How to Use Current Events and Email to Trigger Your Customer’s Buying Emotion

What triggers our buying emotion?

Roll of Cash

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About a year ago I purchased a book from the publishing company & Store ( I realize I could have purchased from Amazon, but I wanted to support this site’s store because I respect the information they provide. Most of their books are provided for free in .pdf form.

Anyway, after making the purchase I was put on their email list.

When I started receiving their promotional emails, which came out about every week, I realized I was almost always inclined to make a purchase. Normally I would not purchase, but occasionally I was driven by the contents of the email and I would purchase more books.

It took me awhile to realize what was going on with these emails.

A Little Background

I work in direct marketing and subscribe to many email lists. I attempt to create emails that will sell shoes. Thus, I subscribe to competitors as well as other retailers, big and small, to get ideas on ways to trigger the customer’s buying emotions.

Promotions like percent off and free shipping are strong offers, but it seems to be a fine line to tread with promotional offers like that. At what point are you training your customers to expect?

So it’s always a challenge to find ways to listen to what the customer is telling you they want.

What are they passionate about?

What do they want to buy?

Do they know what they want to buy?

There is a lot of testing involved concerning subject lines, image content, number of links, and time of day the email is sent, etc. There are thousands of things to test with emails.

Plus the Web is constantly changing and so are Web buyers so you have to continually test in order to stay in tune with your customer.

Back to

So I started getting emails from The Ludwig von Mises Institute and they kept blowing me away.

I finally realized after a few weeks what was going on.

The folks at Mises were sending out emails concurrently with present economic events.

The past few years have weighed heavily on a lot of folks’ minds concerning the state of the US economy. There is a lot of unrest and concern. People are looking for answers to ease their insecurity.

Mises was using people’s passion for economic understanding, financial security, and a need for knowledge by sending out emails containing literature that addressed specific current events.

Here’s an example of such one email:

Sender: Mises

Subject Line: Meltdown

Meltdown Available at Mises Institute Store

“Why the heck is this happening to us?”

That’s a strong question that tugs at the emotions of just about all of us these days.

Here I am passionate about creating my own financial well-being while the American economy collapses around me and I’m looking for answers on what to do.

Without even knowing the book, Meltdown: A free market look at why the stock market collapsed, the economy tanked, and Government bailouts will make things work existed, my question had a possible answer.

This is a truly brilliant marketing and use of email to spur the buying impulse in customers.

Current Event Emails and Hunting

Now, the Mises used strong occurrences in the US economy to trigger their emails. Even though this philosophy worked well for Mises during downturns in the economy, I think it would work just as well in a strong economy. Emotions are emotions and people live in the present.

People are affected by current events.

The same marketing philosophy can be applied to those businesses in the hunting industry.

Passionate hunters are in the hunting frame of mind even during the off season. They’re looking for news regarding their passion or hunting.

As an example, most hunters remember when CWD really came into the public eye a few years ago in the Midwest. There was a lot of worry and I’m sure the outfitters and guides in Wisconsin suffered.

Now, most deer in Wisconsin were not affected by the disease, but potential customers were still skeptical with their money.

Would it have been smart for an outfitter with a blog and an email list to send out an email citing the CWD occurrences and offering a deal on trophy whitetail hunts?

“Come to Joe’s Ranch for you chance to harvest the trophy of a lifetime. We know CWD is a concern for hunters today so we’re willing to step up and pay for all of your expenses if you happen to shoot buck affected by the disease. The only thing you have to lose is your chance at a lifetime buck.”

Now, I’m sure you can come up with something much better for your hunting business.

The main point is that using current events to drive your email promotions is a strong way to market to your customers and trigger their buying emotions.

So what are some of your ideas regarding current events, email and your hunting business?

Closing Thought

As I learn more about direct marketing and effective business on the Web, I realize the importance of building a strong subscriber list (email, RSS, etc). It’s really true, once you listen to your customer and create a truly valuable product/service; the power to market is in your list.

So get to work building that client and subscriber list.

And that reminds me…

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