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The other day I was reading a blog post from Ramit Sethi (@ramit) about how guest posting has been his biggest way to gain a larger audience while increasing traffic to his Website, Read the entire post:

How to get 150,000 people to read your blog post in 1 week (and how I did it)

Ramit’s suggestion for getting readers to your site is to write amazing guest posts for other Websites. It’s a great way to expand your audience by reaching out to provide valuable content for others who already have a large audience.

I was thinking about this suggestion while I was riding in my truck one morning. I usually listen to the local country music radio station and just then they were interviewing a rising country music singer who said, “You’re listening to today’s best country, today’s WAXX 104.5 FM”.

After the singer said this, they station played the singer’s latest hit single and I thought to myself that doing guest spots and reaching out to the audiences of others is exactly how rising country music singers expand their audience and increase their own stature.

Let’s take a look at the strategy…

Reaching Out to Radio Audiences

One of the first things new country singers do when they’re trying to market themselves and their music to new audiences is to go on radio tours.

A radio tour can last a few weeks and the tour sees the singer going around the nation to radio stations, big and small, trying to share their new music with the disc jockeys. If the disc jockey is impressed with the singer and with the new music they may decide to play the song on the radio for his or her audience. The DJ may also decide to let his or her audience decide how the new song and artist fare by asking for feedback whether it’s by having listeners call in to share their feelings or by giving listeners the chance to share their opinion with voting versus another up and coming star and song.

It can be difficult for new artists to continually go from city to city for tiring weeks on end trying to beg radio stations execs to play their music. Plus the artist has to have an amazing song before they can even begin to think that his or her song will get radio play.

Guest posting is a great way to build your audience and the process is similar to the way rising country signers visit radio stations asking for the disc jockeys to share their music with a large audience. When you decide to write guest posts, you’re essentially asking those who have larger audiences than you if you can borrow their audience’s attention in exchange for remarkable content.

You’re going to have to give up some of your best content for two reasons:

1| You have to impress the blog owner

2| You have to impress the blog audience

Country artists would love to have people listen to their music only by purchasing a copy for themselves, but to expand their audience, artists have to provide remarkable content in exchange for access to those who have large audiences with similar interests.

It would be great if your blog or Website could get lots of traffic by people simply coming to your site directly, but the reality is that to expand your audience and reach out to that target customer, you’re going to have to reach out to other bloggers who have larger audiences and offer some of your best original content in the form of a guest post so you can access their audience.

Look to provide value to another audience and hope that you capture their attention (and the attention of the blog owner) so that they eventually become a fan of yours.

Reaching Out to More Popular Singers’ Audiences

Another way that rising singers reach out to other audiences is by touring with country music stars who have large audiences and followers.

The goal of providing opening act entertainment for large music stars is to get in front of a large audience in hopes of turning someone else’s fan into a fan of you. Rising country stars often take little pay and provide their best touring show (sometimes even turning down smaller gigs and possibly higher paying gigs) for the chance to expand their audience with their eye on a bigger prize (their own headlining tour) in the long-term.

Your goal with guest blogging is to write original content that is remarkable enough to impress the blog owner (so they will possibly talk about you in the future) and the blog’s audience (so they will look for more info on you). This will require you to, in a sense, give away some of your best posts to other blogs. It’s tough, but worth it when new readers discover you.

Country singers would love it if they could focus all of their time earning money by playing their own songs live to the audience that they already have, but the reality is that if a country singer wants to become a star they’ll have to expand their audience by touring (sometimes for very little money) with a larger star in order to get in front of a larger audience.

While you might have to temporarily give up some great content when you guest post, the benefits are great if you can get in front of a blogger’s larger audience in hopes of gaining a few new long-time readers.

Slowly Building a Following

Guest posting and working off your own site with the goal of expanding your audience is a long process and any growth you see will come over time, but it’s by far the best way (along with writing remarkable content) to grow the traffic and revenue to your hunting business site.

While you’re focusing on building a blog to complement your hunting Website, remember that it will be a slow process that will have long-term benefit for connecting with new customers who will trust you and purchase your products for a lifetime.


What’s most difficult about this strategy for blog writers is giving up some of the best content you write to other blogs and Websites.

Rising country stars understand that their fan base will drive their careers. The singer understand that they have to spend time working with those who have large audiences with the goal of turning those audience members into fans. It takes a lot of effort for seemingly little immediate return, but the long-term benefit of gaining audience members and fans slowly is important for forging a successful career.

Just as rising country singers work with radio show hosts to get their music played and just as those same rising country stars tour as opening acts, you can do guest posts and work with bloggers who have established audiences as your provide them with valuable content in hopes of attracting new fans and customers.

Give some of your best, original content to those who have large audiences.

It’s one of the best ways to grow your traffic and ultimately your revenue.

Update: I’m always looking for opportunities to write a guest post. If you’re interested please contact me. Here are a few Guest Posts I’ve Written

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