Form Connections with Hunters Before You Need Them

This morning, a friend of mine, Stu McMullin, was talking about a blog he was reading. The blog is and the editor is #1 Bestselling author, Ramit Sethi. I read through Ramit’s post Ramit’s Inbox: An email from a very confused guy who can’t find a job. At the end, Ramit gave some key takeaways that struck me as very simple, yet very relevant and important for hunting businesses:

  • Build skills before you need them
  • Networking is not a dirty word – make personal relationships before you need them

Forming a Connection

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Now, Ramit was referring to personal growth and development, but the same advice is crucial for your hunting business:

Form connections with hunters

Forming connections is the essence of the Web. It should go without saying and I’m sure you know that connections are the lifeblood of any hunting business. Who you know – vendors, partners, employees, or most importantly customers and the connections you have with them are what will make your business strong.

If you build strong connections with vendors you will be in a great position to get access to new services and products that will improve your business and your own products and services. If something goes wrong and your vendors know they can count on you to continue paying they’ll come to you (their strong connection) with available inventories.

Your business partners, other businesses you work with, and friends in the same industry are invaluable resources when you have questions about trying something new, gaining perspective and advice, or any number of things that require the knowledge and experience of others.

Your employees are the energy that makes your business function. One person can only do so much as far as taking a business to its fullest potential. By strongly connection with people who have the ability to expand your business (with benefits for them and for you), you’re setting up your business to reach its fullest potential.

Your customers – this is your gold. A strong connection with your customers is the ultimate connection you can make. If you can show that you’re willing to put your customers first, to put the improvement of their lives, the improvement of value added for them, you will form connections that will be strong through good and bad. And as we see during these times, there is nothing worth more than a loyal customer.

Form connections with hunters before you need them

The true brilliance of Ramit’s key lessons was that you need to plan for the future and establish relationships before you foresee a specific need for connections.

Sure, you may be close with your employees now while times are relatively good with your hunting business. But what happens if you have to put in extra time to get a job done for a client? What happens if you need to ask an employee to change their job – maybe move from one department to another because their work over the years seems to be better suited elsewhere? If you have a strong connection with your employees you will be able to transition (at least as smooth as possible) when your business requires extra work or a change. People, for some reason, are naturally afraid of change in their lives. I think it’s because it threatens their perceived security. But when there is trust, people are more open to change. If your employees trust in you (from past experiences or successes), they believe in you and your business and are willing to give their time and capital to grow the business and themselves.

Now, when it comes to forming connections with hunters before you need them, there is no better place to look than your own customers or potential customers.

Hunters are the people you look to for capital in exchange for products and services that required your own capital to create. This exchange and trust doesn’t occur overnight. You have to constantly work to improve the lives and well-being of your customers in advance of their needs and expectations.

In other words, you have to stay ahead of what your customer needs, wants, or expects from your hunting business (and your competition).

You can’t simply wait for other hunting businesses to create something remarkable and then tag-a-long.

You have to form connections with your customers in advance of their expectations. The focus of your hunting business should be to continually find ways to better the lives of your customers. A thought process with this type of thinking will allow for a deeper relationship and more value for your customers and more value (profit and non-monetary) for you and your hunting business.


When it comes to the connections you make on the Web and through your hunting business, form strong and valuable connections with hunters before you need them. There is no way anyone can predict exactly when a connection will show its true worth. The only thing we all can do is to be genuine, honest and trustworthy now and trust the connection will be prove valuable in the future.

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