Do You Recognize the 6 Early Warning Signs of Poor Social Media Use?

Warning: Don’t Feed the Bears.

Do Not Feed the Bears

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You’re reading this blog right now. That means you’re a social media user.

Social media tools allow people like you and me to connect and share ideas, information, knowledge, and experiences; mostly on the Web.

Flickr, YouTube, Digg,, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, etc. are all examples of social media tools that foster connection amongst people.

I encourage you to participate more with social media. There is much to gain from making connections across the Web.

With participation come backlash from poor social media use.

Here are 6 Early Warning Signs of Poor Social Media Use

1.  You Right Long Comments and Posts

There is something to be said for writing detailed comments and posts. It’s also true that social media users tend to have a short attention span. Users are looking for ways to get as much valuable information as possible. Condense your thoughts for more valuable interaction.

Lists (although disliked by some) are still a great way to condense information.

2.  Constant Debate

Some debate is good, but it’s important to remember that adding value with social media doesn’t mean constantly getting into arguments and debates by pushing your ideas on others. Many blogs and forums have people that play devil’s advocate just to stir up argument.

It’s more beneficial for everybody if you focus on similar world views and strive to solve the world’s problems through common sense thinking with common ends in mind.

3.  Posting More Than Reading

As a budding leader in the social media world it’s difficult to focus more on reading other people’s thoughts than on posting our own.

You’ll get more benefit from interacting with the questions others pose. Give your insight. Ask questions that spark their interest. They’ll also want to reciprocate your help so ask questions of your own so they can give you their insight.

4.  Dead Accounts

It’s good to try many of the different social media tools. However, if you find yourself forgetting about many tools and find you have many dead accounts it might be time to revisit these accounts. Determine if it’s worth keeping your account or deactivating it.

You only have so much time to spend with social media. Focus on the most valuable tools. Keep trying new tools. And deactivate the accounts you no longer find valuable. Even give feedback to the editors of the tools you have lost benefit from. Maybe they’ll work to gain your attention back.

5.  Spam Accusations

If you push your Website and business in social media there is a chance you’ll get some backlash. It’s a fine balance of push and pull with social media. It’s easy for people to downgrade your status on sites by accusing you of spamming.

Always remember that pushing is easy, but harmful and pulling is difficult but beneficial in the long run.

Work to build up strong connections with social media and you and your Website will grow over time.

6.  You’re Being Ignored

This is the biggest indicator of poor social media use. If you’re asking the wrong questions or writing posts that add zero value you will be ignored.


Don’t let these indicators of poor social media use scare you away from participating.

Be aware of how you use social media and try at all times to add value to the conversations taking place.

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