Great Hunting Video Websites

Awhile ago I wrote about the impact of video for the hunting industry.

Young Mule Deer

Mule Deer image courtesy of greg westfall.

Hunting season is here in most parts of the country and that means hunting shows are back in full swing for the fall schedules. Last season’s hunts are being showcased on ESPN, The Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Versus, and others as well. I don’t know about you but my blood gets moving when I turn on the TV early on a Saturday morning and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while watching giant whitetails being pursued by the best in the business.

Something that’s been interesting this season as well as been my own awareness of online hunting video shows. I’ve been watching a lot more quality hunting videos this fall than I can ever remember.

I thought we could look at a few reasons why hunting video has seemed to take a big step forward recently…

Hunting Videos

Quality Videos

The production level of hunting videos is really stepping up lately. Online hunting shows are being filmed in HD. The editing is becoming top notch. The hosts of the shows are paying attention to details like music, opening monologues, and narrating. Some of the best shows are evening taking unique approaches to their videos by including unique scenes like preseason planting, sharing terrain strategies, and showing footage from the summer of a buck that is harvested in the fall.

Raw, Uncut Feel

While the production quality has stepped up there are still great online hunting videos that take a more uncut approach. With online video there are fewer restrictions on the type of camerawork and nature of the hunt. Blood trails, impact shots, and other natural hunting occurrences are OK in the online world where they haven’t been in the TV world.


The trend for typical hunting shows has always been to show last season’s hunts this year. So there is a full year of waiting to see what is happening with the best hunters in the world. With online hunting videos there is a more immediate timing. Hunters are showcasing this season’s hunts as they happen. It’s awesome to see video of a hunt up only a few weeks or even a few days after the deer was harvested.

Every Day Hunters

My favorite thing about online hunting videos is the fact that most today seem to be created by every day hunters. It’s nice to see every day guys hunting land I’m familiar with, working hard, and seeing their work pay off with a nice buck.


I have nothing against Texas but not being from makes it difficult to watch most hunting shows on ESPN showing hunters harvesting deer there. The terrain is different than I’m used to here in Wisconsin. With online video I’m able to find the shows that highlight the type of landscapes I’m used to. It’s enjoyable and more useful for me as a hunter.

Suggestions for Improvement

While online hunting video has taken a big step forward there is always room for improvement.

I like when I’m able to embed hunting videos. Offering viewers the option allows bloggers to share videos on their sites while expanding the audience of the show.

A few things could be done to improve the SEO a bit like title tags, video tags, and a little content, but for the most part these next few sites do an amazing job with their sites and videos.

These guys are top notch hunters, videographers, and site editors.


These guys are probably my favorite group of hunters online. They make great videos. They maintain a great blog and they sell awesome merchandise.

They’ve been putting videos online for a couple years now and the quality seems to improve each year. They’re doing great things.

Food Plot’s and Velvet from on Vimeo.

Video: Deer Hunting Food Plots and Velvet Whitetails

Heartland Bowhunter

Visit: Heartland Bowhunter

I just realized these guys existed this season and I’ve been trying to catch up on the videos they have on their site. Lots of great stuff with plenty of enjoyable footage.

HBTV Season 3 – Episode 2 “Velvet Res Tag” from MAMMOTH on Vimeo.

Video: Velvet Res Tag (you’ll have to select it from the list below)

Midwest Whitetail

Visit: Midwest Whitetail

I’m still catching up on all the Wisconsin action. One of my favorites is from this year. Tons of great footage with quality editing and music. These videos really get me excited to hit the woods.

Plus it’s great to hear that amazing Wisconsin accent on a hunting video.

Video: Giant Badger Bucks


A big tip of the hat to Mark at Wired to Hunt. I follow him on Twitter (@wiredtohunt) and he’s always sharing the latest videos from the best websites.

It’s also great to see these shows taking on some great sponsors. The more support these hunters get the better quality video for us hunters to watch.

