The Sports Bottom Line Ticker Strategy

ESPN knows how to keep your interest

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I’m not sure if ESPN was the originator, but the world’s most popular sports news network knows how to keep their viewers’ attention even when their current segment isn’t that interesting.

The bottom line sports ticker was a great way to keep viewers’ attention with updates even if a particular set of the audience isn’t interested in the main story being addressed by the sportscasters.

The strategy worked well with sports fans as most only want updates on their team. If the main story being headlined had to do with anything other than some viewers’ team, those viewers were likely to look to other sources for updates on how their team was doing. With the sports ticker, those fans could stay tuned to a particular staying waiting for their teams’ update and score to scroll across the bottom. It was a great way for sports stations to keep viewers by providing a value-adding service.

Online Websites are starting to take notice to the bottom line sports ticker of TV stations like ESPN by broadcasting updates and promoting other content with a ticker or some kind of update section while the main content is still being headlined.

Let’s take a look at a few of the sites that are taking advantage of the ticker update and look at a few ways you can take advantage of the ticker strategy for your own blog or Website.


One Site Using the Ticker

Some Websites understand that keeping the attention of visitors is important to driving revenue. As a result, these sites are using strategies to that add value to what a visitor may value even when the interests vary from person to person.

National Football Post

The National Football Post entered a competitive arena when they started providing expert commentary and news updates for NFL fans on the Web.

The site has had impressive growth since its launch due in large part to their unique expert commentary from various experts and view points in the world of the NFL:

* Player Perspective – Matt Bowen – Former NFL Safety

* Executive Perspective – Michael Lombardi – Player Personnel

* Executive Perspective – Andrew Brandt – Contract Negotiator and Salary Cap Expert

* Agent Perspective – Jack Bechta – NFL Player Agent

About a year after the site launched they did design overall and introduced their version of the update ticker.

National Football Post Ticker

The bottom line ticker of the National Football Post scrolls through the news updates that the site updates regularly with news from around the NFL. The ticker is always at the bottom of every viewer’s screen (unless the viewer closes the large version of the ticker). As I mentioned before, NFP provides expert articles and podcasts for NFL fans and these articles are their main attraction. For an example read:

The High Cost of Concussions

However, certain NFL fans are going to visit the site looking for news related to their team. While the biggest news of the day is usually covered in the headline section of the site and while other important news is highlighted to the right of the page under Hot News & Rumors there are still updates that certain viewers want to see.

This is where the National Football Post implements their bottom screen ticker. Fans can come to the NFP, read their articles while watching the bottom ticker for news updates on their favorite team.

Ways to Take Advantage

Every blog and Website can become a source of news and updates by shaping their own form of the bottom line ticker.

The ticker doesn’t have to be at the bottom of the Web page and it doesn’t have to be as up-to-the-minute as the ESPN ticker. What your site’s version of the ticker has to provide is short snapshots of content that your viewers will find valuable.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use embed the Twitter Widget on your site. If you regularly provide valuable updates via your Twitter feed, you can embed your update widget on your site. This way, while your visitors are reading your headline content, they can see what your last few Twitter updates have been. Perhaps the main article just isn’t of interest to them as they get deeper into the article (it happens and it’s alright), but they see that you’ve highlighted an article from your archives on Twitter and their interest is again piqued. Perhaps they’ll click on the link from the embedded Twitter feed and go to the archive.

There are lots of ways to highlight content on your site while your readers are reading your current content. You could have an area to the side of your blog posts that continually scrolls through your archives, popular posts, most commented posts, etc. You could have a bottom line ticker like the National Football Post has, but yours could scroll through the best comments on your site. This would be a great way to highlight your readers.

The only limit to what you can do is your own imagination.


The benefit of using something like a bottom line ticker is to provide value to your visitors when they may not be interested in the current content you’re highlighting on your site.

ESPN has used their bottom line ticker to provide updates, including scoring updates, to their viewers so that viewers don’t change the channel when all they want is an update on their favorite team.

The National Football Post has taken this cue from ESPN and implemented their own version of the bottom ticker on their page. The NFP version provides hot news and rumors from around the NFL so that while visitors are reading the in-depth articles written by the expert staff they can still stay updated on what’s happening around the NFL including news about their favorite teams.

