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Even today, hunting businesses seem afraid to take advantage of the Web. People seem afraid to join the Web and use the tools available to make meaningful connections with future customers, business partners, and competitors.

For those who are or have been afraid to bring your hunting business to the Web and realize your full potential, here’s a quick 12-Step Program to help you get over your fear and take your hunting business to the next level.

1) We admitted that we are powerless without the Web and our business is unfulfilled without it

The Web statistics for the hunting industry are huge and the benefits of having a Web presence are simply too great to ignore anymore for hunting businesses.

It’s easy to decide to start a blog or Website for your hunting business today and have a presence today or within a few days. Take some time to admit that your business needs the Web.

If you need that extra incentive to push yourself over the edge, remember that the Web is another way to add value to your customers’ experience with your business.

By adding value to your customers’ experience, you’re increasing your chances of referral business, which is the best way to attract new customers.

2) Came to believe that the Web could restore our business’s competitiveness

Face it; if your business does not have any sort of online presence today, you’re behind your competition.

Today, hunting business have great Websites and blogs that are full of useful information, resources, and content for current and potential customers to use and benefit from.

If a customer has the choice of a business that offers a blog, a weekly e-newsletter, a content-rich Website, and a connectivity presence on sites like Twitter vs. a business that doesn’t have any, who are they going to choose?

3) Made a decision to focus our energy and our business lives on enhancing our connections with the Web

The Web is a medium of exchange for making connections. As a successful hunting business owner you already know how to make valuable connections with customers and business associates.

With the Web, you can increase your ability to make connections by using tools that enhance your ability to share information, resources and knowledge.

Your time and your customers’ time are important. The Web is a time saver for you and your customers.

Focus your energy on becoming familiar with ways the Web can increase your ability to connect with your customers and business associates.

Use the Web as a medium of exchange to enhance your business connections.

4) Made a searching and fearless inventory of our hunting business

It’s difficult at times to look for weaknesses in our business. Fear often plays a large role in our willingness to avoid an honest look at where we can improve.

Fear may also play a role in your reluctance to bring your business to the Web.

It’s not unusual for people to feat what they don’t understand. Lots of people don’t understand the benefit of tools like Twitter or a blog.

Do an inventory of your business. Don’t let fear deter you from analyzing that your business can benefit from the resources on the Web.

5) Admitted to ourselves and to someone else the exact reasons of why we need the Web to succeed

Once you realize that your business is better off with a Web presence, admit to someone else (a friend, a business partner, or a co-worker) that you are willing to take the steps necessary to succeed on the Web.

This step will help you remain accountable for your progress.

Success on the Web will come slow at first and it’s difficult to continue striving to succeed. Frustration will play a role in your early development. So it’s important to have others pushing you along and holding you accountable for the success of your business.

When you feel like giving up your pursuit of utilizing the Web, you’ll have the added drive of wanted to succeed to prove to yourself and to your friend, business partner, or co-worker that you have what it takes to be a success on the Web.

6) We’re entirely ready to have the Web improve on our offline weaknesses

Even if your business has been extremely successful in its offline pursuits, there are areas where your business is weak without an online presence. Your ability to provide important and valuable content for your customers is one of the important areas.

Get to a point where you are willing to accept and become prepared to use the Web to improve your ability to provide valuable content for your customers.

Blogs, e-newsletters, e-books, email updates, etc. are just a few of the ways you can continue providing beneficial content for your customers more effectively online than you could offline.

7) Humbly asked others for assistance with Web tools and strategies

Don’t be afraid to approach others with your questions about how to effectively use the Web to improve your business.

Others in the hunting industry are willing to provide help and assistance so that you can succeed.

There are tons of great outdoor blogs you can visit for information on how to use the Web to improve your hunting business.

8) Made a list of all the ways the Web can successfully help our business to succeed

After doing some research about how the Web can specifically enhance and improve your hunting business, it’s important to create a priority list.

Use this priority list as a guide and plan for increasing your Web presence.

Once you have this list created, you are ready to begin the process of bringing your hunting business to the Web.

9) Made a direct commitment to prioritize and implement a strategy for our hunting business based on the ways the Web can help our business succeed

Now that you have your priority list, it’s time to commit to implementing your business’s Web strategy.

Sometimes the most difficult part of implementing a plan is getting started.

If your #1 priority is starting a blog, take the first step of opening an account with a service like WordPress and follow their easy instructions for making your blog a reality.

Utilize resources and connections when you come across something you need help with. Don’t let fear deter you from moving to the next step in implementing your Web strategy.

10) Continued to take inventory of our businesses strategy and admit when we need to utilize new tools and strategies

People on the Web continue creating new tools and technology that can improve our business’s ability to add value to our customer relationships.

It takes a committed effort to continually stay in the loop on new technology and how it may or may not improve our hunting business.

Blogs, Twitter, and forums are all great places to join conversations about new technology and how it may help businesses like ours.

11) Sought through our passion for success to continue to improve our business and its strategy – both offline and online

Just as technology changes on the Web, our business strategy (both online and offline) needs to change.

There is a lot of trial and error on the Web. That’s what is great about the nature of the Web. We can try new things and if it doesn’t work out we can quickly change course and try the next strategy.

Even if you continually change your strategy, your customers will see you as someone who is willing to continue improving for their benefit.

You may start an email newsletter for your customers, but after some time you may realize that a blog might be a better strategy for enhancing the value you can provide for your customers.

12) Having an awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to continually work to improve the value of our customers through our business practices

As a successful business owner, you already realize that success comes from a willingness to improve the value you and your business provide for your customers.

This fact doesn’t change when you increase your business’s Web presence.

Remain committed to improving your business practices so your customers continually benefit as a result of their relationship with you and your business.

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