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Dry Creek Goose Camp | Business Strategy

“It’s basically just me putting hunters on the birds. And people are satisfied with that.” Rick of Dry Creek Goose Camp

Dry Creek Goose Camp Hunting

Dry Creek Goose Camp

Rick Ruzzamenti (@RickyBuck) of Dry Creek Goose Camp approached me in the Summer of 2009 about doing some research for his business.

I put together a Personalized Marketing Report that included research on competition, outdoor networks, directory listings, advertising, and some thoughts on how Rick could utilize video to grow connections on his Website while building bookings for hunts.

Rick said the research in the report served as a guide for his business and Web strategies in 2009. He says that he still references the report for guidance today.

I spoke with Rick recently and he was very pleased with the 2009 season at Dry Creek Goose Camp. He has posted videos from the 2009 hunt on his site – Dry Creek Duck and Geese Hunting Videos 2009. These videos are great for showing potential clients the success they could be having at Dry Creek.

Rick said that his business model allows him to price lower than surrounding competition in Canada as he operates the camp on his own. He does a majority of the work by scouting fields and putting his client hunters in the right areas with the highest potential for seeing waterfowl and getting shot opportunities.

The hunters that come to Dry Creek are often seasoned hunters and like the freedom Rick provides them to hunt. They find more satisfaction with their hunt this way.

Rick also takes new hunters up to the camp. He said that first time hunters seem to love the wide open spaces up in Canada and always go away with a smile on their face and a head full of memories.

For more information on booking hunts with Dry Creek Goose camp – Hunt Dry Creek Duck and Goose Camp.

Rick didn’t get any business via hunting directories in 2009, but he’s hopeful that his growing online stature and great referral and repeat business will grow his client base in 2010. He’s also confident in sticking with his directory and advertising partners for the foreseeable future as they work to get conversions for Dry Creek.

Rick’s Business Buddies

Rick wanted to thank a number of people who helped make Dry Creek Goose Camp a success in 2009:

Simon’s Taxidermy

They have done taxidermy services with Rick for years and the work is done with quality and on time.

WindWhacker Decoys

These decoys allowed Rick and his client hunters to bring in some top waterfowl for harvest this season.

Kevin Gross – Hunting with the Pros

Kevin brought his great reputation and popular show to Dry Creek and had a successful hunt.

Tim Grounds – Championship Calls

Tim came up with Kevin Gross and together the two were able to harvest some great honkers. Tim is one of the best goose callers in the world.

A Great Buck for RickyBuck

Rick also wanted to thank Robert Hoague of for taking him on a great hunt in Ohio in the fall.

Read the story of the hunt – Twitter’s Rickybuck Brings In An Ohio Buck

A Successful Partnership

By many measures, it was a successful year for Rick and for Dry Creek Goose Camp.

I wish Rick the best of luck in 2010 and look forward to a continuing business relationship.

For more information on Rick and Dry Creek Goose Camp –Duck and Goose Hunting in Alberta, Canada

For more information on Marketing Reports and other HBM Services – Hunting Business Marketing Services

50 Viral Videos (and how they spread)

This post was inspired by Adam Singer of The Future Buzz and TopRank Online Marketing. Adam’s original post 50 Viral Images (and how they spread) was a big hit and so was his follow up 50 Viral Images Part Two. Adam is one of the best sources for marketing knowledge. He’s had multiple success with successful companies in developing long-term marketing strategies.

Get your popcorn ready…

Old Film

Along with the inspiration from Adam, I was inspired to write this post also by questions from leaders in the hunting industry concerning the importance of online video for hunting business marketing strategy. It seems most people always inquire about viral videos because of the appeal of having a target audience share a piece of video content across many channels with friends, family, and peers.

As I wrote in The Impact of Online Video in the Hunting Industry:

Creating video that is shared amongst your target audience is an obvious goal for any online video strategy.

Often when we think of viral video the first things that come to mind are guys performing crazy stunts on You Tube or babies being caught saying funny things. It’s mostly America’s Funniest Home Video-type stuff.

But to create focused viral video there is a formula you should take so the results of your video going viral have the highest potential for actual return on your invested time and money.