You can use the bottom line ticker strategy for your own site. Visitors won’t always be interested in your current highlighted content, but don’t lose their interest completely. Highlight your content in other ways to keep their attention.

Keeping interest will lead to growth with your site while providing value to your visitors.


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Successful Business Highlight – Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine – Blogging and Link Building Masterminds

Smashing Glass

image credit: AMagill

The folks at Smashing Magazine have the blogging game figured out. They write blog posts that are extremely valuable for their readers, audience, and customers. The posts include tips, tools, and examples that help their readers to become more knowledgeable with the craft of design.

And the best part of Smashing Magazine is that they link to other great individuals and companies.

It’s not only a great way to provide value for an audience, it’s a great way to gain attention and a few links to your site (SEO Gold).

The value in having a blog for your business is providing valuable information for you customer so you can connect and establish a strong and long-term business/customer relationship. Customers today look for companies they can trust for quality products. A blog is a way to build the trust necessary for future success on the Web.

Highlighting the success of other companies and bloggers is a strategy you can use to grow your blog’s status and impact while building relationships with bloggers, other business leaders on the Web, and most importantly your customers (this relationship leads to sales and profit).

Let’s take a closer look at the success of Smashing Magazine and a few ways you can use their success as an example when building your blog for your hunting business…

Smashing Magazine Company Brief

Smashing Magazine Logo

About Smashing Magazine

Founded in September 2006, Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information to Web designers and developers. Our aim is to inform our readers about the latest trends and techniques in Web development. We try to convince you not with the quantity but with the quality of the information we present. We hope that makes us different. Smashing Magazine is, and always has been, independent.

Why I Love Smashing Magazine’s Blog Posts

I posted on Twitter one of the things I’ve learned about blogging.

Highlighting the Success of Others on Twitter

Shortly after posting my thought on Twitter, I realized that Smashing Magazine was doing a perfect job of writing articles on their blog that not only highlight the success of others, but also provide extremely valuable content for designers and Web developers.

If you have a blog for your hunting business, highlighting the success of others is a great way to provide value for your readers.

You might be asking, “Why is it advantageous to write about others? I thought it was important to highlight the success of my own business?”

While it’s important to write about the success of your own business, here are a few benefits to writing about the success of others:

1| Examples provide value for your readers, customers, and audience

2| Valuable connections with businesses and bloggers

3| Link building strategy

Valuable Examples for Readers

Writing about the success of other bloggers and companies, even in related fields, provides valuable examples of success for your readers to learn from and emulate in their own lives.

For example, if you have an outfitting business you could write an article/blog post about how the Bowhunting Blog provides the best expert hunting product reviews that include photos, objective discussion, and how-to information. You could go on to write about how one of their articles helped you with your outfitting business (if that’s actually the case).

On your outfitting blog, your readers are likely looking for your expertise in the area of hunting in which you specialize. Along with your own product reviews, highlighting quality product reviews from other sources is another great way to provide value for your readers. Quality content is a great way to gain a loyal readership (quality traffic) for your company’s blog.

Valuable Connections

A second benefit of highlighting the success of others are the connections you can make with other players in the hunting industry including business associates, bloggers, and marketers.

When you write and link to other bloggers and sites in the hunting industry, those people will usually receive notice via email or on their site that you are linking to them. People love reading nice things that are said about what they’re working hard to do with their business so it’s likely a friendship and valuable connection can be made from your first contact via your blog.

Link Building Strategy

The third benefit of highlighting the success of others with your hunting blog is that when you show other bloggers and Website owners some love they may just show you some love back – in the form of links to your site (search engines love quality links to your site. It builds your authority).

Smashing Magazine has a ton of quality links from other sites and bloggers.

The search engines like when other quality sites link to your business’s site and blog because it shows that others value you, your business, and your content. It’s social proof that you’re a reputable Website on the Internet and the search engines are more likely to put you at the top of the results page for targeted hunting keywords.


The secret to writing effective blog posts for your hunting business’s blog is to write about what others in the hunting industry (especially those on the Web) are doing that is amazing, inspiring, effective, and remarkable.

