Inspirational Hunting Blogger Insights, Quotes, and Musings Part 1

Insight often comes in the form of a single phrase or thought.

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Each day I like to read blog posts from some of my favorite bloggers. I read blogs about hunting, fishing, camping, blogging, SEO, PR, Austrian Economics, liberty, and more. I come across some great insight each day.

Often this insight comes in the form of a single phrase or thought. Usually these simple phrases leave readers the chance to interpret the content in their own way. It’s inspirational when bloggers are able to write content powerful enough to inspire their readers.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember all of the great content each blogger writes. I bookmark my favorites posts I want to remember, but too often I move from one blog to the next telling myself I’ll come back again to pick up and expand on the insight posted.

Today I wanted to take the time to go back and look at some of the inspirational hunting blogger insights, quotes and musings I have recently read on some of my favorite outdoor blogs.

Here are a few of my favorite bits from a few outdoor bloggers with my comments.

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles

“Hunting is what you make of it. If we, the hunting population, start to define what hunting is, where will it stop?”

From the post: Game Reserves, Preserve Hunting, High Fence Hunting, What are the Facts?

Blogger: Albert A. Rasch (@AlbertRasch)


Albert was referring to the topic of game preserve hunting with critical analysis. I’m going to take his quote slightly out of context and use it as inspiration for blogging, hunting business, and life in general.

“Hunting is what you make it.”

Insert “blogging”, “life”, “my business”, “my job”, “golf”, etc. in place of “hunting” and you can start to understand that what you do in life is completely within your control. The decisions you make to further your experiences and connection during your life.

Make your hunting business great. Make your family & friend connections great. Make your life great.

Outdoor Media Resources

“What’s the worst thing that could happen to a gun writer?  Near the top of the list would be somehow losing use of his trigger finger, but that’s just what happened to Hal several years later. A freak tire-changing accident cost him his trigger finger, but not once did I hear him complain.  ‘I have nine others,’ he [Hal Swiggett] told me.”

From the post: Hal Swiggett

Blogger: Sherry A. Kerr (@SherryinAL)


This quote within a quote from Sherry is a great example of being able to tell the character of a person with only a simple phrase.

“I have nine others”.

This notion is an inspirational mantra for life and business.

No matter what life throws at you, even if it appears the world as you know it is over, continue to think positive and know better days are ahead.

Side note: this was a very touching tribute by Sherry. The business relationship she formed with Hal seems like it was beneficial for both parties and should be used as an example of what making real connections should be in our own business.

Next Generation Hunting

“As we set and waited for the deer to get close enough our daylight just wouldn’t stay around long enough. The deer came within 10 yards of our blind. Raley was ecstatic with excitement wanting to shoot the deer, but with little to no light left we decided it was too late to take the shot. This was the last day of the deer season for 2006.”

From the post: Daughter’s First Deer – A proud moment for Dad and Daughter

Blogger: Greg Slone (@GregSlone)


This is a great story of patience. One of the greatest things my own parents taught me was the value of having patience. My Dad taught me the patience of hunting, fishing, team sports, golf, and more. My Mom taught me about patience with school work, day-to-day working for a living, and much more.

Greg’s story of teaching his daughter, Raley, that patience pays off is touching. It is not easy for an excited first-time deer hunter to wait an entire year after passing up a close chance.

But it was a great lesson of respect for wildlife and her patience paid off the following season.

Patience is not only a great lesson for hunters. And it’s not only a great lesson for young people.

Bloggers, especially adult bloggers and website owners often forget to be patient. Success comes to those who are most persistent. Overnight success is a myth.

Stick with your passion and be patient.

You’ll find success.

Schnee's Powder Horn Outfitters

“There’s really no good way to count 21,000+ flies.”

From the post: Power Horn Inventory

Blogger: Jon Edwards (@Schnees_Jon)


I’ve only had to do inventory a few times in my life. I worked in the Wausau Country Club pro shop. It was a great experience. The store was relatively small and the inventory was minimal, but it was still boring work.

I’m sure the staff at Schnee’s Powder Horn isn’t fond of inventory either.

But taking inventory is necessary for understanding your business. You don’t have to be in retail to realize that you need to take inventory of your business from time to time.

If you have a blog, take some time to look back on your archives. This will give you a chance to remember what it is you started blogged for. You’ll see how far you’ve come since your first days of the blog. You’ll come across posts that got lots of traffic others that didn’t do so well.

Bloggers and business owners can get stuck in ruts doing the same thing over and over. Taking inventory gives us a chance to understand what inspired us to begin blogging. Taking inventory gives us a chance to remember what posts were successful and what posts weren’t. We can build on our successes and continue our efforts to grow our blog and Website.

Take inventory of your Web business. Remember the passion that allowed you to start. Focus on your successes and build on them. Grow your hunting business on the Web.

Deer Camp Blog

“The first Annual Christmas Place Hog Hunt was a major success!”

From the post: The Great Hog Hunt of 2009

Blogger: Rex Howell (@rexhowell)


I’ll end this first installment of my favorite insight from some of my favorite bloggers with Rex’s quote about the value of spending time with friends and family.

Passion brings people together.

When people share a passion such as hunting, they have a reason to get together and connect with each other. These connections add more meaningful value to everyone willing to put in some effort.

Great things happen when you take the time to connect with friends and family. Sharing passions give you an excuse to get together and have fun.

Blogging and running a hunting Website can be a shared passion for you.

Find the people in the hunting industry who are willing to meet others who share their same passion for hunting, business and the Web.

Open up your life to sharing your knowledge and experiences and you’ll get more reward from your experience on the Web than you could ever hope for.

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