The formula is from 3 Viral Video Ideas:

(Clever Entertainment) + (Sharability) + (Target Audience) + (Product/Service/Personal Brand Tie-in) – (Push-Marketing) = (Successful Viral Video)

As you’ll see, some of these videos have all the successful elements of the viral video formula while others are missing some of the pieces.

Let’s take a look at 50 viral videos…

Multitek North America 2040 XP2 Firewood Processor

Visit the site – Multitek North America Firewood Processors

Lion Attacking Hunters on Safari

World Elk Calling Competition

Visit the site – Hunting Life

Roe Deer Butchering Part 3 – The Hunting Life

Visit the site – The Hunting Life

P&Y Illinois Buck Hunt

Visit the site –

Carbon Express F15 Dual Blade Broadhead

Visit the site – Carbon Express

Bowhunting Ducks

Visit the site – Landslide Productions

New Mexico Bull Elk Bow Hunt

Horse & Buggy Elk Hunt

Visit the site – Two Wheel’n After Elk – Base Camp Legends

Horse & Buggy Elk Hunt from Sue Sorenson on Vimeo.

Awesome Whitetail Deer Fight

Visit the site – Stone Ledge Texas

Broadhead Test

Monster Whitetails with Double Bull Archery

Visit the site – – Brock Lesnar Hunting Whitetail Buck

Visit the site – North American Hunting Club

New World Record Whitetail

Bow Hunting Whitetails: The Triple Beam Buck

Visit the site – Mannion Outdoors

Trophy Mule Deer Hunting

Visit the site – Carlmann Outfitting

Mulies Gone Wild Vol. 3

Visit the site – MossBack Productions Guides & Outfitters

Texas Hog Hunting

Visit the site – Texas Hunt Fish

Gun Cleaning – Properly cleaning barrels on a shotgun

Visit the site – Midway USA

BowTech Destroyer and David Blanton

Visit the sites – Realtree Outdoors and BowTech Archery

Hoyt Web Clips – Draw Length Myths

Visit the site – Hoyt Archery

Buckmasters Jackie Bushman Video Mixup

Visit the site – Buckmasters

“The one that I was on was bigger.”

Moose Hunting – Female Moose Tastes Broadhead

Alaska Moose Hunting with Clearwater Alaska Outfitters

Visit the site – Clearwater Alaska Outfitters

Wolves vs. Grizzly Bears

Visit the site – National Geographic

Ten Point Bowkill

Visit the site – Parson’s Outdoors

Deer Hunting VS-1 Whitetail Deer Scents

Visit the site – Whitetail Shopping

Drop Tine Whitetail Hunt – Saskatchewan Outdoors

Visit the site – Saskatchewan Outdoors

A 13-Foot-Long Shotgun – Clay Target Clip

Visit the site – Field & Stream

A 13-Foot-Long Shotgun – Loading Clip

Visit the site – Field & Stream

Deer Calling Tips: Tending Grunt Sequence

Visit the site – Field & Stream and Deer Doctor

Bow Hunting Boone & Crockett Whitetail Bucks

Visit the site – Hawg-N-Sons

Legendary Whitetails Monster Buck Mel Johnson

Visit the site – Deer Gear

Dan Miller Buck

Whitetail Big Bucks Only

Visit the site – Wild Whitetail

Deer Gets Revenge on Hunter

The Sasquatch Buck

Heart Attack Bucks

Visit the site – Saskatchewan Outdoors

Monster Buck in City – Des Moines, IA

Visit the site – Zach Wildlife Art

Hal and Len Go Huntin’ Giant Whitetails Part 3

Legendary Whitetails Monster Buck Mossy Horns

Visit the site – Deer Gear

Whitetail Freaks – One of the Biggest Deer in the World

Visit the site – Deer Gear

Locked Bucks – Whitetail Deer

Elk Kill Bow Hunting 35 Yards

Bow Hunting Wild Boar

Bow Hunting for Squirrels

Visit the site – Garzilla Guide Service

Deer Hunting – Bow Hunt 9 Point Buck

Visit the site – Hunting Footage

Bowhunting Pheasants

Visit the site – Parson’s Outdoors

Blacktail Bucks HawkeyeBilt Archery Bowhunting Oregon Deer

Visit the site – HawkeyeBilt

Bowhunting in Kentucky

Visit the site – Lost River Game Calls

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Video is Power Chords

Image courtesy of lanuiop

Quality Video vs. Viral Video

When someone mentions “Video” regarding the Web, most people think of hit viral videos.

