hunting Websites offering things like forums, galleries, profiles, etc. Some of the sites look more professional than others. Some sites do a few things well and each site offers plenty of space for hunting companies to advertise.

In the simple world of supply and demand, supply greatly outweighs demand in the online hunting industry world. There is a ton of networking hunting sites because the barrier to start a site is very low. All of these sites have ad real estate and very few offer something profitable in return for advertisers.

So what can you do to stand out?

When others are offering great supply of exactly the same thing or when things are copyable, you have to offer things that are not copyable.

What are those things?

Please read the entire post Better Than Free.

There are eight things the author of this post identifies as unique in today’s world of things that are copyable:

1| Immediacy

2| Personalization

3| Interpretation

4| Authenticity

5| Accessibility

6| Embodiment

7| Patronage

8| Findability

Think about these things and read the entire descriptions of each.

Which of the eight things can you offer through your Website for hunting companies?

Improve your offering and think of unique ways to connect with people so you can form long-term relationships that will prove profitable for both parties involved.

Other Revenue Sources (Don’t limit yourself)

Expanding on the idea that you have to improve your offer to make money, let’s take a look at other revenue sources. And don’t be afraid to limit yourself in this area. Your limits are generally only artificial barriers you put on yourself.

Beyond advertising revenue – simply selling people on the idea that a link on your site will drive traffic (it’s a good source of revenue – don’t get me wrong, but as I described above, it’s a crowded place) may not be the most creative way you can make money with your site.

Per the linked blog post above on copyable items, there are musicians today who realize that in the digital age their actual music recording is copyable and thus the old paradigm of controlling the recording of their music is not profitable for the long-term.

However, those that realize this fact are looking for other sources of revenue.

An example of this would be bands that record each individual concert and sell recorded copies of each show immediately after the show is complete. As attendees are leaving the show they have the option to purchase the exact show they just watched and listened to on a small USB port drive and they can enjoy it later on their computer or copy it to another device for listening. Bands that participate in this form of profitable business are looking at immediacy, personalization, authenticity, and in some ways embodiment, patronage, and findability.

Bands have found out that, at least for now, people will pay for a recording immediately after watching a concert even though they could probably 1| record it themselves or 2| find a recording later. However, for the reasons like immediacy and patronage mentioned above, these fans spend their money for things they perceive (subjective) valuable.

What are things you can provide hunting businesses beyond a simple space on your site (copyable – abundant availability)?

It’s difficult to process and come up with something that is truly unique on your site. Perhaps you could offer some kind of interpretation of how news in the hunting industry will affect your potential clients. You could, as part of your advertising package, offer a weekly report on how news from around the hunting industry will affect your clients. It’s a simple thought, but hopefully it will get you in the right thought process.

Can you think of any other ideas?


There are lots of ways you can make money with your Website. You can drive businesses with your Website to your outfitting business. You can sell products as a retailer, You can sell advertising along with things that aren’t copyable.

The point is that you have understand what hunting businesses need, what they find subjective value in, and you need to provide that for them in a way that makes them profitable.

While it’s easy for someone to launch a Website these days, it’s not easy to figure out how to provide value.

But those who figure out how to provide value there is great reward.

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