Are Your Sure Google Done It This Way?

“We need a change.”

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One of the things I love most about the Web is the creative atmosphere the Web creates and fosters for individuals.

There are very few barriers on the Web. You are free to do whatever you want and if it’s accepted by a group of passionate people you can achieve great success.

The Web has and will be a platform for creative expansion as long as people continue to be inventive and innovative.

We need a change

The time for change comes quick on the Web. What’s the standard today won’t (and shouldn’t) be the standard tomorrow.

Just because Google is the leader in search on the Web today doesn’t mean they’ll be the leader in 10 years, 5 years, or even tomorrow.

Google was created by individuals who saw room for change and improvement on the Web. They didn’t see any barriers in front of their vision. They were only limited by their drive and imaginations.

The blessing and curse of formulas

Formulas are both a blessing and a curse for creative minds.

Innovators work hard to hone their craft and create their own formula for success. It’s a blessing when a craftsman comes up with a new formula that revolutionizes an industry.

It’s possible to continue with this formula for awhile and continue feeding off of its success.

This is where the curse comes in for formulas.

As one formula is gaining acceptance and getting mainstream attention, others are working hard to create new and more innovative formulas for success.

In the Web world, others are creating new formulas for successful e-commerce sites, social sites, and other Web tools.

What works today or even in the near future won’t work forever.


What we really need on the Web is a continuing push from individual entrepreneurs like you to create new formulas for success.

The pioneers and new sensations on the Web create their own formulas. They create their own path. They learn from what those before them accomplished and mold their own niche. If these new pioneers are driven enough and unique enough they might just swing the direction of the Web.

We can’t spend our time trying to repeat the success of those who came before us. We have to create our own success in our own ways.


Twitter is starting to find a niche in Web search (See what’s happening – right now). It’s interesting how a niche site and tool has been able to catch on with early adapters and now with the larger general Web population.

Will Twitter be able to take away some of the search market from Google? Probably (it’s already starting…to a degree). Will Google be able to get it back? Possibly, but they can’t keep up with everybody.

The solution

The solution for businesses on the Web is to institute a work ethic for yourself and those around you to continually work to create new formulas.

When you hit on a successful formula be sure to see it through its entire existence, but always know that one day it will run its course.

Prepare for the day when today’s success won’t be relevant.

Decide today that you’ll continually be ahead of the competition.

Will you lead us?

When businesses reach the mainstream, they often lose the focus and niche-attention that allowed them to grow during their early days.

Just because Google had success with their formula doesn’t mean their formula will be successful in the future. In is almost certain that another formula will cause another revaluation on the Web.

It could of course be Google that continues to change the formula for success on the Web.

But it could just as easily be a guy in his basement working on some amazing idea that will revolutionize the Web again in ways we can’t even dream about right now.

Google took a shot at changing the landscape of the Web and they succeeded. They took an entire industry with them on their vision for the Web. They changed the way we think about Web.

It takes pioneers like Larry Page and Sergey Brin to continue leading the Web and the hunting industry in new and better directions.

Will you lead us?

Web influencers don’t want to find themselves in a situation where they’re only repeating the same formulas as their predecessors.

Don’t let yourself get caught up with attempting to copy the formulas of others.

Be the person who asks others…

“Are you sure Google done it this way?”


This post was inspired by the Waylon Jennings song Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?

I love this cover by Jack Ingram and Miranda Lambert as well

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