Old Gas Station

image credit: Beadmobile

Video is an important topic for Website owners and bloggers. People are visual and the use of video is a great way to further the connection you have with your visitors and customers.

I’ve written about video a few times.


3 Viral Video Ideas for Hunting Businesses

Video on Your Hunting Website: The Compromise

On the post What are your questions?, T. Michael of Native Hunt made the comment:

One suggestion for a hunting business to consider Dayne, is to think seriously about gravitating away from You Tube, and begin a do it yourself video program themselves.

You Tube has been a great medium for a many persons and their business, but the fact of the matter is that the number of hits are not very nearly as important as the “quality” of the prospective customer.

A do-it-yourself video placed upon your own website will first: Be seen by a more targeted patron to the website.

After all is said and done at the end of the day your, You Tube video may have gotten 140,000 hits, but did you gain even 1 single client out of those people who watched it?

Secondly: if it is produced well enough for even one person to have seen it, been impressed, and then given your company a call, then it has done its job as an effective sales and marketing tool.

I’d like to expand on T. Michael’s thoughts regarding video with a few thoughts of my own.

Let’s take a look at Quality Video vs. Viral Video…

Quality Video

Disclaimer: For this article I’d like to define “Quality Video” as video targeted to benefit a customer in some way that may lead to increased profit for your business.

I am not saying that viral video cannot be a quality video as well. For more on this aspect please see the last section of this post.


The benefits of making quality (value-adding) videos begin with the value you add to your customer’s life as a hunter. The more questions you can answer for your customers with video the more they’ll see you and your company as a leader in the industry. Leaders are seen as trustworthy and customers buy from companies they can trust.


Quality videos work a fine line between being informational and being boring. It’s very easy to fall in the trap of making a how-to video and have it turn into a boring set of instructions or information about your company.

Don’t fall into this trap. Make sure your personality comes through with the videos you make. Have fun and engage your audience. As you discuss your business and its benefits for you customer, let your passion show. This may be just enough to keep your readers engaged. Don’t go over-the-top, but be engaging.

Viral Video

Disclaimer: For this post I am defining “viral video” as video aimed at gaining the attention of a large audience (or a relatively large targeted audience).

This post also assumes the viral videos you make truly will make an impact on a large audience. It’s difficult to do, but it can be done by anybody including you.


The obvious benefit for your business with viral video is you can attract a large audience. (Please skip to the Con area for a second…).

With a large audience, you do increase your chances of reaching some quality clients in the sense that by reaching a ton of people, there is a good chance you will get the attention of possible new clients.


(Per the first Pro) – the next thing to remember is that the eyes you are gaining with viral video may not be quality as T. Michael said very well.

The debate can definitely be made that if you make just a general viral video without focus on your specific target audience, you’ll get lots of attention. However, you could also try to focus more on your specific audience and try to get a higher conversion rate. Both options are viable.

This brings us to…

Best Fit for You and Your Business

After thinking about this question, I’m of the opinion that there is room for both Quality and Viral Video as it relates to a hunting business.

Why can’t a video be quality as well as have the potential to reach a large audience?

I think this should be the ultimate goal.

Is it a difficult goal to achieve? Of course, but that shouldn’t stop you or I from trying to create such a video.

Now, there is going to be a certain mix of Quality and Viral for your individual business.