Smashing Magazine does an exceptional job at providing valuable content for their readers both using the knowledge of the writers at Smashing Magazine as well as highlighting the knowledge of others in the Web design and development industry.

Smashing Magazine’s success is proof that they understand the benefits of highlighting the success of others:

1| Examples provide value for your readers, customers, and audience

2| Valuable connections with businesses and bloggers

3| Link building strategy

If you have a blog for your hunting business or are considering a blog for your hunting business, try to use the strategy of highlighting the success of others just as Smashing Magazine does with their articles.

Add Smashing Magazine to your Daily Reading

Smashing Magazine Website

Smashing Magazine RSS

Smashing Magazine Forum

Smashing Magazine Book

Following Smashing Magazine on Twitter: @SmashingMag

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8 Little Details That Make Big Differences on Hunting Websites

Little details can make your site stand out

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image credit: Squirrel Cottage

There is so much noise on the Web that it’s difficult to get your Website and content noticed. I remember just a year or two ago there were only a few basic hunting Websites that offered things such as photos, forums, and a few had blogs.

Today, there are more hunting social networking sites than a person can count.

This is just one example of how hunting Websites have grown in number over the past few years. Hunting e-commerce sites and hunting business informational sites have grown in numbers as well.

This development is good for hunters who use the Web. When there is more competition, hunters have the opportunity to choose the best sites based on which content creator is providing the best content. It’s often the site that offers the simplest navigation and features that wins the most attention from Hunters.

For your site, you not only have to create remarkable content, you have to create remarkable content on a Website platform that is easy to use. This is where it’s good to have a new web user to run through your content.

Today, hunting site owners including hunting businesses are creating sites that offer more features for connection with customers and potential customers.

There is a lot of segmenting in business, but I believe all businesses ultimately work hard to get to the individual level with every one of their customers.

I believe the advancements with hunting business Websites is only helping to improve the connections between hunting businesses and customers.

To stand out from the noise on the Web and make these deeper connections with your customers you’ll have to pay attention to the little details that can set you apart and make you visible to current and potential customers.

The way you can stand out to the hunters on your Web is to pay attention to the little details that only you can provide.

To better understand what I mean by this I thought I’d discuss 8 examples of my personal favorite little details that hunting business content creators are doing with their sites.

Hopefully you can take a few tips from these examples and come up with your own unique little details that will make your site and your hunting business stand out to the hunters on the Web.

Let’s take a look…

Base Camp Legends

Website: Base Camp Legends

Little Detail: Off Trail Video Series

Base Camp Legends

Tom (@TSorenson) over at Base Camp Legends has done a great job with his Off Trail Series. It’s a dream for a lot of hunters to have their own hunting TV shows, but most simply leave it alone at the dream stage. Today with the Web it’s easier to share your hunting show with the world – you don’t need to have your show on TV to get noticed.

What makes the Off Trail Series a little detail that makes Base Camp Legends stand out is the fact that the quality of the videos are great, the unique voice that Tom and his friends bring to their hunts and interviews are easy for hunters to connect with, and it’s easy to appreciate the amount of work Tom puts into creating the videos.

This last fact (Tom’s hard work) is something that really stands out from other hunting sites.

If you can find something you enjoy doing and you use your limited time to put all of your effort into making it great, you and your site will stand out from the rest of the noise on the Web.

People recognize hard work and if you’re working hard for the benefit of hunters they’ll take notice and connect with you and with your business on your site.


Little Detail: Live Eagle Cam

My Outdoor TV

My Outdoor TV (@MyOutdoor TV) has tons of great video content, but with the Eagle Cam they have created something unique and exciting – plus the Eagle Cam gets about as simple as possible for people to use – all you have to do is go to the page and watch the video.

This is an example of how you can present your remarkable content so it’s easy for your visitors to use. Also, My Outdoor TV uses their Website space to advertise the deeper content throughout their site. I noticed the Eagle Cam in an ad space on their home page.

They also do a great job of driving their visitors deeper into their video content with the “More videos…” suggestions.

