10 Awesome Hunting Blog Designs

Design is important for success.

I’ll often write about design and inspiring images, art, and photography here at HBM and try to relate it to success in the hunting industry. I’m a big fan of interesting design that captures attention.

Looking at collections of photographs or Website designs helps to inspire new ideas and to continue to strive for improvement.

I think the visual aspect of hunting blogs is just as important as the content included on the site. Your readers not only want to take in the content, but they want what they’re looking at to be visually appealing as well. It’s an important part of Website development.

I won’t say that design is lacking in the outdoor blog world, but let’s just say that there is always room for improvement.

Here are 10 of my favorite hunting blog designs…

10) Wildlife Callers

Wildlife Callers Blog

Website: Wildlife Callers Blog

The subscribe call-outs are right at the top right to put importance on acquiring new names for the list. The text is black and the background is white. A great design for a store blog.

9) Hunting Life

Hunting Life Blog

Website: Hunting Life Blog

The page is simple in design and not busy. There isn’t much distraction from the content in each post. Images are used to enhance almost every post. I also love the rotating images at the top of the site.

8) Bowhunting.com

Bowhunting Blog

Website: Bowhunting Blog

The entire Bowhunting.com site is one of my favorites. The stuff surrounding the blog content gets a little busy, but that doesn’t take away from the good use of red, black, and gray in the blog design. It’s easy to read and comprehend.

7) Bulls and Beavers

Bulls and Beavers

Website: Bulls and Beavers

I really like the big image that previews the headline story on Bulls and Beavers. Using images is a great way to encourage visitors to your home page to visit your individual blog posts.

6) Wired to Hunt

Wired to Hunt

Website: Wired to Hunt

A great use of white space on this site (which I love). The main focus is the content. The search is also visible and easy to use at the top right.

5) Native Hunt Blog

Native Hunt Blog

Website: Native Hunt Blog

The site has a wide format with an appealing, outdoor feeling look. The design matches the business site – Native Hunt. This is a great way to allow readers to visit the two sites seamlessly.

4) Whitetail 365

Whitetail 365

Website: Whitetail 365

A classic hunting and outdoor publication gets it right with the design of their site and blogs. I love the use of white space on this blog. The three-column layout highlights all of the important content above the fold while allowing the main blog content to take center stage.

3) Muskoka Outdoors

Muskoka Outdoors

Website: Muskoka Outdoors

I’ve always loved the design of this site. A nice, big picture promo area on the home page to highlight the top or most recent posts. The whitespace is great. It’s a clean and crisp site that is all about focusing on the ease of absorbing the content.

2) Michael Waddell’s Blog

Michael Waddell's Blog

Website: Michael Waddell’s Blog

This is a great contrasting color blog and site design. It seems like a lot of outdoor-related sites like to use dark and bold colors in some way. I prefer white space with some dark, gradient colors. Michael’s blog uses a black border/background, but utilizes whitespace effectively for the blog. It’s easy to read and comfortable for the eyes.

1) New Archery Products

New Archery Blog

Website: New Archery Blog

This is a favorite design of mine overall for hunting sites and the blog matches the site so I had to include it. It has a nice wide format. The font is read to read against the white background.

Blog Design

If your blog is need of a design tune-up, there is no better place to turn to than Sarah Lynn Design.

Sarah and her team will create a customized blog design to match your needs and the visual needs of your readers.

Website: Sarah Lynn Design and Sarah Lynn Design Portfolio

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8 thoughts on “10 Awesome Hunting Blog Designs”

  1. As always Dayne, thanks for the kind words! The design aesthetic of my blog has always been important to me and it’s something I keep wanting to improve.

    I think a design shout out should be given to HBM as well, I’ve always liked he look and feel of the site here. Once again, white space is key. It’s classy, but interesting to look at. A+

  2. Just subscribed to your RSS first one I have ever done any pointer on how the heck to use it? Love your content usually check your site out daily from work….on break of course. Are you working on a biz as we speak besides HBM? I thought I read your were starting a photo sharing site?
    Chrism B.

  3. @Mark – Well thanks, Mark. HBM is just a free WordPress theme that a kind designer has available. I made only a few minor tweaks.

    @Chris – Thanks for subscribing Chris. You can use RSS in a Reader or on your Google home page.

    You can also subscribe to the HBM Newsletter. I send out the latest posts every Tuesday afternoon.

    No photo sharing sites as of right now.

    During the day I work as a marketing manager for Mason Companies Inc.; specifically I manage the catalog and Web media for BA Mason, Wissota Trader, and Auditions.

    I also work on SEO for ShoeMall, trying to sell lots of good shoes.

  4. Dayne,

    Thank you for the kind words and for the promo of our site! We appreciate you highlighting Wildlife Callers! We have some exciting changes and some new features in the works, these will make it easier for customers to navigate within the store as we continue to add more product lines. Some other cool stuff is in the works as well!

    Thanks again,

    Marc Reindell

  5. Hi Dayne,

    Thanks for adding us to this list. There are some great websites here and would agree how important the design element is. HBM should be on this list….

    Thanks again,

  6. If you ever get the chance, you should check out a few of my clients and designs. I always enjoy reading your stuff, would like to become better connected!

    One that would have fit this post is http://Elk101.com – Corey and the gang are putting together some of the best elk hunting content on the web and getting the hits also! I was very pleasured to design their website!

    Take Care Dayne!!


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