Dayne’s Top 15 Favorite Posts

My favorite 15 posts.


I enjoy writing all of the posts on this blog, but a few stand out as my favorites.

This list will change over time and I’ll keep updating as my feelings change.

1. What is the Point of Twitter?

I like this post because I felt the post was in response to an important question people have about Twitter (and social media in general). I hope I was able to answer the question.

2. A Hunting Business’s Most Valuable Resource on the Web

You’ll have to click through to see what the answer is…

3. Reviews of Remarkable Hunting Blog Posts

This was the most rewarding series of posts I’ve written to this point. I was able to read some wonderful blog posts and connect with some great outdoor bloggers.

4. The Jon Bon Jovi Guide to Making it Big on the Web

I feel like this analogy came out pretty good. Plus this post brings in huge search traffic. People love Bon Jovi.

5. A Story of Focus: My Rubik’s Cube Weekend

The weekend I conquered the Rubik’s Cube was both frustrating and satisfying.

6. 50 Inspirational Images to Inspire Blog Titles

I love looking at images on Flickr and sharing them via Creative Commons. These photos inspired some ideas for possible blog post titles.

7. Write Better Blog Headlines: Tonight at 6

One of the tricky things about writing blog posts is coming up with a good title. Looking at your local news may be a way to spur some ideas.

8. 7 People You Need to Know for Web Success

#7 is my favorite and one that I think is most important.

9. Successful People Have Unique Style

I like this post because it uses another one of my passions – golf – to make the point that successful people (no matter what the field or industry) are successful because they have style that is uniquely there own.

There is no doubt Lee Trevino fits into this category.

10. How to Find Secret Tips from the Web Pros

It’s always fun to know how to get tips from the experts

11. Essential Hunting Industry Stats, Resources, and Information

People seem to love this post because it aggregates a lot of info about the hunting industry.

12. Paid vs. Natural Traffic: It’s like Baiting vs. Funnel Hunting for Deer – Part 1

This is one of the earliest posts I wrote. Chris Brogan made a comment and the traffic came rolling in.

13. 10 Online Resources for Hunting Businesses

Some good resources for your hunting business.

14. Effectively Using Keywords in Your Blog Titles

Keywords are important not only in your copy, but also for your blog titles.

15. The Small Town Businessman Approach to the Web

I like this one because it’s about my Grandpa.

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