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Looking for an online hunting business directory is something each business owner or manager does when they’re looking for a way to market their business on the Web. One of the ways to grow your own audience is to pay to borrow the attention of someone else’s. For more see Grow Your Followers Like a Country Music Singer.

Online hunting directories are like the hard copy of the yellow page ad book you may still receive on your door step every year. However, most online hunting business directories offer much more quality exposure and branding for quite a bit less money than your average yellow page classified.

Finding the correct online hunting business directory is essential to increasing your exposure, traffic, and sales. Let’s take a look at ways you can ensure you choose the right directory listing for your business…


The Basics

Every site should have some basic features that make it stand out and catch the eye of the hunters who are visiting the site for information on hunting businesses. The authority of the directory rests solely in the hands of its visitors. The great thing about the Web is that the people ultimately decide the Websites that are most important.

Follow hunters on the Web and you’ll find the best hunting directories for your business. Here are a few things to help you follow the hunters on the Web…

Size of the Directory’s Audience

The reason you’re looking for an online hunting business directory is to expand your audience and increase your quality customers. One of the things you want is the opportunity to expand your business brand to the largest and most relevant audience on the Web. (More on relevancy in the next section).

There is a simple way to determine the size of the audiences on the hunting directories you’re researching.

Let’s take a look at the popular term ‘hunting outfitter’. A quick trip over to use the Google Keyword Tool gives some info into the traffic and competition for the term.

Hunting Outfitter Keyword Research

As you can see, it’s a popular term. So the sites that rank high for this term should have some quality traffic they pass to the businesses who list in their directories.

After doing a quick Google search for ‘hunting outfitter’ I saw these results (your results may vary slightly – Google personalizes your results):

Hunting Outfitter Google Results

Now, you can visit and compare the unique visitors to the top few sites.

It seems that HuntingNet is in a league of its own yet the site specializes in many more things than just being the best directory. It’s good to have lots of traffic yet it can also be good to find a directory that specializes only in converting sales for outfitters in its listings, which may include having fewer features in order to focus on the directory. It’s a trade off and it’s something to consider for your business.

Target Market

Another consideration when choosing your hunting business directory is your target market the audience of each particular directory. You want the audience of the directory to match yours as closely as possible so the traffic your listing drives will have a high likelihood of converting to an eventual sale.

One tool you can use is Quantcast. As you can see here on the profile for, since the data and traffic for the site are relatively small, Quantcast provides estimates of relevant audience information. Demographics

For sites with a slightly larger audience and traffic there is more information on visitors. Use tools such as Quantcast to verify that the audience you’re chasing is in tune with the audience and customer you’re targeting.

Design and Functionality

Something that can often overlooked when considering choosing a directory to list your hunting business is look, feel and ease of functionality.

How do you want your business and brand to appear to first time viewers? As you expand your Web presence to new audiences, the directories you list your business on will be partly considered by the hunter who is searching for a quality hunting business.

Make sure the look, feel, and ease of functionality are in tune with your business brand.

The Directory’s Own Success

Earlier we looked at the search engine result page (SERP) for the keyword ‘hunting outfitter’. The directories that were listed near the top are the directories that Google found most relevant for the search term.

Consider the relevance and authority of the directories you are looking to list your business with. Think about a few of the keywords your potential clients will search for when looking for directories to find your business and see what directories Google and its clients (most Web users) find relevant.

Essential Features Only

I’m a big fan of sites that are simple with a lack of features beyond those that are most valuable. One of my favorite sites is Zen Habits. Very simple, effective, and valuable.

In the following video, Kevin Rose, founder of Digg discusses some of the things that he finds essential for attracting large audiences on the Web. One of the points he discusses is that when he was growing Digg he would test features and listen and watch users’ reactions. He would then determine what features were actually beneficial and what features should be removed. He didn’t fall in love with features and he was willing to let go. He kept it simple.

Taking your Site from One to One Million Users by Kevin Rose from Carsonified on Vimeo.

In this talk from FOWA London ( Kevin shares the secrets to and explosive user growth. He covers nine unique strategies that turn passive users into passionate advocates.

You’ll learn:

1. How to encourage users to tweet about your app

2. The concept of “The Circle of Life” in web apps and how it affects you

3. Growing your userbase: What worked and what didn’t for digg, WeFollow and Pownce

4. And more …

Look for hunting business directories that keep things simple and focus only on features that are beneficial for converting sales for your business.


Some directories offer features that allow hunting businesses to create their own Web page within the directory. Some of the directories offer varying levels of interaction with their site. These levels may range from a simple text link to your actual Website to a full-blown Web page with photo galleries, contact forms, coupons, etc.

Depending on how far into your Web presence initiative you are, you may want to look for a directory that offers some options that allow you to scale your involvement with them. For example, you may want to only list your basic description, contact information and logo in the initial listing. This way you can test out the directory for minimal monetary investment. If the initial investment proves profitable, you can work with the directory to scale your involvement to potentially increase your exposure on their site and with their audience including their search traffic.

Most directories will work with you to make sure they create the best package for your specific business.


Choosing a hunting business directory is one of the first places hunting businesses look when they want to expand their Web presence. It’s a smart place to look as expanding into other established audiences is vital to growing your business.

Look for the basics when doing your due diligence before you start inquiring about the specific services a directory can offer your business. Use the available free tools to determine the amount and quality of traffic each directory has and make sure you give your business and the directory listing the best chance for success.

Look for a directory that focuses only on the features that are essential for converting sales for you. Don’t let yourself get caught up in features that may be useless and potentially distracting when it comes to getting customers to contact you eager to purchase your services and products.

Lastly, look for directories that offer ways for you to try out their services in a way that has little risk of monetary investment on your end. Look for directories that offer opportunities to scale your involvement.

Find the right directory can mean quality sales for your hunting business. Doing a little bit of research today can mean more money in your pocket with more sales and less expense tomorrow. Take some time to do the research and you’ll appreciate the work later when you’re bringing in more business on the Web.


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