Essential Hunting Industry Stats

One of the things all business owners do when thinking of starting and expanding their business is to research their industry and niche…

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It’s not always easy to find information.  It also takes a lot of time.

Here I have done some of the work for you if you’re looking for stats, resources, and information on the Hunting Industry.

The content collected here is as up to date as I could find as of the publishing of this article.

I hope this helps you with your research for your hunting business.

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Last Update – Nov. 2009 – Thanks to @BobbyFreeman for some great additional info

Hunting Industry Stats

Industry Stats

$22.9 Billion+ – Hunting expenditures (Source)

1 million – Near the number of jobs as a result of the Hunting Industry (Source)

$2,000 – Amount per hunter spent on hunting each year (Source)

$10.7 Billion – Hunting equipment expenditures (Source)

12.5 million – People 16 years old and older enjoyed hunting a variety of animals within the United States (Source) Down from 14 million in 1996 (Source)

10.7 million – Big Game Hunters (Source)

7.2 million – People hunting on private land only (Source)

91% – Male hunters (Source)

25% – Hunters age 35 to 44, the largest group (Source)

Hunting Web Stats

16,000,000 – Search results for “hunting” on Google (Source)

4th Quarter – Top quarter of the year for “hunting” as a search term (Source)

11,100,000 – Approximate search volume for the term “hunting” per month (Source: Google Keyword Tool: Type in ‘hunting’)

October – Highest Search Volume Month (Source: Google Keyword Tool: Type in ‘hunting’)

Huting – Top misspelled keyword with 18,100 searches per month (Source – KeywordSpy)

$0.80 – Estimated Average Cost Per Click for the term “Hunting” on Google AdWords (Google Keyword tool)

110 – PPC Advertisers for the term ‘Hunting’ (Source – KeywordSpy)

450,000+ – Facebook users with “hunting” as an interest (Source: Facebook Advertising Page – Password Protected)

100,000 – YouTube videos that appear for the search term “hunting” vs. (Source)

53,000 – Results on Technorati for ‘Hunting’ (Source)

17,500+ Twitter followers of @BullsandBeavers: Chris Burget is the top Hunter (by number of followers) on Twitter (Source)

Hunting Industry Resources – The largest hunting Website on the Web (Source, Source, and Source)

DNR Directory (Bottom of the Page – Courtesy of

Hunting ( entry)

Hunting E-Commerce

Hunting News

Hunting News – News on Hunting continually updated from thousands of sources around the net. – All the Top Hunting News

Google Hunting News

Hunting Blogs

The Original Blog

Hunting Blog

Whitetail 365 (Field and Stream has some of the most popular hunting blogs)

Hunting Periodicals

Peterson’s Hunting

Deer and Deer Hunting

Field and Stream

Hunting Shows

Realtree Outdoors


Versus Country (Hunting)

Hunting Communities

Jesse’s Hunting & Outdoors

Hunting Forums Forum Forum

Jesse’s Hunting & Outdoors Forum

Hunting Industry Information

HuntingNet’s Hunting Business Directory “Find and contact almost every Hunting related business you can imagine”

2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation

National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associate Recreation by State

Hunting License Information

Interesting Study on Baiting [The Effects of Baiting on Deer Hunting in Wisconsin .pdf]

Find hunting and fishing trips

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Things to Share in the Comments

Success Rates (If you’re an outfitter, public land hunter, private land hunter, etc.)

Do It Yourself Success – Best places for do it yourself hunters (Example: Do It Yourself Elk Hunting – #1 Colorado)

Hunting License Draw Odds – Both by State and by Game (Example: Wyoming Odds)

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  1. Dave – Great list of info that was useful for a presentation I did yesterday. I appreciate your blog and the insights you are providing. The web is THE tool that will accelerate the growth and more importantly the hunter-industry relationship, something that is needed.

    I saw it in the Outdoor world (skiing, camping, climbing, etc) when that industry started to embrace online retail around 2002-2004 and now social and online media (2008ish).

    Again, thanks for the resource of this post but also for your blog and comments.


  2. @Kendall – I’m thrilled this post helped you with your presentation.

    I think the hunting industry is coming around – lots of hunting blogs, hunters on Twitter, etc.

  3. Awesome resource, Dayne. I agree – hunters are beginning to really embrace the web…I think especially in the last 3-4 months, it seems to me that hunters have exploded onto the web in search of ways to satisfy their craving for hunting knowlege as well as entertainment.

  4. Thank you Dayne for sharing this GREAT info resource with all of us. We have three hunting product patents that we want to license and this is a very valuable resource for us to license the patents.
    I cannot thank you enough.

  5. Thanks so much for this info! I am doing a project about the hunting industry and hope to look into the industry and see what we can do to help educate future generations as well as current hunters about hunting. It’s a healthy, fun, hard, and unique experence everytime!
    Thanks again!

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