Give Away Your Hunting Knowledge for Free

Does this sound crazy?

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It might.

You’re an expert in the hunting world.

You probably have an outfitting service, a hunting Website, or another hunting service of some kind.

Why would you give away even part of your business for free?

The answer is simple…


Your customers are getting your knowledge from somewhere. The Web enables us all to get endless amounts of information.

If your customers are not getting they’re needed information from you they’re getting from your competition.

Give away your knowledge for free to grow your business.

It’s a difficult to digest at first, but here are a few…

Benefits to giving away your hunting knowledge on the Web

“Free” Encourages Sharing…as long as it’s valuable information

Once you open up your valuable knowledge to the Web, people will appreciate your willingness to share and seek out your information.

Part of the problem with charging for your knowledge Is people are initially turned away.

Offer them something to get them acquainted.

If you’re an outfitter, share your local hunting knowledge in a blog or in forums.

Offer to help hunters with their questions.

Provide as many avenues for sharing and connection as possible.

Your own credibility will grow and your outfitting business will gain exposure and clientele.

Giving away your knowledge allows others to take credit

This one might be difficult to understand at first, but think about it.

If you give away your knowledge of say, deer hunting, to your followers and they can tell their friends about their new found knowledge…they’ll feel like super heroes.

They’ll feel great and the word about you will spread.

Read this article at CopyBlogger to further understand “How Word of Mouth Really Works“.

The key is to allow others to use your knowledge so they can expand their own knowledge and share it with as many people as they can.

This expands their reach and your reach.

That sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Hopefully you’ll get credit (and in most cases you will).

Give away your knowledge and let others take credit.


The Web is changing the world.

In order to succeed you’re going to have to get comfortable with sharing and giving away your knowledge.

If you’re a hunting outfitter and you have some hunting secrets, share your knowledge and watch your business grow on the Web.

You do have valuable knowledge to share…so share it and help others succeed. Their success is your success.

Examples of successful sharing are all around us.

There are blogs dedicated to every interest and hobby you can imagine.

If you aren’t sharing your knowledge you are missing out on reaching people and making valuable connections.

Start sharing today.

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