How to Spend Your Time Marketing Your Business on the Web

“You ever realize that you’re wasting time and have to give yourself a little lecture? Then you twitter about it… and waste more time.” Cory Glauner (@gothunts)

Focusing on the Most Important Tasks

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One of the things I struggle with frequently is focusing on what’s important to reaching my goals in life. It seems like I get into situations where I’m spending way too much time on tasks that aren’t as important as others.

For example, just before I sat down to write this post I was working on some changes for the Hunting Business Marketing site. Most of these changes were functional and somewhat visual. After struggling for awhile to figure them out I realized that I was wasting valuable time that I had meant to use for writing.

I’ve always been inquisitive and while I find that characteristic to be a positive quality it also has the tendency to get me in trouble once and awhile concerning time management.

Life seems to be balancing act of tasks we need and want to perform and since we’ve all only got a limited amount of time available it seems imperative that we figure out the tasks that are truly most important in achieving our goals, aspirations, and happiness.

So how do we decide what is most important?

Let’s take a deeper look…

Understanding Your Business Goals

Prioritizing your time to ensure your happiness most likely includes family, friends, and becoming successful, but for this article I’ll just focus on the success of your hunting business and your business goals. I’m guessing there is a chance that the success of your business is one of your main goals for your life anyway so I hope you understand the focus on the article. Maybe I can address the personal side of priorities and life in another post.

Anyway, back to your business.

Let’s take a look at a couple questions to consider…

1| What are your business goals?

It’s important to understand what your business goals are in order to better prioritize your tasks.

I’ll just use myself as an example and hopefully you can mold it to match your own.

Today when I was working on the site I realized the things I was working on (functional changes) weren’t as important as the core things (creating valuable content) I should have been working on.

So I immediately switched over to writing this post and next I’ll focus on adding content to the Hunting Business Marketing Book and creating other content for Hunting Business Marketing.

You see, I realized that what is valued most here is the written content.

While functionality is important and definitely needs my attention, I realized I needed to create content and get caught up to the point where I felt good enough to stop creating content and focus on other, less important, priorities.

So today I had a moment when I realized what my business goals were:

1| Create content that helps hunting business owners better market their business and serve hunters

2| Create a voice for Hunting Business Marketing that is personal and attentive to the needs of hunting business owners

3| Create a simple and functional Web site that makes it easy for hunting business owners to access the content

4| Create revenue opportunities that allow Hunting Business Marketing to be profitable and successful in respect to #1

These go more into detail, but you get the point.

After realizing that these were my goals for Hunting Business Marketing I knew that it was time to stop tinkering and get back to focusing on the content.

2| What do you do best?

While I don’t claim to be a masterful or influential writer, I do understand that I love writing blog posts and other content that helps hunting business owners with their marketing strategies and goals.

I enjoy analyzing statistics, occurrences, and trends while providing my thoughts on how the activities around us affect the hunting industry and individual hunting businesses.

And while I may not be the best at creating content, it is what I’m best at (or at least what I enjoy doing most).

So my time (right now) is best spent focusing on creating valuable content.

Now, I also realize the importance of presenting the content in ways that make it easy for your to use and understand.

This is where the other priorities for my business goals come in…

Continue Learning

Creating valuable content is my number one goal, but I know that it’s important to continue to learn new techniques and strategies that make my goals mentioned above more efficient and effective.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of reading, researching, and other time consuming activities while I’ve been working on a new Website.

With encouragement from Sarah Hicks, I’ve been trying to learn how to do things myself instead of hiring out tasks.

I’ve spent a lot of frustrating hours working on the new site and it’s felt like a lot of wasted time more than once.

But as time goes on I’m realizing all of the valuable things I’m learning through the process that will help me in the future for making my goal of providing valuable content to hunting business owners more efficient.

So the final point is that while it’s important to focus on what you do best, it’s just as important to continue learning so you can not only achieve your business goals, but make the process of delivering them more efficient and effective.


It’s important from time to time to take a step back and analyze the daily tasks we do throughout our day.

Ask yourself a couple questions:

1| What are your business goals?

2| What do you do best?

There are other related questions more specific to your unique situation, but the important thing to realize is that your life is short and if you want to be happy and satisfied you need to focus on what’s most important for your life’s goals.

Do the things that make you happy and that lead to success.

If you’re not happy and successful…what’s the point?


Cory is one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter.

Follow him at if you are not doing so already.

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  1. Dayne,

    Another excellent post. Time management is so critical for professional in any industry. In something as ephemeral as writing can be, the possibility of loosing track of what one is doing is easy. Making check lists and idea lists help me crack through mental barriers when things start to get a little muddled.

    Right now for instance, I am waiting on a couple of things to come together so I can get out and do some hunting. Hard to write about hunting if you don’t get to go out too often! So that is one of my priorities. And it is on the list!

    Best regards,
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  2. Thank you Albert.

    I hear you on the hunting and writing about hunting issue. I’m working on setting up my plans for whitetail hunting this fall.

    Sometimes it’s important to remember the priorities.

    Thank you for your thoughts as always.

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