Applying The Power of Less to Your Hunting Business

I recently finished The Power of Less by Leo Babauta.

It inspired me to think about how I want my life story to read…

The Life of a Swing

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I highly recommend the book for simple ‘How-to’ advice how improving your life by simplifying and doing less.

The key lesson in the book is that by focusing on only what’s important you’ll be able to do less while doing more of what you love.

You can also visit Leo’s blog, Zen Habits.

I thought it would be interesting for you and for me if I shared some of what I learned in The Power of Less.

As you can probably tell from the title, the book’s main theme is about simplifying all aspects of your life and focusing on what are your real priorities and goals.

Let’s take a closer look…

Short List

Leo discusses the importance of a ‘Short List’ of essential commitments. Each thing on the list is what we consider essential and what we should focus our decisions on. For example, ‘Will this add value to my life?’ or ‘Will this get me further along the path toward my goal?’

Leo’s short list is:

1) Spending time with wife and kids

2) Writing

3) Running

4) Reading

It’s a simple list with focus and meaning.

I’ve thought about my life and came up with my list (as my priorities currently stand – reminder, when I’m at my day job it’s my #1 priority).

1) Growing Hunting Business Marketing

2) Writing

3) Staying healthy

4) Connecting (staying in touch) with family and friends

That’s it. It’s simple, focused and achievable. When I really thought about it, not much else really seemed important after I thought about the direction I wanted to take my life and what I feel will lead to happiness.

There are small goals and large goals for each. I create daily tasks this blog that I feel will truly grow both ventures.

If I feel something is not important for any of my four most important commitments I don’t include it with the first tasks I have each day.

New Routine

In the book, Leo shares a few of the things he’s been able to accomplish since he started using The Power of Less concept in his own life.

One of the things he mentioned was waking earlier.

This is something I already have checked off my goal sheet. I’ve always been an early riser. It goes back to the days when my Mom would wake my brother and I up before 6am each morning and get us ready for school since she had a 40 minute drive herself.

Anyway, my regular routine involves waking each weekday morning at 4:30am. This gives me about 2 hours before I go to my day job at Mason Companies, Inc.

Side Note: I’ll only focus on my goals for my personal life and hunting business. Although I have made a few changes at work like de-cluttering my office (which has been great!) and prioritizing tasks.

So when I first get up in the morning grab a big glass of water to kind of jolt myself awake.

Now, I used to at this point sit down in front of my computer and check my email, check Website stats, etc.

No more!

Now I spend five minutes shaving and about a minute getting the coffee brewing. Then I go straight to a 20 minute workout.

I do some hundred or so jumping jacks to further jolt my system awake for the day. I do some stretching, pushups and some abdominal work.

After my short workout I grab some breakfast and coffee. This is when I allow myself to go through my email, stats and other Website analysis.

After finishing breakfast I allow myself about 30 minutes to read through my favorite blogs (like Zen Habits and the bloggers of OBS).

Then I spend about 15 minutes brainstorming and preparing for my next post on Hunting Business Marketing, which I usually write each evening. I’ll think of a topic, title and then create a basic layout.

Then it’s a quick shower and off to work.

Side Note: My routine at work has improved already as a result of reading this book.

When I get home in the evening I’ll grab some dinner. Then I’ll check in a few other blogs and news sites for about a half hour.

Then it’s time to sit down and focus on Hunting Business Marketing.

Either way, the evenings are my time to work on my top two commitments; focusing only on tasks that will allow them to reach my goals for growth.

I’ll work for a few hours writing posts, researching, and making connections on Twitter and the like.

As the evening goes on I move to reading a book, which settles me down until I fall asleep.

This is, of course, a rough run-through of my day. There are a few deviations each day such as keeping up with family and friends.

Weekends are spent with friends and family on the occasions I am able to visit or if they come to visit.

I also use the weekends to get caught up on writing posts and connecting on the Web.

That’s my routine in a rough nutshell.

Tightening the Focus

Since reading The Power of Less I have tightened up and focused more on what’s important.

I plan to continue focusing in on my commitments and improving each of my four priorities.


The Power of Less is a simple and easy way to focus your life on what’s really important. The lessons are easy to digest and easy to implement. The hard part is determining what is important to you and then applying it until focusing on your priorities becomes habit.

I’m sure my routine and priorities will change slightly over the next few months or years as I mature and age, but the understanding of applying the principles of The Power of Less will allow me to remain focused and driven toward my goal of a successful life and career in the hunting industry.

Bonus #1

Recently I’ve been able to reach the 70 post mark with Hunting Business Marketing (This is #70). That’s a pretty good accomplishment for someone who was never interested in writing until one day the urge struck in while sitting in a tree stand.

Bonus #2

This is my favorite part of Leo’s blog:

Open Source Blogging: Feel Free to Steal My Content

Now, I’m granting full permission to use any of my content on Zen Habits or in my e-book, Zen To Done, in any way you like.

I release my copyright on this content.

From now on, there is no need to email me for permission. Use it however you want! Email it, share it, reprint it with or without credit. Change it around, put in a bunch of swear words and attribute them to me. It’s OK.

Credit and payment
While you are under no obligation to do so, I would appreciate it if you give me credit for any work of mine that you use, and ideally, link back to the original. If you feel like spreading a copy of my e-book, I’d appreciate payment. I’d prefer people buy my e-book, but if they want to share with friends, they have every right to do so.

See the rest of Leo’s sharing principles…

It’s a pretty great concept; one that I share with all the content here on Hunting Business Marketing.

Feel free to share, distribute, and steal all of the content here on the blog. And if you get a chance just provide a link back. That’s all I ask.

Here’s another great story of how sharing works from Adam Singer.

What are some things you’d like to focus on in your life?

Are there any suggestions you have that could help others or me in building a hunting business that relate to the concepts in The Power of Less?

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