I’d like to direct you to a post by White Paper Genius, Michael Stelzner How to Make Your White Paper ‘Good to the Last Drop’…

Michael’s analogy (writing white papers and cappuccino) is also apt for creating videos:

Harmony is the Key

No doubt about it—keeping that journalist hat on firmly is important. But white paper success depends on letting the marketing component sing quietly in the background, adding just enough structure to guide your reader to the conclusions you want him to reach while satisfying his desire for quality information—much like a knowledgeable barrista marries just the right amount of milk and coffee to pull a rich, full-bodied cappuccino.

It takes a bit of finesse to make the perfect educational/marketing blend.

The last line is the key point. When making videos for your hunting business Website or blog you want to find the right mix of entertainment (viral aspect) and marketing/how-to (quality).

Onsite or Offsite

I think it’s best to make your videos available on as many networks as possible. Make your videos available on as many video sharing networks as you have time. You can never be sure where you potential clients are spending their time.

I’m not sure if it’s necessary to pay a site programmer to develop a video player specifically for your site. Many programs such as YouTube are fine to use if as you can embed them on your blog or site.


My favorite point from T. Michael is the fact that when making video (as with any marketing you do), make sure you are measuring the true success of the activity: conversion. Are your videos leading your customers closer to buying your product or service?

Find the right mix of clever entertainment (viral aspect) and marketing/how-to (quality) and you’ll find yourself on the right track to video success.

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The Best Country Songs You’ve Never Heard – A Lesson in Marketing

Not every song can reach the top of the charts.

Jukebox for a Nickel

image credit: Down Town Pictures

I’m a fan of country music. I’ve written a few posts about the relationship among hunting, business, and country music before.

What Do Hunting, Country Music, and Your Hunting Blog have in Common?

10 Inspiring Country Music Videos for Hunting Businesses

10 Country Song Lyrics to Inspire Your Hunting Business

Staying Power – Why Some Businesses (Like Classic Country Songs) Have It and Some Don’t

Some of my favorite country music songs are ones that don’t make it as huge hits thus leaving them for passionate fans to find through their own discoveries.

This brings up an interesting point about business, marketing and PR.

Why do some songs make it big while other songs of equal quality are left to peak in the mid levels of the charts?

Here are a few of the best country songs you’ve never heard…

Honky Tonkin’ Fool

Doug Supernaw

Chart Peak – #50

Doug is one of my favorite voices in country music. He hasn’t been around the charts for over a decade now, but I still enjoy listening to his music.

His debut release, Honky Tonkin’ Fool, didn’t make a big splash on the charts, but it’s a good country story song. It has a feel good tale of an old time guy who loves a Wurlitzer jukebox at his local tavern.

There can be many reasons a good song doesn’t make it big and it’s hard to guess why this one didn’t gain steam. If I had to guess I’d say that the marketing team might have given up on this song in excitement for Doug’s other songs on his debut album (#4 Reno and #1 I Don’t Call Him Daddy).

Doug Supernaw Info

Power Windows

John Berry

Chart Peak – #43

Power Windows – John Berry

John Berry’s career began when he started releasing music on his own with some success. Eventually, he was signed to a major label where he found success on the charts with his unique brand of country music. His last appearance in the Country Singles Top 50 was his 1999 single Power Windows.

This song has a great message about the relationship of work and life and happiness. It came at the end Berry’s major label run and being it was the second release from an album whose first single failed to make waves, it’s no surprise the label gave up on it and allowed Berry to move onto other pursuits.

John Berry Info

Welcome to the Club

Tim McGraw

Chart Peak – #47

Welcome To The Club – Tim McGraw

Welcome to the Club on You Tube (Embedding Disabled)

I’m not sure how this song wasn’t a hit especially since McGraw is sporting one of the best mustaches in the business in the video. 🙂

This was McGraw’s first single from Curb Records. The album and its singles weren’t successful. Later Tim took more control of his recordings on his second album and went on to have huge success.

Although this first single is often forgotten, I’ve always liked the song. Unfortunately it’s just one of those great songs to disappear into the past without enough people getting to have a listen.

