How Long Copy Email Can Help Your Hunting Business

Emailing is a crucial part of hunting business success. The trick is figuring out what your current customers are going to respond to and how to get new subscribers for your email list.

Reading at Breakfast

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Email is another way to form a deeper connection with your customers. You can share information about your company and information about your company’s product or service.

One thing I like to do to keep up with what’s going on in the world of emails is to subscribe to emails from various industries.

Mostly the emails I get just highlight a couple of products. There might be a promotion…actually there have been a lot of promotions lately (these always cause a rise in response, but you can’t always give away the farm).

However, lately one company’s emails have been standing out:

Levenger Email


At Levenger, we create useful and beautiful products that help people achieve their goals and fulfill their aspirations. You’ll find us in the post, on the Web and in store.

We’d like to tell you more about our company-who we are today, and how we evolved from a few good reading lights to an emporium of products designed for reading, writing and working with ideas.

I’d like to review a recent Levenger email and show how you can use their techniques for your hunting business.

Here is the original Levenger email: Steve’s Pick – 3-by-5 Things You Should Know About Index Cards

I’ll start out by saying that Steve does an awesome job of taking a seemingly boring topic and turning it into an intriguing email – that’s where passion plays a huge role.

Update: Here is Steve’s blog Well-Read Life and related post Dancing with Darwin: The vanishing index card is a useful species still

Blog Style

What initially stuck out about this email is the fact that it’s long-copy or written in a blog/letter format. It isn’t the typical product highlight that most companies send out – a few words and images of products.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the typical product email from companies, but the great thing about the Web is that the competition is so great that everybody has to do something special and unique to stand out from all the noise.

This email from Levenger definitely stood out in my inbox.

I like the fact that it was in long-copy format vs. short copy.

One thing I’ve learned from writing this blog (as a result of my own long-winded and detailed approach) is that people seem to like long-copy formats.

If you can grab the attention of your customers with a unique topic and then provide then in-depth details, they will respond and form a more meaningful connection with your company and products or services.

Think about how you can write about the details of your company’s products or services. I think you’d be surprised at how people will respond to the details you may think are boring.

Effective Linking

Now, if you’re going to try a few long-copy emails for your company, it’s crucial that you effectively link to relevant pages on your Website.

Effective linking leads your customers to more information, which will lead them further along the buying process.

If you read my posts on this blog you know I try to effectively link to relevant information both on and off the blog. My goal is to provide you with more value than I can provide in a post. It’s up to me to make my content compelling enough to encourage you to click on the links. It’s also my job to make sure those links are relevant so you aren’t wasting your time by clicking on them.

The same concept is at work in the Levenger email. Steve effectively links to products on his Website. He links anytime he uses the full name of a certain product. He isn’t pushing the products on the reader; he is offering an opt-in for the readers.

It’s up to him to craft his copy so his customers will want to click the links and learn about the products and ultimately purchase.

Steve is really great with persuasive copy in his emails. He shows why his products are beneficial for his customers and he provides so many details and examples of satisfied customers. And he does it in a way that is unique to what his competitors are doing.

You can do the same for your hunting company. Are your competitors sending weekly newsletters, emails, etc. to their clients? Are you?

Are they sending out detailed, long-copy emails with links back to products?

I would love to see an outfitter send out regular updates on the outfitting industry. You could cover how hunting news, politics, and the economy are affecting your customers and your business. You could link to relevant articles, your own blog, and your own services (reduced pricing on a unique hunt maybe?).

There are lots of topics to cover about the hunting industry and how it affects you and your customer and long-copy emails are a great way to take advantage of the opportunity.

Remember Testing

While this long-copy email stood out to me, it’s important to remember that it may or may not work for you and your hunting business.

I encourage you to try some things with email. It’s a great way to stay connected with your customers and to provide information to potential customers. Create a regular email plan for your subscribers and create an effective (yet moral) way to gain new subscribers.

Always keep testing new ways to further your connection with your customers and increase sales. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s worth it once you find a formula that works for you.

Test subject lines, long-copy vs. short copy, etc. There are lots of things to test for emails and the great thing is you get instant feedback on what works. This allows you to adapt your strategy and improve your customer’s experience.


What stood out about the Levenger email was the fact that it was different and it had the customer in mind. Steve really tries to improve his connection with his customers. He wants his company to be a source of information, value, and beneficial products.

Relative, unique, and effective emails are a great way to not only reach your existing customer base, but if your long-copy emails are effective, your customers will forward them to their friends.

Email is a strong communication tool for your hunting business. Keep testing new ways to reach your customer and you might be surprised at the positive results.

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