So if you have unique content (including video or image) try making it simple to use and make sure there is a way for visitors to share the site across social media platforms.

Make your content easy to digest and share and you’ll find your visitors using your site more than other more complicated sites.

Outdoors International


Little Detail: Discounted Trips

Outdoors International

Cory (@gothunts) has a great Website and service with Outdoors International.

His is certainly not the first site to work as a directory for guided hunts, but Cory’s Outdoors International is easy to use and offers great hunts for hunters looking for once-in-a-lifetime hunts. This is why his site is popular with hunters.

The little detail that makes Outdoors International stand out is the Discounted Trips section.

I know Cory puts up hunting trips that come available at discounted prices. I think if a hunter drops out and the outfitter needs a spot they’ll offer the hunt at a lower price.

This is a unique service and hunters looking to save money on great hunting trips find it extremely valuable.

This type of service makes Outdoors International stand out from not only other outfitter and guided hunts directories but from all hunting service sites.

Native Hunt

Website: Native Hunt

Little Detail: Hunt of the Month

Native Hunt

T. Michael at Native Hunt has a great Website to showcase his hunting business.

One of the best ways to connect with your customers is to highlight their remarkable achievements. With the Hunt of the Month Series on Native Hunt, T. Michael highlights the success of the hunters who visit his property.

When you can highlight your customers or other businesses you are not only telling a great story for readers and potential customers, you’re furthering your connection with the customer you’re highlight as well as making them feel like they are vested in the success of your company.

Paying attention to a little detail like highlighting the success of your customers and focusing entirely on their accomplishments can go far for making your hunting business Website stand out amongst the competition.


Little Detail: Bowhunting Knowledge

Bowhunting Blog

When you’re the best of the best in your passion, you have a wealth of knowledge that your readers and potential customers thirst for.

The staff at are geniuses when it comes to everything bow hunting. And they are kind enough to package their knowledge into digestible articles, posts, and guides.

One of the great things about blogs and other types of content today is the willingness of individuals to share their knowledge with things like articles, videos, etc.

The more you can give people the more they will give you in return – including business.

Be willing to share your knowledge with your audience and you might be surprised at the connections you make as well as the new business you’ll generate.

Muskoka Outdoors

Website: Muskoka Outdoors

Little Detail: Opinion Articles

Muskoka Outdoors Opinion Articles

One of the things that I think gets lost today is our willingness to share our opinions.

The truth is that people love opinion and subjective thought. People love when facts are interpreted by others. Even when we don’t agree with something a person or business might say it’s better to provide your views on the topics that are relevant to your business and to your customers.

By sharing your opinions and thoughts you’re putting your beliefs on display and you’ll attract people who share similar worldviews. This is how you build a sustainable following.

Of course you do have to be smart and make sure you have an open mind concerning certain topics.

On Muskoka Outdoors (@muskokaoutdoors), the writers do an excellent job of providing their opinions for people to read and interpret. It’s a valuable resource for hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusists.

Don’t be afraid to share your insight and opinions with your readers and customers. It’s a way to build stronger connections.

Hunting Life

Website: Hunting Life

Little Detail: Product Reviews

Hunting Life Reviews

At Hunting Life (@HuntingLife), the staff is very knowledgeable about hunting products, outfitters, and other hunting services. Their input and reviews are very useful for hunters who are looking for feedback and insight into products and services.

When hunters are going through the buying process they go through a discovery process and then a research process to make sure they are making the correct decision.

This is where trusted product reviews are extremely valuable.

When trusted experts like the team at Hunting Life are willing to share their experiences with hunting products and services it’s a way to form trusting relationships and connections with the hunting audience.

Take a cue from the team at Hunting Life and share your valuable knowledge with your audience. Your readers will appreciate your honest insight and see you as the expert you are in your area of the hunting world.


The Web is all about connecting with others who share the same passions. It’s about learning from others and sharing your knowledge with those who seek your expertise.

It’s difficult to stand out from all of the noise in the online world, but if you can focus on the little details that make you and your hunting business unique you may just hit home with your target audience.

Do the little things well and create something that only you and your business are known for on the Web. It’s a way for you to successfully gain a strong following on the Web.

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