Tim McGraw Info

Blue Blooded Woman

Alan Jackson

Chart Peak – #45

Blue Blooded Woman on You Tube

One of the biggest artists in country music history is Alan Jackson. His first album was a smash hit with four top five hit singles including his first #1 I’d Love You All Over Again.

But the album’s first single is often forgotten because it didn’t chart as high as subsequent singles.

Blue Blooded Woman is an up tempo tune about a good ‘ol boy and his gal from the city.

This song technically makes Alan part of the “Class of ’89” in country music even though he really broke onto the scene in ’90.

I’m a big AJ fan and I even love this song despite it being less successful commercially.

And you can’t beat that Zach Morris cell phone in the video. 🙂

Alan Jackson Info

A Few Short Years

Ty Herndon

Chart Peak – #55

A Few Short Years – Ty Herndon

Ty Herndon found success shortly after arriving to Nashville. He was signed to a deal while working at a production show. He went to Nashville and recorded his first song with Doug Johnson What Mattered Most.

The song shot straight to #1.

Herndon had more success with subsequent albums and singles.

By 2002, his career was starting on a down side with the release of his Greatest Hits collection. The single from the collection was A Few Short Years. The song is up tempo and catchy. It’s a story of two young lovers living poor, but loving every minute. They decide to strike out on their own and make a go of their dreams.

I love songs like this and this particular song is great. I’m sure the song was destined for the mid levels fo the charts because Ty’s record company was giving up on him.

Recently Ty has been back making music again, which is great to see.

Ty Herndon’s Info

The Lesson

It takes quite a bit of effort to get a great song to head to the top of the country charts. The artist, the label’s marketing team, fans, radio disc jockeys, and more have to truly believe in a song strong enough to put in the effort it takes to take a song to number one.

Here is a story from The New York Times about scouting talent. Country star Jack Ingram shares his first experience with the work it takes to get a song to number one.

“We picked a week where we wanted to get it to No. 1,” Mr. Ingram recalled. “I was on tour all that week. I’d get into my hotel at 2 a.m. Then at 4 a.m. I’d get up and go to the local radio station. We’d do an interview there and call any radio station in the country that would have me on. I’d do that for six hours and then drive to the next show.”

So besides having a quality song (great content), it takes extremely hard work to market a song and get it heard.

The same is true for your hunting business and Website. The marketing and buzz creation behind your products is just as important as having something great that people need.

The importance of marketing made Seth Godin ask the question “What comes first, the product or the marketing?”

So it’s important to remember the effort it takes to market your hunting business on the Web. Spend just as much time working on a marketing plan as you spend on the product or service.

Don’t let your business flounder in the mid levels of the charts. Put in the effort and work it takes to make it reach number one in the hearts of hunters on the Web.

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Take Your Parents’ Advice and Share

We all remember how difficult it was to share our toys with brothers and sisters.

Brotherly Love

image credit: platinumblondelife

We’d whine and stomp our foot until reluctantly handing over the Tonka truck or the Matchbox car.

Why is it so difficult for toddlers to share toys?

More importantly, why is it still difficult for adults to share?

This seems especially true when we feel we have something like a great business idea or secret tactic that we use to get traffic online or even a special reason why our hunting honey hole always produces monster bucks.

As the world catches up and moves to the Web as a medium for connections, sharing will be necessary for those looking to succeed.

So Take Your Parents’ Advice and Share

Some reasons why we are reluctant to share

Wanting to keep things for ourselves seems to come natural, almost immediately from birth. Think about it, when your Mom takes something away from you as an infant you may start crying.

As toddlers we’re generally unwilling to share our toys in the sandbox even if we really don’t want to play with them anymore.

As we grow older we loosen up a bit and share more, but really we just become more particular about what we share.

Why are we so protective of things such as ideas?

Here are a few reasons I come up with:

1. We’re afraid somebody will steal

It’s true, if we’re unwilling to share something and someone else wants whatever it is bad enough there is a chance they’ll just steal it from us.

We’ve all seen something stolen from somebody we know, had something stolen from us, or stolen something ourselves.

It happens.

So naturally we are protective of our most prized possessions such as great business ideas.

