Fear of Failure: Your Hunting Website Strategies vs. Your Hunting Strategies

The Fear of Failure: Atychiphobia.


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Don’t ask me how to pronounce it; I’m afraid I’d get it wrong. 😉

Whether you’re starting out with your hunting Website or if you’ve been at it for awhile, it’s likely that you’ve experienced a fear of failing.

We all fear failure.

The most successful people, no matter what the task, are always the people who face their fear and play to win – instead of playing not to lose.

It sounds backwards, but if you try and protect yourself from failure, you will fail.

People who accept failure are ultimately the ones who push themselves to the limit and reach great success.

As a hunter, think of your hunting website like this…

Your Hunting Website is like your hunting strategy

Repeat failure until you find what works

When you go out to a new piece of property to hunt, do you find the best spot right away?

Or better yet; when you were first beginning to hunt, did you always find the best places of the woods to harvest trophy bucks?

If you’re honest (wink, wink), you’re going to say “no”.

I’m still learning how to find those great places to hunt. Each time I’m in the woods I learn new things about how deer travel.

I’ve made mistakes in my assumptions in the deer woods.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve set up on night time travel corridors only to be skunked continuously during hunting hours.

It takes continuous trial and error to become a successful deer hunter.

It’s the same with your hunting Website.

You can’t expect to find success immediately with your new venture. It’s going to take a constant passion to increase your knowledge of the Web.

You’ll have to study the success of others just like you did when learning how to hunt.

With hunting you have Greg Miller, Bill Jordan, Michael Waddell, etc.

Well on the Web you have Chris Brogan, Darren Rowse, Guy Kawasaki, and countless others.

With hunting, I’m sure you’ve tried many tactics trying to find the ones that work best for you.

With your hunting Website, it’s going to take that same trial and error process.

Give Twitter a try. Go out and participate in a bunch of hunting forums and blogs. Start a blog of your own. Add products reviews to your site.

The Web has an unbelievable amount of tools to help you succeed with your hunting Website.

Some of the tools will fail at helping you succeed.

But it only takes one great success to really get the ball rolling.

Don’t think about missing

When you are preparing to take a shot to harvest a deer are you thinking about missing?

Hopefully not.

The best hunters are the ones who make an accurate shot when it counts.

The majority of hunters are only thinking about one thing when sighting in a trophy buck: Make the shot count.

The most successful hunters think about hitting their mark.

Sure they miss on the rare occasion. We can’t control every aspect of a shot.

But we can greatly improve our odds by simply having the right mindset.

It’s the same with your hunting Website.

Have a goal for you Website in mind like starting your own blog (harvesting a trophy deer). Work hard to prepare for the shot. This will require research, a clear vision and purpose, interviewing, time management, etc. (study of trials and travel patterns, trail camera scouting, etc.). Put yourself in the best position for writing great posts for you blog (put yourself in the best tree to harvest that buck) and write a great post (pull the trigger).

Think about winning; don’t think about trying not to fail.

There is a difference.


The Web is still new to us all. Things change constantly and it’s impossible to keep up. The best we can hope for is to allow ourselves to try and fail at some of the new technology.

The Web is a facilitator of connection.

And connection is the key to growing your hunting business online with a successful hunting Website.

The same way you did with developing your hunting strategies, encourage yourself to try new things and fail instead of being afraid of failing.

Who knows…you might just find success through failure.

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