How to Keep It Simple – The Flip Video Camcorder

On March 19, 2009, the maker of the Flip Video Camcorder, Pure Digital Technologies, was purchased by Cisco Systems for $590 million in Cisco stock.

Simple. Pays. Off.

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The Flip Video Camcorder is another great example of how a functional, simple, and easy-to-use device can take over an entire industry seemingly overnight.

The simple concept can be used in many aspects of your personal and business life. You can streamline your hunting business by focusing only on what the customer wants and doing it better than the competition.

While others are focusing on pleasing everyone, you’ll be honing in on being the best at one thing.

Flip Background

For Flip Video, they decided to be the best at providing a cost-effective way for customers to record video and quickly and easily put it online on personal Websites or video sharing Websites such as YouTube.

The Flip has a basic screen and button system.

Basic Screen and Button System - Flip Video Camcorder

It has a flip-out (get it) USB port so it easily connects to any computer.

Simple USB Flip-out Flip Video Camcorder

And it runs on simple AA batteries.

AA Batteries Flip Video Camcorder

There are various versions that have different storage capacity, colors, sizes, and capabilities.

You can choose the best option for your situation.

And they are all small enough to fit in your pocket like a cell phone.

It’s no wonder the Flip became a success.

The Flip quickly captured about 13% of the camcorder market after becoming the best selling camcorder on Amazon.

What a hunting business can learn from the success of the Flip

Focus on solving one problem

The biggest challenge for business (including hunting businesses) is to focus on solving only one problem for hunters.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of attempting to create an ‘Ultimate Hunting Product‘.

I’ve fallen into this trap myself more than once.

Plus it can be difficult to identify one problem of hunters. Your customers probably don’t realize there is an alternative product that can make their hunting experience easier and more beneficial. They aren’t going to tell you directly what their problem is.

You’re going to have to identify the problem and focus on solving it with an easy and simple product and service.

Create as few steps for functionality as possible.

Then allow them to easily upgrade and improve the product so they can customize it even further to suit their specific needs.

Make your product as simple as possible

Simple is always better than complex. And contrary to your natural thought, simple is harder to accomplish than complexity.

Your product should be easy enough for a five-year old (or seventy-five year old) to use.

If at all possible, the directions for your product should be self explanatory. Don’t make using your product difficult that it should even require more than basic directions.

Ideally, a person should be able to look at your product and understand how to use it with common sense. This is not always possible, but should be what we all strive to accomplish.

Provide options and let customers determine their own best setup

Once you have a product that solves a problem for your customer, focus on simple add-on features that can be interchanged, easily added-on, removed, and easily customizable.

Allow your customer to choose a color that fits their liking.

You don’t have to customize your product for your customers, you do, however, have to allow them to customize your product for themselves.


Without Government inflation of the monetary supply, prices of products naturally fall as they cycle of the product progresses. Think of computers.

Products start out expensive because there is relatively little competition, but as others enter the industry prices will (and should) fall.

Your job will be to continue to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing process to cut costs, cut prices, and still make a good margin.

Eventually the product will reach maturity. This is where the customizing factor will keep you going.

At this point you’ll have to think about other problems to solve (with the simple strategy) to continue growing you business.


The Flip Camcorder is an inspiration for all entrepreneurs and hunting businesses have more tools now with the Web than ever before at their disposal to create their own simple products.

Focus on solving one problem at a time for hunters. Don’t get caught up in the ‘Ultimate Product’ game. It’s hard to reign yourself in usually.

Focus on making your product simple rather than complex. Again, this is difficult.

Provide options and add-ons that allow your customer to customize their product.

And focus on becoming as efficient with your product creation as possible. Continue lowering your costs and price until your product reaches maturity.

Focus on this process while continuing to look for new ways to grow your hunting business with the simple strategy.

Examples of simple hunting products

The Whisker Biscuit

Quick Shot Black Whisker Biscuit

Problem it solves:

It’s an arrow rest that keeps your arrow from falling while you’re maneuvering for a shot.

Steps for use:

Step 1: Guide tip of arrow through the whiskers

Step 2: Attach your nock to your bow string

Step 3: Wait for a trophy to walk by


Camoflage Your Breath With Gum-O-Flage

Problem it solves:

It’s gum you chew to keep your stinky breath camouflaged.

Steps for use:

Step 1: Put in mouth

Step 2: Chew

Step 3: Repeat Step 2

EZ Hanger Bow Holder

EZ Bow Hanger

Problem it solves:

With your bow hanging down in front of your body, it reduces movement necessary to prepare for a shot.

Steps for use:

Step 1: Screw into tree

Step 2: Hang bow

Step 3: Wait for a trophy to walk by

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