2. We’re afraid we’ll never get ‘it’ back

Has anyone else had a buddy or a friend who has ‘borrowed’ your screwdriver set or hunting knife or ATV only to never see it again?

I know I have.

Experiencing this makes us a little gun shy about sharing things we perceive as valuable.

3. We worked hard to get ‘it’ so why should somebody else get access so easily?

More so adults we tend to feel like we’ve worked hard (our whole lives – add emphasis) to get our possessions so why should we give them up to others’ who we perceive haven’t worked as hard as us?

It’s a logical response.

4.  Mine

This one covers the first three completely. To keep it short and simple we all have the feeling at times, “It’s mine!”

General benefits of sharing

We may not have realized it growing up, but there were benefits to sharing.

As humans, (most of us) have a natural feeling that when someone shares something with us we should share something of value back with them.

Generally, people want to help each other out.

It’s just a matter of one of the parties setting the initial standard for sharing.

You can be that person.

Sharing will benefit you because you’ll be giving your best knowledge to others. Hopefully it will help them out in their lives.

Also, your reputation as a person willing to share valuable knowledge will prove beneficial for others thus being beneficial for you if you sell products or services.

And even more beneficial, since your competitors are unlikely to share their knowledge, you can gain a competitive edge on them by sharing your knowledge with potential clients, thus increasing your market share.

And while sharing your knowledge does trigger the natural reaction of others to share information back with you, this shouldn’t be a focus of your willingness to share.

Benefits of sharing on the Web

The Web fosters deep connection and communication. Sharing has been taken to a new level as a result of the widespread use of the Web.

The businesses that have succeeded on the Web have been able to remove their artificial barriers and shown a willingness to share more than their competitors.

More and more companies are having their employees share thoughts, information, etc.  CEOs are even sharing their insight (for free) with the world via the Web.

Web users benefit, journalists benefit, and ultimately the companies benefit.

We’ve reached a point on the Web where it’s necessary (not a luxury) to share.  If you enter the Web unwilling to share then you’ve already set yourself up for failure.

For some, that’s tough to swallow, but you can’t hold onto old ideas.

The Web is full of opportunity for those willing to share.

I mean, where else can you get access to 999 business ideas?

Specific benefits of sharing for hunters/hunting business owners


Today I was floating this thought around with Cory (@gothunts) of Outdoors International: why isn’t there a site where hunters share their hunting journal notes? Some hunters keep track of every hunt they’ve ever been on. They keep track of wind direction, temperature, moon phase, stand location, amount of game seen, time of year, etc.

We discussed that the difficult part would be finding hunters willing to share this information.

Here’s the idea: start a blog or Website and share your hunting journals from the hunts on your property with users on the Web.

As far as I know (except for what we see on hunting TV shows) there are no site owners willing to do this, but why aren’t they? Is there some big secret they’re hiding?

Be willing to share your hunting journals. You’ll have a huge competitive advantage over your fellow outfitters on the Web.

Discuss your thoughts on why certain hunts were successful. Allow readers to interact with comments. Make sure to answer they’re questions.

You might even run into some hunters willing to share their ideas concerning your property. You might find some new tactics for hunting your property.

And while this is all happening, you’ll be gaining a dedicated audience of potential outfitting clients.


Sharing creates conversation and connection on a deep level. Your willingness to share your best ideas, most valuable knowledge, and unique perspective will prove to be valuable to those around you. In return, you’ll benefit from the connections you make.

In today’s world where the Web is the ultimate medium of exchange it’s necessary for you to be willing to share if you want to succeed.

Special Thanks

I want to thank those who are willing to share their content via Creative Commons, especially those on Flickr. Without you I wouldn’t be able to share your photos on this blog. Thanks!

Bonus Thought on Sharing

This commercial has always reminded me of myself and my little brother. I was always trying to get away with as much as I could. Fortunately for him (and for me since I learned my lesson more than once), we had a great Mom who was clever to come up with ways to even things out.

And that thought always reminds me of this Earl Thomas Conley & Keith Whitley video ‘Brotherly Love’…

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“Hey, watch my video…and spread it!”


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My favorite videos on sites like YouTube that make it through the blogosphere are the videos that are cleverly used as effective marketing tools.

Most videos that make it big on the Web are individuals just making videos about themselves in funny, unique and interesting situations.

Some videos catch something crazy in live action, others are planned and edited.

These videos of individuals are fun and usually entertaining, but often they’re not done in ways that cleverly market their product, which in this case is themselves.

If you want to make a video to effectively market you and/or your business, you’ll need to target three basic people:

1.  Bloggers

2.  Web Browsers (Blog readers)

3.  Your customers.

Now the first two are hopefully your ultimate customers.

Bloggers will spread the word, Web browsers will watch (racking up views), and ultimately they’ll be impressed with your product/service.

And here’s the equation for creating a unique video that grabs their attention (and hopefully gets your customers to ultimately buy your product).

(Clever Entertainment) + (Sharability) + (Target Audience) + (Product/Service/Personal Brand Tie-in) – (Push-Marketing) = (Successful Viral Video)

Ok, so the equation might not be perfect math, but think about when you’re working on your next video strategy.

Examples of videos that follow this formula include


(Rake in Blender) + (YouTube) + (Smoothie Drinkers) + (Blendtec) – (Users have the option to watch) = (Successful Viral Video Series)

You can’t argue with results:

The videos were placed on the internet in early November. Within just a few short days, we had millions of views. The campaign took off almost instantly. We have definitely felt an impact in sales. ‘Will it Blend’ has had an amazing impact to our commercial and our retail products,” Tom Dickinson and Squid News.

Penny Pranks (Office Max)

(Truck full of pennies) + (YouTube) + (Parents/Kids buying schools supplies) + (Office Max) – (Users have the option to watch) = (Successful Viral Video Series)

Ideas for hunting businesses

Hunting Outfitters/Guide Services

1. “Looking for something Bigger?”

A hunter goes through his daily routine. He has a look of disappointment on his face because he keeps running into things in his life that are too small. His truck is too small, his paycheck is too small, his jeans won’t button, and finally he’s hunting and sees a buck that’s too small…  Enter your logo proclaiming, “Looking for something bigger? We’ve got the biggest bucks in [enter state].”

Hunting E-commerce/Manufacturer

2. “Will it penetrate?”

Broad head penetration is a big deal for bow hunters (and you thought…get your mind out of the gutter).  Manufacture some super strong broad heads that can be shot into things like trucks, cinder blocks, refrigerators, TV, etc. If it can hit those things and stay intact, surely it could handle a nice buck.


3 Rivers Archery put up a video recently that has a broad head being shot into a cinder block.


Check out the videos on the 3 Rivers Archery Website and on the 3 Rivers Archery YouTube Channel.

Hunting Social Network/Websites

3. “We’ll Take Your Hunting Photos”

A video series of a hunter trying to share his trophy photos at museums, art galleries, and other fancy places (where hunting photos don’t really ‘belong’). Then at the end have a logo for your site proclaiming “We’ll Take Your Hunting Photos”.

Ideas that won’t get you a successful video

You singing a song and posting your logo at the end, unless it’s a cover of Howie Day’s “Collide” – over 1,000 of those on YouTube, but  a few aren’t bad (Video).

Unless your product performs some cool task like cutting firewood (Video), a simple demonstration is not likely to generate a lot of buzz (viral effect) for you and your business.

A video of you interviewing a boring person is not viral material. If you’re going to interview somebody and post the video, make sure the topics are relevant for your target audience and make sure the person is intriguing (Video).

Bonus Tip

Don’t be afraid to “Do It Wrong Quickly” (I recommend Mike’s blog and book).

Experiment with creating video for the Web. It’s fun. It’s easy.

Just remember that a little thought and planning can create a great video tie-in for you and your business.

Remember that the Web is a medium of exchange and those individuals who are able to connect with their target audience (with things like video) are the most successful.

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